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pvp Billy and the Boyz

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On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 2:09 PM, XIXREEFXIX said:

You noobs billy still around unlike most as far as a blackout war think y need you head shook we never been war with blackout an irrelevant lol check our vids tbwz gainz on YouTube yous must be salty yous got wiped

After re reading this a few times I think I'm getting what you "word-gurgitated" at me. Kindergarten is very important people. 

Way to reply to a 3 month old post about a tribe getting wiped 3 months before that. 

Reef. Are you the real reef? The undermapping king. In five years I'll start playing again, name my tribe supremacy and I'll say the same garbage you just did. 

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