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pvp Eternia PvPvE Cluster (Nitrado)

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Hey guys and girls we got a relaxed PvPvE server here.

5x tame, 2x gather, 2x XP, 5x breed.

Currently hosting all maps 

Ragnarok-Eternia Valley- Is our main map with High level loot and bright dinos

Aberration-Eternia Caverns- Is our danger map with crazy dinos running about and Offline Raid Protection 

Island-Eternia Isle- Our beginner map with slightly higher rates than the others and Offline Raid Protection 

Centre-Eternia Tropics- Our lush Event server with our arena of lost souls.

Scorched Earth-Eternia Dunes- Our harsh survival map, Strong dinos and wild conditions make it a hard map


Tek is unlocked at appropriate levels and element/ black pearls can be found within drops.

Drops have been changed to contain more useful items and encourage players to farm them.

With fixed dino balance so they are tougher than their wild counterparts of the same lvl but not ridiculous at the same time. 

Comfortable harvest rates so the grind doesn't feel so painful yet is still lingering so no instant bases with zero effort.

Fair taming/breeding rates which make sense for people who have lives outside of the game. No lazy one mejo taming but fair for your time invested.

Local tribes are mostly harmless but everyone agrees that raiding is about theft rather then wiping the other player off the face of the map. So damage is kept to a minimum where possible.

Reasonable admin who uses their ability for events only.

Anyone interested should join "Eternia" any issues joining please feel free to PM me.

Just search for Eternia in the unofficial pc sessions.

So jump on and join the fun.

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