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pve [EU] PVE - AVALON [The Island] ARK Eternal


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Going back and forth, debating whether or not to change the server core mod wasn't an easy thing, but it has been done.


We decided to change back to The Island, as it seems like that is the only map that allows us to ascend.


Mod List: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1318643700


Install all the mods before you connect in order to shorten the load time.


Difficulty setting is default 1 with 0 override, since that is what ARK Eternal was designed for.



XP = 5




























  •   Don't be a sausage. AKA Use common sense.
  •   Don't drop, train or aggro wild dinos into other players' bases.
  •   Don't block access to resources or explorer notes.
  •   Don't settle too close to other tribes. Give everyone enough room to expand.
  •   Don't abandon your base if you move to a new location. Pick it up using the S+ demo gun and take it with you. This is to let others who might find the spot useful for their base build there, and to reduce the server load.
  •   Don't drop Eggs. When you pick up an Egg, eat it instead of dropping it as dropping it will prevent new eggs from spawning in for up to two weeks or more.
  •   Characters or Tribes with racist, homophobic, vulgar names will be deleted without warning.
  •   Any racism or general griefing will get you banned immediately.

Follow these rules and you have nothing to worry about. Don't read them and break them, well, tough luck. I have developed a zero tolerance towards griefers, homophobics and racists.






Events will be hosted on the server once or twice per week, depending on the server population.


An arena will be built to host them on, ontop of a floating island.


Quests will be available once i have completed setting up the system i use for it, with rewards based on the difficulty of the missions.


Possible missions will be gathering missions, killing of specific targets and possibly more.


Events will be handled differently.


Each event will be hosted on a floating island as mentioned, and inside an arena built ontop of it.


  • Jousting.
  • Dodoball.
  • Gladiator Arena fights. (No armor and only default weapons given to contestants by the event host).


More to come.


We have a discord server where you can join us and talk with us, as well as make suggestions for events and/or mods.


Each tribe receive their own individual voice channel that only they can use.


If you have any further questions regarding the server, add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/datgeek/

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you on the server!

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Less slots available than yesterday!


Come join a friendly and relaxed server without having to worry about griefers or the server shutting down.


My own tribe is also looking for more players who like to play in a group. We take on anyone, new players as well as veterans.


Server hardware upgrades will be installed along with increased slots this month, just in time for the huge update, and on March, i am adding an additional server and will set both servers up in a cluster. :Jerbhi:

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The server is now password protected and if you want to connect, please join our discord server (You can either use the browser version or the desktop app version at https://discordapp.com ) and read our rules and get access to the server password. This is because i don't want any 'tourists' on my server, but rather regular players,.  and players who read and understand the rules. :)


We'll be starting up with events in a couple of months, where the first event will be a boss event and a jousting event in a colliseum.


Only a few more slots remaining now until the server is upgraded. :Jerbhi:

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