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Community Crunch 122: Dino TLC, Extended Evo Event, & What's Coming Next!

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The parasaur. For reals? i can think of so many other things in need of some love rather then that

Please Give the Parasaur a visual upgrade it seriously needs it along with other creatures and saber needs abilities

I think it is great to go back and bug fix the game, but I also believe that there is still tons of Dinos I’m requirement of TLC. I sincerely hope once in a while some creatures will get new models an

I'm really happy to hear you guys are consolidating the patches! Having them churn out on a set day/time would be a beautiful thing, as players will then be able to coordinate accordingly and an early to mid-week patch would be awesome since it isn't as traffic heavy! Good decisions all around, devs! :D Thank you for diverting focus to bugs and other gameplay issues. It's something that a lot of people have voiced concerns about and its very exciting! Admittedly I will miss the TLC updates but it can always continue later if need be! Thank you again for the hard work and time you all dedicate to this game!

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I mean it kinda doesn't make sense but that gives a beginner player an advantage to raptors and makes the parasaur a MUST to tame and it would be actually useful so yay parasaur?

Also I'am also disappointed that it roars since parasaurs use their skull make horn like noises and it's kinda disappointing, to be honest, and the model is okay but the spikes on its shoulders are Unnecessary.

Making the Parasaur a tiny bit would also help.

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Putting the TLC pass aside to focus on other things

Hmm, I'm not sure how to feel about this. I gotta admit that this is probably the right move at this point, but dang, it feels like WC is just bouncing around on a whim. I'm glad that they hit some of the more important ones before moving on, but I do feel sorry for Carno and Megalodon.

The Para's TLC

Wow. They might actually be worth taming now...

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Megalodon doesn't need to be bigger, it straight up needs some things to make it worth using. Probably something like the direwolf's abilities, but with a frenzy buff based on kills/injured animals/players than a pack buff. The dire wolf's other abilities would be quite well suited for it.

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Well done #badart4badark. It was high time to call WC out and crticise  their bad priorties that involved stuffing the game with more redundant content rather than QoL changes and fixes. 

It is sad community was forced to spam reddit with bad art to make Wildcard open its eyes and prove how buggy this game is. It's just showed WC could not care less bugs that are extremely inconvienient for playerbase that were here for years. Weekly bug fixes should have been here since the premiere to begin with. 

I highly doubt WC will be posting those weekely bug fixes patches longer than a month. They will abandon this commitment quickly due to 3rd DLC. I hope I'll be wrong in this matter, but I don't expect miracles. 

By the way what happened to famous Kibble Tree Rework? Owing to the fact we haven't heard nothing about it for months might suggest the idea was scrapped. 

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On 13/03/2018 at 1:41 PM, invincibleqc said:

They said:

We are still in march for 2 and a half weeks afaik.

TLC 2 is released and March is about to be ended soon... there is still no announcement about prim+ update.

It's again a lie from Wildcard to prim+ community. We are waiting since early december to enjoy the map we bought ... so long... what are they waiting for ?!

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