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Patch 278: TLC Pass 1, Valentine's Day, TLC Phase 2 Preview, Great Migration #2, & Community Crunch 118!

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It looks great but to clarify things the NA Official server I've been playing on isn't on the list but has been down since February 8th at 8am Eastern Time. With that being said are y'all going to make the 2x even longer to cover from those outages of the servers or are we just going to have to take it on the chin..... 

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GG Ark, TLC update erased both characters with alpha ascension. Thank you^^.

LOL.  Now to tame these dinos..... OH WAIT THE SERVER IS CAPPED!!!!!

@Jatheish how about moving the event to the weekend so its not just the unemployed who get the fun

13 minutes ago, vapeur156 said:

Sorry for asking, but I play Single player pc the Island on steam (same game for 2 years+). Could the legacy server shutdown affecting my game? Honestly, I don't know if single player is on an official server? or is different? I don't known how to find my server name... basically: help please.



You're safe, if you have only played single player you will not be affected by this.

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Hey, I have a couple  questions:

1. I was flying around with my griffin when my game crashed. Did I take falldamge when i hit the ground? Will wild dinosaurs attack my body? (solved. I didnt)

2. I am playing on an unofficial server who hasnt been upgraded yet and probably wont be for at least a few days. Is there any way to downgrade back to v277? (solved. Server updated)

3. What is the 'oldbuild -' beta under 'betas' in steam? is it the previous version? seems to be too big (around 10 gig) to be the previous version.

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I see that some people have already commented about the Valentine’s Day event but why only 48 hours right in the middle of the week? In the past the events started on the weekend and lasted the whole week? How do you expect anyone to get anything done in 48 hours? A giga is a 13 day raise, a quetzal is 11 days. 2 days of 3 times isn’t helping us out at all. 

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Wild card will you be my valentine!? You guys are AWESOME!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THIS PATCH!!! It is huge!
Also ahead of time I will forgive you for all the gotcha and bugs and delayed content additions..... It is REALLY big after all. And you always make up for it.
There is so much cool!
Creative mode, wolves, and pink Dino's are my top favorites, but all of it is AWESOME! Love you wild card, and love ARK!
Love Dinosaurs! And horses....
Ok I will stop gushing and mooning now.

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The wolf is perfect less in the hunter instinct is (The hunter term encompasses all that is to seek and try to obtain a certain item or living being, using resources such as violence or strategies to achieve the objective.) One of the most common contextualizations , is that of the animal hunter, whose main objective is to kill animals) and detect the weaker ones is not
is chasing and stalking and just that and that could trample and pull asia back like the jaw like dogs

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