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fanfiction Element- A History

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This fanfic is about the history of Element, starting from its discovery to its uses later in the years of Homo sapiens. It is sort of like what the homo deus might teach their children. In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the story of our future. Give it a like if you enjoy it, and watch out for the next chapters. (Chapters should be released on Friday-Sunday) Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter 1

The Discovery 


Year 2189


After humanity was able to do full exploration of the mantle, drillers and excavators flocked to the sites. However, many of those sites came upon a pink, radioactive fluid. Those who were near the sites suffered from radiation poisoning, water pollution, among other things. The government tried to hide the news of this material from the world, blaming it on magma or large uranium deposits, but they failed. 

The press went wild after hearing news from workers who survived of “...a pink, glowing liquid of death...” as some called it. The press went straight to the major government officials, asking the them things like, “...is this pink substance the cause of the radiation poisoning?” and “...what exactly is this material?”. Seeing that they were in a corner. the governments of the world answered as truthfully as they could.  Afterwards,  research of the substance was initiated immediately .

In the first few months, waterfalls of information we’re discovered. Researchers discovered the material was similar to gasoline, however it was supercharged. The liquid literally hummed with energy. Some researchers said that they heard the liquid “sing” to them. These effects happened due to a new type radiation leaking into their hazard suits. This form of radiation affected the main processing centers of the brain, causing hallucinations, sociopathy, and a variety of other symptoms. However, those who suffered were unknown until found dead, suffering from cognitive disability,  or they went insane. Most just suffered mild brain damage, however, some went on darker routes. The radiation  ability to affect the victim’s process things such as morality and reason caused many incidents. Several workers went on killing sprees while raving meaningless words or chants. A total of 57 people died due to this. From then on, workers were required to wear to layers of suits in hopes of making sure that similar incidents never reoccurred. 

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Chapter 2







For several decades, scientists studied the new material, none of them making much progress. It was only until a college student named Marcus Torgana discovered how to rid the liquid of its radioactive qualities by running high voltage cables through it. The electricity then somehow purged the material of its radioactive qualities and formed into hard chunks of metal that still hummed with energy. After three months of experimentation, he deemed the material “element” due to its ability to form into almost anything. 

It could be a fuel, a metal or even a dietary nutrient. From there , he was able to truly use element to its full potential, creating incredible things. He developed the first “ Tek Fabricator”, “Tek Generator”, and draft designs for a prototype armor made of and powered by element. Humanity had reached an era of prosperity. When news reached the world governments’ ears, however, they all wanted this new material. In 2246, the Element Act was put into place. It stated that ...”all mining operations of this material were to now be controlled by the United Nations...” and that ...”all element belongs to the United Nations and smuggling of this material warrants 50 years I prison.” Many element smuggling organizations were discovered from 2246-2249 until the penalty was changed to a life sentence. This caused all of these organizations cease their operations. 

The year 2250 was marked as the “New Golden Age” of humanity as element was integrated into society. From cars to beds, element was almost everywhere. For many years, humanity was in an era of prosperity. However, that changed when in 2258, the North Korean Super-soldier Initiative (N. K. S. I) went into play.

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Chapter 3


War and Peace





North Korea’s leader, Lee Jiang Chun,  decided to use element to strengthen his nations soldiers by altering their genetic code to where the became super soldiers. Through vigorous testing that resulted in many deaths, North Korea’s armies gained abilities of super strength, accelerated speed, and an immunity to bullets. To make matters worse, each soldier donned a primitive element armor that shielded them from flames, gas, and gave partial shielding to explosives. The armor was also impervious to electromagnetic pulses and other machine disabling devices. 

North Korea moved in first on their southern neighbors, killing approximately 2.1 million and injuring about 3 million. They conquered South Korea In about one week. Every citizen was put on a curfew and all out past dark were shot on sight. 

After noticing that their weaponry, the A. N. A. N. K. ( Allied Nations Against North Korea which included the US, UK, China, Japan, Russia, and South Korea) observed the soldiers and went directly to weapons research. They went directly to the element’s creator, Marcus Torgana and gave him a grant to design weaponry to defeat North Korea and end Lee Jiang’s tyranny. After a few weeks, Torgana had designed the first Tek firearms and the first advanced Tek armor. This armor gave the A. N. A. N. K. Soldiers the abilities of North Korea’s soldiers, but they were twice as strong, had the ability to fly, and be able to take down several soldiers at once due to the suits combat prediction A. I. Artillery was also designed to outmatch any weapons that North Korea could offer. However, during those weeks North Korea had started to move in on China and Russia and had gained a small foothold in each country. Training for the armor and weapons began immediately and soldiers were dispatched within two weeks. 

The A. N. A. N. K soldiers started to gain many victories over North Korea in late 2258 and even managed to flush them out of China And Russia. During that time, only twenty A. N. A. N. K soldiers died in sixty battles, while North Korea suffered heavy losses. In early 2259, A. N. A. N. K forces were about to march upon North Korea and end the conflict once and for all until Lee Jiang threatened to launch nuclear warheads on all A. N. A. N. K. nations, which would have resulted in about 1.5 billion deaths. However, with help of  Hana Chun’s (a South Korean computer programmer who had hacked into many governments during her youth) computer skills, the Allies were able to launch all of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction into space and detonate them when they were far away for the Earth. 

Without their weapons of leverage, North Korea sent out all it had left until they were completely dry of weaponry. A. N. A. N. K.  soldiers then proceeded to march upon Lee Jiangs estate and apprehended him, however, he later committed  suicide via a pill hidden in his coat. 

However, his advisors and higher-ups still lived and were apprehended and put into custody of the. A. N. A. N. K. There, they were tried and interrogated. All received a life’s sentence while some received reduced sentences due to them not being involved I the conflict. With South Korea being released from North Korea’s control, they started to rebuild their city with new tools invented and provided by Marcus Torgana, who had started a company after the war, Torgana Industries,  to further element research and the development of element technologies. The A. N. A. N. K later In February of 2259 formed the United Republics of Earth and enforced the law and aided many countries in their conflicts  in later years. For approximately 30 years, peace lasted throughout the planet Earth, every war was ended before it could start. Earth had just started to enter a new era that was later marked as the “Element Renaissance”.

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Chapter 4


The Element Renaissance





For almost a century until element was discovered, humanity had reached a standstill in technological advancement. The machines and tools used for element’s discovery had been the only advancement over that time. And with the power of element, every aspect of human life was integrated with element. The “Element Renaissance” was born. Using research from North Korea during the War of North Korean Oppression as they called it, scientists were able to perfect medicines that prevented aging and many harmful diseases. Scientists then used element to create more effective body altering medicines like steroids.


Some of the more well known advancements came from Marcus Torgana’s laboratories. Using the old schematics for his Tek generator, he created a stronger, more effective model that produced wireless power; and using his schematics for the Tek fabricator, he was able to upgrade it and shrink it for consumer use. Torgana also improved his armor’s efficiency and strength by designing a whole new set of armor that he tested himself. Later, in 2288, Torgana had released the first Hyper Chamber, changing the way we slept forever. 


During the Element Renaissance, a new art form was developed, new futuristic art. Hundreds of artists developed paintings, sculptures, and many other different art pieces showing their idea of the “ future” of humanity. One famous ex-architect turned artist, Joule Starton, created artworks like the drawing “A New Tomorrow”. In her work, she depicted large cityscapes of future possibilities for element-enhanced architecture. Her work influenced architects like Nathan Palmer to try to implement element into our architecture. Later,  Nathan designed the first element-enhanced building, the URE headquarters in the pacific.


Using element’s unique qualities, Palmer was able to design a structure that could withstand almost any natural disaster, including earthquakes, tsunamis, and whatever else nature had at its disposal. The entire thing was built and powered by element. A hexagonal foundation built from the sea floor to the surface supported the structure, giving it its strength against seismic activity. From there, it’s element walls and supports kept its inhabitants safe from large waves and surface dangers. Every nook and cranny of it was defended by an array of defense systems ranging from Tek turrets to heat-seeking missiles. Only once did someone manage to get in and out alive, Vladimir Sirun. Using a large air team, he was able to trick the machinery to attacking his comrades rather than himself, and with great effort, was able to enter.  He left with vital information concerning element research and was never seen again. Security of the headquarters was then enhanced with new shield generators and a complete upgrade to every system. 


With a new headquarters, the URE protected the nations of the Earth. Organizations like “The Element Legion” and “Ares Hand” fell to the URE’s might. However, in 2292, Tautan Grution, the President of Canada, took was elected as head of the URE. During his service, he corrupted the organization and sold element to terrorist groups, who then made weapons of war and attacked several nations. This caused an outrage and in September of 2292, Marcus Torgana, the United Nations of Africa, and parts of Europe and Asia formed the Terran Federation.

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Chapter 5







Head Grution was outraged by the ...”audacity of these criminals”..., that he quickly attempted to stomp them out as fast as possible. However, with the aid of Torgana’s technologies, the Terran Federation were able to defend themselves against the URE and wiped out the force sent to destroy them. This made Grution hesitant and ceased his attacks until June, 2292, where he sent an entire army of 300,000 Tek armored soldiers to the Terran headquarters in Switzerland. However, by then the Terran Federation had gained enough support and gained military strength to defeat the URE forces with minimal casualties.

This cycle continued until January, 2298, where Grution and his cohorts were impeached due to their overuse of the URE military. They were also sentenced to forty years in federal prison due to their element sales to terrorist organizations. The new URE head became President Silas Wilson of the United States. Under his leadership of the URE, he allowed the Terran Federation to remain separate yet equal to the URE. Furthermore, instead of fighting, the governments worked together to end all crises on Earth. However, this ended when President Ivan Vluderski of Russia became the head of the URE in 2310, where he decided to try to reclaim the countries of the Terran Federation. In the end, he failed and , like Grution, was impeached. In August of that year, Marcus Torgana left his post as head of Terran research and became president of the Terran Federation at 87 years old. His appearance for him being at such an advanced age baffled the general public until he revealed a new medicine in September of that year. 

Using element’s unique qualities, he was able to create a drug that prolonged life in 2271, however, he didn’t release it until that year due to him testing it on himself to see if it was safe. He lead the Terran Federation not as it’s president, but rather used another, Grant Haryon, secretly as his “face”. Through Haryon, he lead the federation well and fended of many attacks from several threats. He advanced element technologies to an even higher level than ever before and also was able to eliminate all Terran countries’ debts. Torgana later resigned from his post as president, and lived a rich life with his family until 2545, where he died of natural causes at the age of 322. His son, Kent Torgana, continued his father’s work as the Terran Federation’s head of research to further human advancement.

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Chapter 6







Under Kent Torgana’s supervision, Tek and element research advanced to new heights. He improved on many of his father’s designs and even created his own inventions. One of which being the teleporter and obelisk system in 2348. 

Using hundreds of thousands of obelisks around the globe, a person or any type of material could be transported to any teleportation pad located around  any of the obelisks. However, the caveat of such an advancement was that anyone going through the teleporter must have an implant in their wrist to do so. This implant allowed the person’s matter to be recognized and transported by the obelisks without error. Later, the implant was connected to the brain to where people could use it like a computer or phone. This neural link then lead to another advancement, mental preservation. 

The ability to upload a consciousness to a computer was discovered in the mid to late 21st century, however with limited computer power and the unsafety of the procedure, many did not attempt to do so. However, with the aid of element technologies, one could safely upload their consciousness to a computer.

Unknown to the world’s population, Marcus Torgana actually had preserved his mind in such a manner. Using element, he was able to transfer his consciousness onto an element enhanced computer with enough power to let him live for millions of years. As an non-physical entity, he was unable to experience life as a true human, so Kent designed him an element projection of himself which allowed him to live as a human and lead the research of element technologies in the shadows. However, news of Marcus being alive reached the general public, and there were too many questions to not be answered. 

So, Marcus held a press conference in December of 2348 to answer those questions and to announce his discovery. Like his life preserving medications, he hid the creation from the public to ensure its safety. And by the end 2349, over 345,000 people had volunteered to transfer their consciousnesses onto a computer. And by the year 2500, almost the entire population was computerized and using element projections to live. The years following, were called the “Age of Ascension”. 


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Chapter 7


The Age of Ascension 





Humanity had become completely computerized in the year 2521. Death was almost completely removed. In fact, many had forgotten what death was like until April, 2553, when the Godkiller virus was created. 

Being completely computerized meant that humanity was susceptible to the weaknesses of a computer. The Godkiller virus was designed by Erik Kröner as a way to “remind” people that humanity was still mortal. His virus ultimately killed thousands of people, wiping their consciousnesses from existence. In the end, Kröner paid the price due to his virus turning against him. After his virus was contained and destroyed, the URE and the Terran Federation worked together to develop the most advanced and impregnable security software ever made. 

The World Safety and Security Program (W. S. S. P.) was created on November 17, 2553 to ensure the safety of humanity’s survival. By the accumulation of programmers’ abilities and and aid of A.I. technology, the most advanced and impregnable software ever designed. If a virus were to come to being, the W. S. S. P.  would then contain the virus. Then, after the virus is contained, the software runs millions of tests in seconds to deduce what series of code will destroy the virus or render it harmless. The W. S. S. P. remained in use until 2600, when a virus was deemed safe disabled it and caused it to destroy  itself. It was then recreated with a stricter protocol and put back into use within the month of its destruction.

During that time, technology advanced at a fast pace. Soon, Tek fabricators could be placed on a desk rather than fill a house and in 2601, the fabricator technology was in implemented into the implants in everyone’s wrist. In 2619, people were able to create things with a single thought and teleport anywhere without being near an obelisk. Marcus Torgana once stated,

 ...”This is a new stage in human evolution. We no longer have to worry about mortality, disease, or our old limitations. We no longer starve. We no longer thirst. One might say we’re mere robots, but on the contrary, we are more than that. We have ascended to a new level of existence, we have become GODS. No longer are we Homo sapiens, we are higher than that. We are now Homo deus!”...

From that day forward, humanity was renamed Homo deus.  Due to the wide belief that humanity had become gods, many governments decided to act the part. 


As gods, the world’s governments  monitored and surveyed the environment to make sure everything was in the best of shape. They built their own Olympus on an artificial island mountain, Tangere Caelum or Heavens Touch in 2620 as the neutral zone for the URE and the Terran Federation. However m, in 2628, the URE and the Terran Federation united to be the United Governments of Earth (UGE), thus causing Tangere Caelum to become the headquarters of the new government. The new Government then performed like its parent governments, ensuring peace on both the cyber and real worlds.  

During that time, humanity delved further into genetics than ever before. Many scientists were able to bring back several  extinct species back from the dead, including dinosaurs. 

Paleontology became a main science for about 150 years in the early 2600s. During that time, scientists were able to revive many extinct species. At first, they were able to only revive animals from about 10,000 years ago. But within only a decade, animals from the Cretaceous period were being revived. 

The first true dinosaur to be revived was the Tyrannosaurus Rex Sue. Using fragments of other Tyrannosaurs, scientists were able to build an almost, if not completely, accurate clone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in 2646. Her caretakers named her Sue after the most famous and complete Rex skeleton ever found. Through Sue, scientists were able to gain more paleontological knowledge than ever before. Later on, more dinosaurs were revived. Within a year, 189 living specimens were revived. Most of which being theropods. 

The only non-theropod dinosaurs that were successfully revived were the ancient mammals and a three triceratops. However, by 2720,  scientists were able to revive more than 150 prehistoric species. To prevent inbreeding, they had a randomizer program that would randomize the genetic information of each animal, creating genetically different individuals. Thus creating a large gene pool for testing. With that gene pool, scientists were able to learn and experiment with a subject more in depth than ever before, evolution.

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Chapter 8







With the large gene pool of ancient DNA, scientists went crazy trying to find every way to evolve it. By subjecting specimens to extreme environmental conditions, scientists were able to see how the creatures evolved. The creatures evolved in ways no one could ever imagine. T. Rexes with four-toed feet, a exoskeleton, and and a ghastly look, dinosaurs sounding like cars, and so much more. All of which thanks to element. With element’s unique qualities and the dinosaur’s adaptability, such creations were possible. 

Scientists had discovered that raw element’s radiation had the ability to alter the DNA of an organism if it it injected into the bloodstream or if the organism is exposed to the radiation for long periods of time. And since since dinosaurs had an entire arsenal of new DNA, scientists used them as test subjects along with modern animals. Raw element radiation had a very specific effect on the dinosaurs never seen in other animals. In most animals, the radiation is deadly, but for dinosaurs it did almost nothing. Somehow, they are able to withstand the radiation and evolve to where it won’t harm them at all. 

Scientists then looked to the genetics for an answer and found a special gene that allowed the dinosaurs to be able to withstand element’s radiation. This lead to many scientists thinking that element may have been abundant on the Earth’s surface but was all destroyed by the KT Period. Scientists went to test this theory by searching around the crater left by the asteroid that hit the Earth and discovered atoms of element still in the soil. They then searched in several other locations around the globe to find that element atoms were spread everywhere on Earth except the Arctic. This lead to scientists to conclude that element had been a major part of the prehistoric ecosystem and environment, thus, causing dinosaurs to be resistant to element radiation. 

Then, in 2720, scientists cloned some of the other animals of the era and discovered that they too were resistant to element radiation. Scientists then assumed that the gene must have disappeared over time due to element being absent from the environment. However, traces of the gene remain inactive in many modern birds and reptiles. Many scientists tried to deactivate that gene but were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until 2743, when the combined geniuses of Marcus Torgana and his associate, Wilhelm Schmidt, that scientists were able to reactivate those genes. They then spliced  these genes with modern animals to see if organic resistance to element radiation could be possible. They spliced the genes with human DNA and as a result, created human cells resistant to element radiation.  Thus, opening the doorway to altering the human DNA even further.

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Chapter 9


Humanity’s True Ascension 





From the 25th Century to the 27th Century, humanity believed that it had evolved. That it had surpassed the “bondage of organic life”. However, as Harris Stevenson once said:


“What is life without the experiences of humanity? What is the point of living if everything you experience is a simulated version of the real thing? Why do all of this, when one can simply return to organic life? We have the ability to become something truly better than we once were, yet we won’t do so...”

-Harris Stevenson, 2750


These words brought to life an idea many had overlooked and refused to use for all of new humanity’s history, the thought of returning back to an organic body. 

Scientists quickly pounced on the idea and tried to create what Stevenson had envisioned. However, there was a severe backlash. Returning to an organic form brought back the pains of all organisms, mortality, disease, starvation, thirst, everything that humanity had worked so hard to escape would return. So, how would they combat these things?

The first answer to their dilemma was genetics. Using spliced DNA from desired creatures and a variety of engineered genes, scientist could theoretically create human bodies that are the same as the computerized versions, albeit lacking the abilities of the computer. The other answer was a blend of human and machine. By creating cybernetic bodies, humanity could live for a lot longer than a pure organic organism. They could also use technology to prevent the things like hunger and thirst. However, this idea was rejected due to it ...”deviating from the goal of living...”  Marcus Torgana himself even supported returning to an organic life. He stated:


“I have created humanity’s oasis in the desert. A life of prosperity without the pains of organic life. However, this has also been humanity’s greatest loss. Most of us have forgotten the times of old. Feeling the sun on our faces, walking through the grass, hearing the birds. Sure, we can do all of most things but not all of them, but what we can simulate is not good enough. We have lost what made us human. That is our greatest loss.

 I was young and foolish when I made the decisions I have made to bring us all here. I was, like many of you, afraid of death and leaving this world behind. However, in the process, I have stripped away our humanity and covered our eyes with the veil of delusion, taking away the real world from you all. But no more. 

No more shall we live in the delusion of my fear. We may have thought we have evolved, yet we are all wrong. The computerized human is the same as the old, just in a different form of existence. Returning to an organic form is the only way to truly evolve into something better, something new. How can we be Homo deus if we are the same scared humans as before? No longer my brothers and sisters shall we cower in my fear. We shall return to our rightful place in the world as it’s rulers in an organic form. We shall take back what was taken from us. We shall have our humanity returned to us and truly live once again!”


-Marcus Torgana, 2752


And so it began. Scientists from around the globe came together to create humanity’s new form. They kept the basic human structure, however due to the assortment of genes mixed with the human DNA, slight things changed. These humans were gracefully taller, and slimmer, providing an almost alien silhouette. Their faces were the same except for them having larger eyes, more triangular faces, and smooth skin. The only hair on this new human was on its head, armpits, and genitals. These new bodies were stronger, faster, smarter, and superior to the original human body in every way. This was what would be Homo deus. The However, as the push to return to an organic gained followers, others rose against the movement. 

Several pro-cyber life groups formed soon after the announcement of returning to an organic form. They argued that they would rather live forever without naturally feeling the sun again. Thousands of element projections gathered around main government buildings asking them to refuse the UGE’s order. Not a single country obeyed, so these people decided to build their own civilization, where they could live digitally in peace. However, in 2790, when they were about to start the project of building their new home, people started dying. 

The element storage chips that held their consciousness began on start failing, causing the person to either lose all of their memories or disappear from existence. This spread worldwide panic. Many pointed fingers at Torgana for being the source of the problem by saying he “rigged the chips to fail.” Marcus replied:


“Never have I ever thought of doing such a thing. I have done my research and it seems that the older chips are failing...”


A reporter then asked about Marcus’s concern for his own chip. 


“ I am indeed concerned for my own safety, but not as much as before. If my chip fails, I am ready for death. I have lived a long life, longer than most, and think I am ready for death may it come to me.”


And even though Marcus was afraid, he worked and worked and worked until finally, the machine for the transfer back to an organic body was made. Nicknamed “Humanity’s Crucible”, it was able to construct a new body based on their genetic date and transfer their consciousness into that body. With the mixture of DNA came subspecies and many other mutations, all of which looking similar except for minor differences. Through the Crucible, much of humanity survived, with only 1/10 of the population (1 billion people) dying. After the transfer, a memorial was built on  Tangere Caelum as a reminder of those who died before they could transfer. The new humans, however, were discovered to have a genetic flaw that rendered them sterile. Scientists tried to correct the flaw, but then discovered a sever limitation, the human mind. 

After so many transfers between an organic form to machine the human mind starts to deteriorate, causing insanity, other mental issues, and even a complete neural shutdown. Billions more died, and by 2800, only 29,000 humans remained. Thus leading to the creation of the Ark program in 2820.

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Posted (edited)

Chapter 10


The Ark Program





To aid in the preservation of the human race, the entire population returned to a digital state. However, many died due to their neural pathways severing during the transfer. Only 80,000 humans remained. Everyone who survived was placed on a new and improved element chip, but to preserve the memory of each person, everyone was allowed only a few hours a day of activity. The only exceptions were those in important positions. 

The remaining of the world’s leaders realized the fate of the human race. They were doomed. The only way to save the human race is if we were to start over. A clean slate that which they could use to not make the same mistakes. So, in 2820, the remaining of the world’s top scientists got together and designed a plan... the Ark Program. 

The idea of the Ark Program was simple. Upload the remaining human consciousnesses into new bodies and start over from where you left off. However, there was a problem with that plan. As time went on, element mining had become more and more rampant, causing the surface of the Earth to begin to deteriorate. By 2830 several parts of the Earth’s surface were bare rock and a decade later, seismic activity brought magma to the Earth’s surface. The new humans could not live on Earth as it is. So, to ensure their survival, the new humans were to be destined to living on stations orbiting the Earth. 

The stations were designed by all of the world’s geniuses. Large chunks of artificial land would be suspended around the Earth. These land masses would then be surrounded by an artificial atmosphere and would be seeded with an array of environments. The stations would then engineer life forms to populate the surface. The hard choice was for if the humans would be preserved in cities or not. There was a secondary reason for the Arks’ creation, to accelerate evolution. 

The scientists of the world believed that humanity must change to survive and what better way to do so than by using the combination natural evolution and technology. The new humans needed to be placed in a new environment. One that has never experienced man throughout all time. Scientists first turned to creating a whole new creatures and ecosystems but then remembered something... the dinosaurs. 

Humanity had never had any interaction with dinosaurs. It was a perfect way to ensure the new humans’ evolved without having to go through the process of making a new ecosystem. It was then decided that new humanity would live with dinosaurs on the Arks. To aid the process of evolution further, these humans would have to start with nothing and learn their way to modern technology. This would ensure that they had the time to learn And evolve. This was the construction plan for the first phase of Arks, Phase Gamma.  In 2855, these Arks were launched out into the Earth’s orbit. However, the formula changed greatly by the next generations, Phase Beta and Phase Alpha. 

Scientists returned to the thought of having entire new environments designed for the new humans. So, for the Phase Betas, entire new environments were designed. Some of the first environments consisted of entire Arks of floating islands, element wastelands, and over 350 more combinations. In fact, to aid in creating more environments, a computer program called Gaia was created. With the aid of Gaia, over 3,000,000 more environments were created however, only a mere 150,000 made it into the final pool of environmental options for the Ark Betas. 

Gaia also aided in the development for the wildlife of these new Arks. In 2860, Gaia designed the first never before seen creature for Ark Beta A:1. It was a large, mammalian creature similar to an elephant. However, it had a body structure  more like a gorilla, a large chitinous frill, and scales on its back. It was a carnivorous creature that preyed on the small to mid sized creatures of Ark Beta A:1. This, however, was just the first of millions of creatures to be devised by Gaia. The Phase Betas went into orbit in 2890. 

The Phase Alphas were supposed to be truly special. They were to be the resting place of the old humans however, they became used for several purposes. The graves of the old humans were placed on the Phase Alphas, but they were also used as server hubs for the other Arks and as laboratories. 

In 2950, several of the world’s greatest scientists decided to transfer their consciousnesses on to newer, more advanced element storage chips. These scientists would continue researching ways to save humanity until either their chips failed or if the perished in some other way. Marcus Torgana was one of the scientists to do so. He stated:


“I accept this burden with a heavy heart due to this meaning that I can never see any of my loved ones again. My own son isn’t willing to undergo the transfer. But, this is necessary.

Humanity must survive, and if it is not by the Arks then it will be by some method that we discover during our time on Ark Alpha A:1.—Farewell to everyone. May you find a way through this horrible time and survive this ordeal. 


-Marcus Torgana, 2936


The Phase Alphas went into orbit in 2960 making the end total of Arks over 3,000,000,000. Approximately 94% of the humans on Earth transferred their consciousnesses for the Ark Program. Only 20% of them survived. Those who remained on Earth were able to preserve themselves  until 3032, when the final element chips failed. The last of the old humans remain on Ark Alpha A:1, searching, for an answer to humanity’s survival. As for the Ark volunteers, they were put in stasis pods until they were transported to an Ark. However, there weren’t enough humans for the Arks.

To solve the “Population  Issue” as it was called, a pool of human DNA was put into the Arks’ genetic library, allowing all Arks to clone and create humans if needed. Once the human DNA was added, all Arks went online in 3145. Thus, ushering humanity into a new trial. The trial for survival. 

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Author’s Note


The old humans were destined for extinction. As we sit at our desks, working away to find a way for us to survive, everyone we ever knew, loved, and had never met, died. Yet, we still search for a way out.

Our situation is a turbulent sea, all we need to do is find a boat or lifeline to get us out. May it be by the Arks or not, I will be content with either. 

I write this wondering what happens back home. Sure, there are computer systems that tell us a general idea but it’s not good enough. I ache to see my family’s faces. To listen to the birds chirp outside. To feel the sun’s warm embrace. I miss it all. But, I must live without those things. I now have a fate greater than that. 

I ushered humanity into a new age and I must do so again. What I have planned might be crazy, but I have to try. The ethicality of the matter is inconsequential. I will find a way to save my race no matter what it takes. 

To whoever finds this record of our history, don’t make our mistakes. We were ignorant and foolish. I was ignorant and foolish. I started this mess. I was the catalyst to humanity’s decline. Nevertheless, don’t follow our path. It only leads to destruction and death. Do so, and you might yet survive.  



Marcus Torgana

January 29, 3364

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This thread is now open for feedback. Please give your honest opinion of my writing so that future works can be improved upon. Thanks for keeping up with Element- History. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. It’s been fun sharing this story with all of you. Thanks again and have a great day!


-P. S. Also be sure to look for my writing in the future. I have several things in the works that I think you all will enjoy.

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3 hours ago, TheOrangeNinja said:

Omfgggggg ur writing is ammmmmaaaaaazzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiing 


u should write professionally 

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed reading Element- a History. It really means a lot to see the feedback from the readers of my works. I actually have considered writing professionally and have started writing a manuscript for a novel. 

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