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Cluster--PvE Ragnarok & Abby & PvP Island (BOOSTED). Discord---Custom Drops

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Welcome to KEB Gaming ARK Cluster!

Join Server:  Search  KEB Gaming under Unofficial PC Hosted (NO Password)

Join our Discord:     https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq

Visit our Website:    kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming

                With our Cluster we have something for every kind of ARK player! We have a PvE Ragnarok 32 slot server  and a PvE Aberration 10 slot server for those who love to PvE and explore and we have a PvP 20 slot server on The Island (We offer a GREAT PvP Starter package. Check Discord for info)  for the players that just want to PvP and blow stuff up! You can play on all servers, the only thing is once you transfer Items or Dinos over to The Island server they will be there to stay! You can transfer your character back and forth just not Dinos and Items. So play on all or play on one and trade with PvE or PvP tribes!  Our server rewards players with a credit system, we call our credits "Kebits". These Kebits are tracked using Discord chat app. Admins will award players "Kebits" which can be used for many things from Admin services such as painting dinos, buying materials, buying BP's, and used to trade with other players.  

Kebits can be earned a few ways: (Donations go towards running server) Kebits are our way of thanking you.

Join us and instantly earn 1,500 Kebits to get started!!

(1) Become a Patreon and support the server and community, you will receive a monthly Kebit payment each month. 

(2) Make a one time donation thru PayPal, $1.00= 1,000 Kebits. 

(3) Be active and helpful on our Discord server.

(4) Complete in game contests or scavenger hunts. 

(5) Be the winner of the FREE weekly lottery.  

Server settings (Keeping it simple)

ORP will be used with a 15min timer on the Island server.

Engram points earned are Double per level (6280 total)

Gather=2x  (10x on Island map)

Player  Points=2x (4x on Island map)

Dino Weight=3x (6x on Island map)

Dino Stamina=2x

Taming Breeding and Maturing=4x

XP= 1.5x  (Dino Killing= 3x)

Crop Grow= 30x

Platform/Raft Build limit= 3x

Custom Loot Drops (Not on Aberration)



Admins and Events:

                     We have a group of Admins that are available a few times a week to help out where needed. We will also be building community builds and events. (Coliseum, Crafting Post/Trading center, Community Garden, Ragna & Rock Cafe (consumables), Kibble Farm and The ARK ZOO ( We will build a ZOO and you can place your dinos on display here to show off your Mutations and Tames).  As things progress we will be more than happy to allow players to take over management of any of the above listed areas...or create their own thing.

We just recently added a Master ARK Builder to our server. He will be building amazing structures for us to enjoy


How to Join:

If you would like to join we recommend  that you join our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/TDFXtxq  (This is the ONLY way Kebits can be saved and spent)

You can join by messaging here, messaging me directly or you can join by visiting our website and filling out the Join Server Form under the Events page. kebgaming.wixsite.com/keb-gaming

We all look forward to building a great community with you and having a blast doing so!





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Adding more info

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BUMP.  Due to demand we will be starting server earlier than planned!.  We will have the Admin crew getting foundations down to grab locations for initial events and trading post/ Dino paint shop this Saturday.  Server will be opened up to public shortly after. It will be a Nitrado server! so hurray to that.

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Come Join us today! Every new player starts out with 1,500 Kebits and any Friends that you recruit will earn you an extra 2,000 Kebits. Community Center is being built in Vikings bay area and we will begin the first Scavenger hunt tonight. Also the 1st lotto winner will be picked this Friday evening...Join us and you could win upto 2,000 Kebits from the weekly Lotto.  I hope to see you out there and can't wait to do some fun Cave runs and Boss battles with everyone!

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16 hours ago, cschofie said:

So far I'm loving this server. Will there be community events?

Yes!  I completed the Community Center last night. It is located at the entrance of Vikings Bay.. It is stocked with Meat and Jerky in Preserving Bins, Storage Chests with, Metal Pick and Hatches, Sleeping Bags, Parachutes and Water Jars. We have a Large Fireplace with 5 seats and wood storage....and before I forget there is a High Dive Platform and a network of Ziplines to play on.  I will be working on events next. I will keep you posted.

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Great news! Server population just keeps growing! We also are finishing the settings on our Island PvP server...gonna have custom drops!! If they work well we will be adding them into the PvE server as well. Come join us now and have some fun playing ARK with a great community

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Looking forward to joining.


Edit: So I haven't joined the server yet due to being at work, however I did  hop over to your discord channel. I am impressed by the organization and information you guys have provided. The availability of admins and other survivors is very encouraging.

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I was able to get on and play last night. Love this server. Smooth, no glitches, and plenty of spots to build. The discord chat is very helpful for reaching the admins and communicating with other survivors. Everyone is very helpful and friendly on the Pve Rag server. I plan to at some point join the PVP Server and give it a go. But for now I am loving this server and the community it has developed.

Keep up the great work KEB GAMING.

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