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Question about this dmg% harvesting deal

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Alright guys so I know, the amount of resources you get per hit is based on melee damage % stat.
My question is, if I take for example a rex, and it's base damage is 65. A giga base damage is 400? 420? Whichever.
Let's say I up the rexs % so it equals the same as a base 100% melee giga..
Will the Rex, with what would have to be around 500-600 I guess melee % gather the same amount of meat as the 100% melee giga?
I'm asking because you really can't buff giga weight, but you can a rex, so I was thinking about taking one of my 12k hp 449 melee Rex's and just boosting weight and (edit) melee**, so I could pull all the meat off the Rex when it's full onto my character and then fill the Rex up again. To be more meat run efficient lol.

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Each dino has a certain hidden multiplier attached to it for harvesting certain types of resources.  Iguanadons and Megatherium both gather thatch.  Megatherium is inherently better at gathering thatch than the iguanadon.  At equal melee damage, megatherium will always harvest more.

Gigas have a higher multiplier for gathering meat than a rex.  You could match the gather rate between a super high melee rex to a super low melee giga, but equally melee specced rex/giga will never match.  Plus, you're capped at 5x overdamage, so once you break 525% melee damage, you should never see harvest amounts go up after that.

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