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PS4 Prim+ Bugs and TLC Suggestions

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I have heard rumors that Prim+ may see some TLC in the future. After playing Prim+ PVP for several months on PS4, I came up with a list of things that are either bugged or would greatly improve the game if added.

1) Beeswax does not exist as a farm-able resource in-game.  It is a critical component in making certain items, particularly longbows and recurve bows.  It cannot be found in wild hives and tamed bee hives do not produce it.  The only way to currently obtain it is if you find a pre-built yurt in a drop, and demolish the structure, however this is obviously not a reliable way to farm the resource.  Please introduce beeswax back into the game as in order to make crafting and repairing these items viable.

2) Currently brick tier is the highest grade of structures which requires explosives to destroy.  However, the only brick structures available that are immune to melee damage are brick foundations, brick ceilings, brick walls, and steel pillars.  All other structures are either not available in brick, or are labeled "brick" but can still be broken with melee tools.  Coupled with the fact that the battle axe has a high damage output, this means all doors, brick dino gates/gateframes, behemoth gates/gateframes, fence foundations, sloped brick roofs, brick ramps, brick pillars, stone hatch frames/trap doors, and giant stone hatchframe/giant trap doors can be melee'd and destroyed in a very short period of time.  

As there is no door or gate that is melee proof, it requires you to get very creative in base design, and/or replace all doors/door frames with brick walls prior to logging off.  While I do not find this game breaking as there are workarounds, the game would be much more enjoyable if the following were added:

Please add the following Brick (or Brick Tier Equivalent) structures which cannot be melee'd and require explosives to destroy:

standard doors, windows, dino gates/gateframes, behemoth gates/gateframes, fence foundations, sloped roofs,ramps,  stone hatch frames/trap doors, giant stone hatchframe/giant trap doors, metal spikes

3) Prim+ features a variety of new crops.  They are listed as being effective for taming herbivores, however, only a handful are effective.  Doedic can be tamed with Barley, Mammoth=Sorghum, Megaloceros=Soy, Stego=Wheat, Gallimus=Tea Leaves, etc.  However there are many crops that do not appear to have a purpose.  Please make the useful on other low/mid tier herbivores. It would make sense to omit some high level tames such as Brontos and Therizinosaurus.  

Also please consider giving a purpose to spare ribs, poultry, and bacon in the same way

4) Please consider adding  Preserving Salt and Whip engrams.  These strike me as primitive resources and tools and would not be out of place in the primitive plus environment.  With no fridge, preserving salt would help with spoil times.  The whip would also be extremely useful in moving encumbered dinos, such as the anky which often gets encumbered with Carbon.

5) Consider giving the anky a carbon weight reduction. Pretty self-explanatory.

6) Consider a less lethal tranq option.  In vanilla you are able to craft tranq darts.  Maybe long bow or recurve does increased torpor with increased damage? This would hinge on the implementation of beeswax stated in #1.  It is very difficult to tame certain creatures like direbears and gallimimus without getting creative with narc traps or tranq spear bolts.

7) Consider a combination that functions similarly to the Compound Bow with Metal Arrows on vanilla, which has some armor penetration components.  Perhaps Recurve and Obsidian arrow? (Again need beeswax).  The musket is very powerful which is good, but a armor penetration bow may add some variety to the PVP environment.

8) Sticky bombs are buggy and do not reliably explode from flame arrows.  This results in having to repeatedly suicide with torches.  Please evaluate sticky bombs and make them more reliable.





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These aren’t the answers your looking for but it’s a work around. I host a prim plus server on ps4. I spawn beeswax in for anyone who destroys a beehive. Honor system. I tried to find out how much each hive is supposed to have but couldn’t. So I arbitrarily chose 35 as what they get which is probably way more than what they would.

as for crops, the snail won’t eat lettuce despite wikki. Instead of tamming bees local behives are like a protected resource and the destruction of one of two local behives is punishable by being banned. PVE.

i like your ankly carbon idea.

Tranq Darts would be great we use the harpoon launcher above water with tranq spears. Gotta get close though.

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