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Mega Tribes

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So I play SE on PS4 with my wife and son's, i also have a few friends playing. Now we have tride PvE but always have the same issues on the servers with people building around our base and some servers we cant even find a dodo to tame.


So we moved to PvP to breed dinos and build a nice base. Most of the time we are left alone but of late my server is getting hit almost every night by people claming to be MEGA tribes,

Now i would like to know if any mega tribes can reply to this but why would someone come on a server with most still in stone buildings and raid them??

I get its PvP but half the time its happens when none are online so thats PvE right?

Im sure not all are mega tribes and just say it to make others worry, but a player I got talking to on my server nice guy solo player little base and all that. Never did any wrong was just starting to get into breeding and made a trade for some tames got hit by a mega tribe going by KC. Now I dont know many mega tribes other than what my kids see on youtube but they came over with so much to raid him. And he didnt even have anything good, Is there a point to it. They said sorry its just part of the game? 9 players with brontys and Rexs wyvs and all that V 1 player with a low level rex a wyv that was a gift and some other little tames is that rerally part of the game ?


I really would like a reply but please no toxic replys I just really would like to hear from a mega tribe or 2 to find out why or if its even them.

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If you just want a pve with no multipliers which aren't full of players, there are a lot out there, you just have to use the filters when you are looking for a server. Otherwise I would just try to bulk up your base with spikes and walls because there are always going to be players like that on pvp.

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PVP is always PVP, there is offline raid protection but that isn't on all servers and it  takes  15 minutes after a person logs out to kick in. It sounds like you would rather be on  PVE (that is building and taming/breeding based for the most part) so that you don't have to worry about getting hit by other tribes. There are separate settings on the different server types (for instance on PVP if you throw a monkey through a window it opens the door, not on PVE, and if you walk up to a pillar and attack it with a dino that can damage it, it gets damaged, but not on PVE Also on PVP you can carry wild dinos, but not in PVE). You will need to search for a PVE server in the list :) These days you might have to try a few servers to find one you like but it is worth it.

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