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reaper queen Quick reaper queen FAQ

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The poster has a valid point. This thread is relevant information and it is better to use the same thread than it is to make a new one. It is BAD to make a new thread in this case as Google Search results are going to find this one. Keep information contained.

So no, it doesn't need closed. "Don't bump old threads" only is applicable when the thread no longer contains relevant content. This one does, and is mostly still valid.

Note this is one of the most viewed threads in this forum.

As for fighting queens, yes it is normal to have to heal after 2 if you are using a primitive saddle. An upgraded saddle will make a world of a difference in damage taken, but higher level queens will end up dishing out more damage. 

It would be recommended to take like a megalo army with you too, to deal out faster DPS, though they'll likely steal aggro from you.

You can also use a shotgun while on back of drake for faster DPS than the drake can do.

The region in bottom left corner of map is more land accessible for finding queens, so you can glide over there on drake and unpod some megalo's to help with the hunting.


Also, I recommend getting MasterCraft/Asc hazmat suit with 250+ durability before doing this, so you can stay down longer and less risk if you get knocked off by a Purlovia of suit breaking.

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On 8/24/2019 at 12:43 AM, Onimusha759 said:

Before anyone yells at me about necroing, the rules do say to search for the appropriate topic before making a new 1 right, or at least the moderators make it feel that way.  So this falls topic falls under what i want to know.  Since z's have been nerfed whats the best method now?  My drake has 10k hp and 500% dmg and a lvl 20 queen took half my hp in a slug out.  Exactly whats the best way to kill these things?  Yes i use a chargelight pet.  Yes my saddle is basic but you need around 80 armor to double your resistance from a 25 saddle.  Plz help. I dont wana run home after every 1-2 reaper queens

One thing that can help is farming up a load of nameless venom. It can pretty much be an instant heal if you have enough, though I would recommend mostly keeping it around for emergencies. Luckily you can farm it down there between queens too and the plants + cooked meat or even raw will heal very quickly. Venom gives 100 health to a drake with no cooldown, cooked meat gives 8 health with the same cooldown as raw which gives 5.

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On 1/13/2018 at 5:15 AM, s710 said:

So I know where the queens are, I know how to build a trap and get pregnant, I managed to gather 14 pheromone glands, and now I'm ready to do it. I have a few questions to those who already did it:

  1. How many glands will I need in the process of raising the baby?


Zero.  You don't need any,  all you need is a contained room w/ a gate or an open roofed room 2walls high.  Have 3 fridges worth of cooked meat on you  in the room, let baby come out, try and imprint. If it kills u first, u go back in and imprint it.  It will be full of the meat you had on you.  Now go take a karkinos and pick it up in the left claw.  Move karkinos away from all other animals so the reaper baby doesn't bite them.  You can get under it and use the wheel menu to turn off wander.  Now u can go to sleep wake up watch it fall from the claw as it hits juvi and u imprint the first time right after.

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On 9/12/2019 at 7:36 PM, solix414 said:

ah, aikar, you misunderstood who I was responding to. the guy who almost got his drake taken out in 2 shots as it was too weak.

Well smart azz, i used said drake to get a 145 reaper to impregnate me.  My drake is a well rounded 190 baby, it shouldnt be weak.  I leveled more since then but not to much more, its almost capped.  Stat wise i couldn't really get a better drake, because its a good born 190.  Im guessing its the saddle, but even with a good saddle all i can really muster is to double how long i live since a primitive saddle gives 50% dmg reduction and you have to get a saddle with 80ish armor just to get to 75%.  2 low level queens or 1 big 1 as said is the limit.  So my drake is decent and certainly isnt getting owned in 2 hits.  I do kill the reaper i fight, and it takes a lot of back and forth.  I know im getting hit at least 100 times.  I dont remember my drake's stats after i leveled it more, so its possible it was to weak then.  Regardless though, i got a 145 reaper, without a trap, with that drake.  Suck it.

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