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Abberant Mega’s still not hatching abberant

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1 hour ago, Atrophical said:

As the title states, bred multiple abberant mega’s this morning, all babies come out normal megas with no illuminating stripes, no abberant name title. 


According to patch notes this this was suppose to fixed... 

what’s the deal?! 

They removed it from the patch notes because they are shadier than a tree at night. Can't trust them at all 

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18 minutes ago, JimLahey said:

Bump ! Can we please get a response on this wildcard ? I’ve been waiting to breed megas for two weeks now, patch finally hits, and they’re still useless yet people on PC seem to have no issue. 


we lost 47 BABY DINOS on a 2x weekend that we can't even play on because the update erased ark from me and my tribemates xboxs. So now we can spend all weekend redownloading and hope we don't get raided or other dinos dying to hunger etc. (not including the fact that gasoline goes VERY QUICKLY on aberration)

the cherry on the ice cream is how they updated the patch notes and told us that megalo breeding was fixed , then we hatched 12 megalos which did not come out abberant , then two hours later they deleted those patch notes. 

This company will make you literally sick to your stomach with their absolute disregard for your time , enjoyment , and money spent on their products. It's the absolute opposite of customer service. 

Customer disservice more like it


How about a response wildcard ? How about a rollback ???!!!!!!!!!

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