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The future of Ark, after Extinction?

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On 2/8/2018 at 1:30 PM, RasFW said:

Ark in space. 

Extinction you restore a tek civilization to it's glory. The ARKs and the overseers that overthrew their creators are not happy and deploy defense mechanisms. Spacecrafts and drones to the earth's surface carrying all sorts of terrors.

The civilization restored has a propulsion launch pad for launching crafts into space, but all the blueprints for any spacecraft have become corrupted and do not work. So what are you to do?

Being the Ingenious survivalist you have proven yourself to be, you start slapping tek suits on dinosaurs, strapping them to the propulsion pad, and you launch them and yourself into space to stop the incoming invasion!


Notable features in space would be the rex roar, which does absolutely nothing because sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. 

The bronto has a tailswipe, that after you use it once the bronto spins in space indefinitely. Because inertia.

Strangely enough, sea creatures launched into space don't require tek suits because they lack an oxygen stat. Breathing was never a problem. Who knew? Shame about the lack of water, tho. They die Instantly.

Ahem this is one of the best ideas i've read so for the water dinosaurs... REVERSE SCUBA SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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