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TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

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This would be my list for more TLC, its my personal opinion/ideas and its in no specific order. I haven’t been playing lately since i’m overseas on a work and holiday trip since several months and probably not aware of all the actual changes and gameplay mechanics. And for the moment its just for the sea creatures! More will come later.

And i‘m sry for my english writing since its not quite perfect.



A model update.

Give him the abilty to trackdown Wounded/ not „seanative“ creatures 

Give him a speed buff and damage buff after attacking a creature with low health and call it Bloodfrenzy ;)



Obviously make it a permanent tame 

give him the damage of a megalodon (unbuffed) but a faster and more agile swimmer with less life and a bleed inducing attack. (These teeth must be good for something) Keep it balanced to the megalodon and make it a viable option to fight with with one or the other depending on play style. Tanky and „enrage“ or fast and agile. 



Obviously a model update

Make him a ambush attacker that is harder to see when he is farer away so he comes closer without notice and then give him a shortlasting fast sprint and a short lasting stun attack that can dismount players on bigger/equal site mounts. Since he has this long neck he could reach out and grab the rider off in a ambush attack.

I have to say here that i would like to see that rider and mounts on Plesiosaurus and bigger ones should be unaffected by the effects of those small little seapests that shock and dismount you and make your life really hard sometimes. Therefore give the Plesiosaurus this utility in end lvl water pvp.


Maybe a modelupdate since i don‘t like its head atm.

make him slightly more agile(turning radius). Give him the ability to free him from the squid in cost of lots of stamina and make him immune to a second grab for a fair amount of time afterwards.



Thabks for reading! :)




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What I think should be updated is the diplodocus, titanoboa, liopleurodon, pachy, mosa, dilo, tapejara, and the saber tooth.

Diplodocus-this guy is great with health and speed but lacks some sort of defense. No animal is going to sit there and say please eat me like seriously people. It should have a whip attack when under 75% because many scientists believe it had club at the end the tail, so under that health it has some sort of protection instead of running like a child when it sees a bee.

Titanoboa-ok this would be my second choice of being updated. One it has no use, two nobody uses them, and three there kinda not the size I would think they would be. They could be bigger, enough so you can ride. Two give them an attack so when in close range it can constrict it's prey because seriously there name have boa in it meaning they are constricters.

Liopleurodon-this guy can be good if you get of this stupid magic stuff and give good states and permanent tame. Just above a megalodon but below a plesiosaurus and lower megalodon counts, way to many of them.

Pachy-one they are under sized, two bad states, and three have great use until you have narco arrows. Pachys in real life were 30 feet long, in game they look about 10 feet long to me. Their health states are to weak and use a lot stamina for a slow speed. They could have a larger body and give them better health and stamina and I would be happy.

Mosasaurus-I would say it needs a new texture and better turning radius, but everything else is okay to me for this guy.

Dilophosaurus-this guy is waaayy to small for his size, his real size was 17 feet long, a lot larger than the raptor in the game. Also these guys I would say deserve to be higher in the food chain than just hunting dodos.They could get there correct size and be able to work in groups, not like raptor  or wolves where there are alphasbut be in group that tackles larger dinos.

Tapejara-I believe these guys can be better in ark like one be able to carry more dinos because it is even larger the the pteradon but picks up less, two have some ability to use the wind to move faster like the Griffin with out having to dive, and three make their animations and texture better please.

Saber tooth-these are good but not the greatest. All they're good for are to collect hide. I thought maybe it could jump on its prey and hold on to it and deal higher damage while on it. Also it could maybe do a grab to the neck with its teeth like lions do making that dino bleed a lot.


Tell me if you agree with this or not and forgive me it I spell something wrong. Hoping for a tlc phase 3, 4, and 5.




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I know I'm kinda late to this party, but...

Ankylosaurus: Needs an auto-harvest mode like the Doedicurus

Stego: "Thagomizer" attack similar to the Kentrosaurus (They did actually make that  the official name of it's tail spikes in honor of the old Farside Comic! :D ) able to impale and stick to somewhat larger creatures.

Megalania: venom also works ( less effectively)  on Dinos, otherwise it's useless on PvE severs, and generally an embarrassment to other predators. I've never actually seen a wild one win a fight.

Phomia!: I always want to be able to breed these like farm animals for meat. Give them their own special meat that keeps longer, has a higher food value, but is useless for taming, maybe also a slight buff to carnivores raised on it. Basically make it the best food for feeding troughs.

Liopleurodon: Make it closer to the original concept, Oxygen buff for being near it even if you're wearing scuba gear. Smaller ocean predators flee from it to help protect those near it. Cnidaria could be an exception as it probably wouldn't be smart enough to be afraid of anything. Restore original dossier with hilarious Charlie the Unicorn references! :D edit: What I meant was, scuba tanks would degrade more slowly near it.

Dimetrodon: Goes obsolete very quickly thanks to Otters and air conditioners. Maybe make them a rare spawn with more valuable eggs?

Gallimimus: Completely, totally, utterly, obsoleted by the Equus. not sure what to do with them, It's basically a giant Dodo that runs very fast. Make then rarer, harder to catch/tame with very valuable eggs maybe?

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How come nobody mention Therizinosaurus? It looks like a horribly mutated duck for some reason! It's one of my favourite dinosaurs but not in this game because here it looks like one of those poorly made plastic dinosaur toys that are hard to identify which specie it's supposed to be.


Therizinosaurus had a very long neck and a small head, look at the Therizinosaurus in The Isle for reference. It is true that most of the Therizinosaurus' skeleton isn't found yet, but we do know what species it's related to and they all had long necks ans small heads, it's used for reaching food high up in trees. The ARK Therizinosaurus is desperate to get a remodeling.


And the Quetzal and Pteranodon too could use an update. :)


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On 3/25/2018 at 12:12 AM, THESHREKONING said:

Buff tamed gigas and nerf wild gigas. Tamed gigas should have 25K-30K HP, variable on what level of giga you tame rather than just giving all wildtamed and wild gigas the same HP no matter what. Give tamed gigas the Gnash ability as a secondary attack to make them more on-par with eachother. Remodel the giga as well and GIVE IT A GOOD ROAR.

Give Mosasaurs a cosmetic redo and make them immune to jellyfish. Mosas should also have more HP and melee.

Remodel the quetz and give it new SFX. Perhaps give the quetz a short-duration "Glide" mechanic that can be activated by holding space in air. The glide lasts 7 seconds and has a cooldown of 14 seconds. It will move faster when gliding.

Remodel the ptera and give it new SFX. make it faster.That's about it.

The Onyc. Oooooh boy. Make the onyc prefer a kibble, remodel it, give it new SFX, and let it land by hanging from surfaces. Give the onyc it's own disease (Normal Rabies, because Reptiles CANNOT CARRY RABIES) rather than copy-pasting the mega's disease.

The Araneo needs a remodel and the ability to climb walls. Weight and melee should be increased as well as stam.

Give creatures that can carry stuf (Mega, Kapro, and Tuso) back their ability to capture wild creatures on PVE. This does not apply to birds.

All creatures need better idle animations.

Make the plesiosaur look better and give it the ability to reduce weight of resourcess. This would make it a valuable farming asset.

 FOR GOD'S SAKE WILDCARD, MAKE THE LIOPLEURODON USEFUL!!! The state it's in provides no actual use to ANYBODY.

Buff carnos, remodel, and resound them.

Remodel stegos and make them faster and give reduced weight on materials.

Pachy needs a remodel, it needs to be 2X as big, and it needs better stats.

Make megalodon larger, inflate stats, and remodel it. I want this thing to be Plesio-Mosa tier.

Mammoth and Rhino need reskins and resounds. Give the rhino something unique about it so people have an incentive to tame it or buff the damage of the charge (seriously, my tribe tamed the first rhino on the server 7 months after they were added, and it remained the only one for another 4 months) . Make mammoths faster and mre powerful, it should  be an apex herbivore. Not quite bronto tier, but close.

The bronto desperately needs new animations, a remodel, a resound, and changes to it's stats. There is literally NO REASON to tame this thing unless you want a platform tank, and even then the paraceratherium can do that almost as good and can be more versatile in all situations than the bronto. It needs better stats, it needs to move faster, and it needs a herd buff.

Dunkleosteus need better resistance, melee, and speed. it also needs a remodel.

Buff Kapros and give them a remodel.

Give titanomyrma an actual purpose.

Give updates on Primal Survival.

The Mesopithecus could use updates on the model, similar to the Gigantopithecus.

The ichthy should be larger with a more detailed model. It's stats should be slightly improved.


That's all for now.


Megladons were actually the size of sperm whales

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The pachy looks too clunky. Irl they would have had an overall slimmer figure. It needs a new ability to make it useful.

Pteranadon needs a model update. I hope they get rid of the crest thing, because it just doesn’t look good. Also, they need to double its carry weight. There are times that I feel the need to use my pteranodon, but physically can’t because as soon as I hop on its back it’s encumbrred, and this is with lvl 200+ Pteranadons.

Quetzal needs a model update. It’s head is too big, and because of that looks completely top heavy even when it flies. It has also almost been entirely eclipsed by the new TLC Argentavis with the argy’s new weight reducs on mining materials. My idea for the Quetz is that it gives crafting and smelting structures on its back a speed boost, so that items craft faster and metal smelts faster.

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I believe a lot of these need TLC! I am just going to add 1 to the growing list.

Moth: Give it a few stat boosts and give it the ability to make silk passively in its inventory! Kinda like Oil in the Squid and Basil!


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