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ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!


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Hello! I'm a big fan of the ARK app and now I have a problem. One thing I found in a PVP server that really affected the game experience. Some players use bugs to create dinosaurs that shouldn't be on this server, and then seem to use bugs to create floating structures. The server is Gravestone of North America, Easy, and the Tribe is KR -MAX. I hope it could be sealed up as soon as possible. Thank you. 



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I wish this game came out for Android 5.0 I don't care if low\ crappy graphics it doesn't have to be perfect,just like if you have a good pc with epic graphics (one of those high price phones in this case) I don't care if its like a crappy pc with low settings what ever they call it I just wanna play the game on my tablet with my brother in law I got enough space for it.

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