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Unraveling the Mysteries of the ARK!


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On 2/16/2016 at 5:37 AM, I Want MY Burd said:

Not a clue. It's got chicken feet as well.

It may just be purposefully inaccurate to simulate the guy's poor memory of it

I'd say a Sabertooth and a Sarco drawn in the style of a Chinese mythological creature context. They did that had real creatures but some features were exaggerated or completely different to make the 'monster' more unreal.

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2 minutes ago, Ij999 said:

They promised something would drop on Monday lol

Don’t worry though - we’ll still have a content reveal every Monday! Something new and mysterious will be unveiled ;)

Edited 15 February by Jat

Yeah, I was confused as well. It will probs come tommorrow night, they are busy with the Major Update.. The forums right now are realllly baren xD

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On 2/16/2016 at 1:49 PM, OnePotatoChip said:

Oh, oh! When exploring the Ark for these notes, I think it'd be interesting if we were often in situations where we would have to rely more on ourselves than on our mounts. Like, our mounts could take us their, but the actual exploration of the notes' resting places had to be done on foot. Having to cleverly use the Grappling Hook, a bit of platforming, and maybe even a few puzzles and traps we'd have to conquer? I mean, imagine peeking around the corner of a ruin's dilapidated archway only to see the main chamber littered with a pack of nesting Raptors. You know there's no way you can take them all out with your trusty sword; you'd be eaten alive! But you quickly form a plan...

Moments later, a pin is pulled and a canister is flying in a graceful arc right before it explodes in a thick cloud of smoke. The predators are blinded and confused, their calls of distress bouncing off the aged walls. They never hear the clink of metal scrapping stone and never see you sail over their feathered heads with the aid of your Grappling Hook that pulls you into the relative safety of the rafters above. Like everything else, the stone beams haven't weathered the test of time gracefully, but your handy footwork soon has you standing on what remains of the second story foyer and before an imposing door that was probably meant to instill a sense of majesty and awe with its intricate carvings and the fact that your favorite Diplodocus back at camp could fit through it with little difficulty. 

All it instills in you is a sense of trepidation thanks in no small part to the large claw indentations that riddle the impressive stonework in a vertical pattern, stopping at a massive gap in the ceiling that would easily allow access into whatever room lay behind the door. Turning back isn't an option, however. The shrieks of the Raptors have lost their tone of befuddlement and now resemble the hunting trills and calls that you've become all too familiar with. So you take a shaky breath, one hand resting nervously on the hilt of your weapon, and push...


C'mon, Wildcard, I wanna feel like Indiana Jones/Nathan Drake/Lara Croft. But with swords and crossbows. 

YES.    i was going to post something, but my search results for "puzzles" led me here. 

And I had Indiana Jones and Lara Croft in mind.

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