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Community Crunch 114: Dino TLC, Console Ragnarok, Sales, & NVIDIA Freestyle!


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Server nitrado Ark Xbox One e Pc Joga Juntos
Mapas: Ragnarok e cross com Aberration
Nome Do serve : [BR] NELSONBALLA Brasil No Admin
Como entrar?
1-Filtro de sessões 
2-UNOFFICIAL pc session
3-digita o nome( [BR] NELSONBALLA Brasil No Admin )
LINK - Grupo whatsapp - https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/IB8OBzSFOWt7wXz6CksR2Y

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The carno is supposed to be the cheetah right? so make it faster, i want it to be the fastes land carnivore the theisland.

If your gonna do the female megaloceros you can do the male aswell, give them a decent jump, atleast 2 walls high (i would go 3 tbh). and for the love of god give them a fall damage reduction.

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On 1/13/2018 at 4:37 AM, KingOfBronzodia said:
  • How would a sarco hunt ? grab on its pray consume a lot of stamina and drown it ! i would also like to see a change on its movement and abilities, what i have in mind basically make it feel like its a cold blooded reptile witch means give it the need to stop and take a breath more frequently than other animals and then burst again with crazy power plus a "buff" i guess?! when it has full stamina the first hit it lands deals more damage than the others. Don't really know how to explain it better.
  • Spinosaurs, i am OK with just a new model and a better roar animation perhaps similar to the direbear, basically get up on it's back legs roar and then fall back down again and maybe the ability to sprint on deep water ?
  • And then the carno don't really know what u could do with it just change it's model and make it look more spiky with 3D osteoderms instead of just a texture, like the one in the juraassic world 2 trailler ?
  • Raptor ! Give it more feathers for ffs !!!
  • About plesiosaurus i always thought it's head looked weird !
  • Female megalosaurus maby give it the ability to kick you to death ?!
  • Argent is it possible to give it an air dive attack that stuns it's victim and deals dmg over time similar to thylacoleo. Basically give it an attack similar to a real life eagle hunting rabbits.

Perhaps the carno could peirce armor with secondary attack.

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I would love to see the Pachy getting a tlc ( Its to weak and small ) and Maybe the Baryonyx its should have more like a duck beek with a piece of skin under it , the pachrhinosaurus needs a better running mechanic , the dilo needs to be bigger , doedicurus needs Some fur on his belly more like a armadillo , the giga needs to be a lott smaller Maybe Its name is giga but iT isnt giga at all , quetzal needs a longer pointier beek , the terror bird needs more feathers on his butt and it needs a longer and pointer beak and Maybe Make the males have more feathers on thear head ( more like a mohawk ) THAT WAS IT I THINK!

keep up the good work i really see Some huge improvements compared to the beginning of ark!

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6 hours ago, Topherallen07 said:

Tamed Trilobites produce oil overtime please........and what do you think of servers that cannot attack each other but can go to other servers and raid. This is something i think alot of people could get into.

Server Wars would be awesome! it would get Alphas out of certain servers and give them something to really do also! The Trilobites producing oil is a good touch too.

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Oh and will Turtles really be able to go in their shells? if so can that be a defense option to keep them in when they are idle also? plus the Doedicurus would benefit from being able to roll-up as a defense option because they don't ever seem to after being tamed? Leaving defense-mode Doedics around for mining would be a big help. Plus Turtles could act as storage also and the defense option would also keep your loot safe early game, like a 1st tier biological safe.

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I would love to see some work on more early/mid game underused mounts that would considered combat mounts but not useful and over looked in place of late game dinos. Ark has a lot of a lot of dinos many of them could become useful combat dinos with small buffs and new utility, unique abilites for both PvP and PvE that stronger more popular dinos (rex etc.) could not provide. I feel like that put a lot more attention on the early to mid game and give starting players a chance to have more fun and survival chance and change the meta of grinding up to high level and only tame the essentials as well as a change of pace to big tribe raiding adding more strategic and freedom and choice in what big tribes tamed and used in raids and defense. Btw love what you have done so far with the TLC!  

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Spino, Sarco, Carno, Raptor, Female Megaloceros, Plesio, and Argie.Spino, Sarco, Carno, Raptor, Female Megaloceros, Plesio, and Argie.

There are many animals that needs a remodel. But i'm going to talk about this 7 animals. Basically, they have to be ANIMALS, not 3d models without souls.

Spino: Visual remodel. Improve swim animation (Something similar to the Baryonyx).  This is not a direct change for the spino, but it would be great seeing the Coelacanths running away when some Spino is hunting in the water. (Same when any piscivorous dinosaur or the player are hunting.) 

Sarco: Visual remodel. Usually they're sunbathing with an open mouth (or not) or lurking calmly inside the water.  The Sarcos could have this two behaviours: Beeing calmly inside the water, waiting for a small prey to catch it out the water and drag it into the water. (Like the Kaprosuchus, but better)(It would be awesome if they could catch medium preys, like the Parasaur). And just fight when they have to defense themselves from a big animal. 

Carno: Visual remodel with spikes from the head to the tail, like the actual crocodiles. This is because of osteoderms of the back and this means more protection in this area, so it could be logical reciving less damage in this zone.  Hability to charge against an enemy. It would be more fast, but you can doge it taking advantage of the fact that he can't change de direction very well.

Raptor: Visual remodel. You try to be accurate, doing a quadruped spinosaurus. But after, we have raptors without feathers. Why? Their most lethal weapon was his claw, why they don't use it? It is a perfect weapon to hurt their preys, being a clean cut, it would be possible that it cause bleeding. They had a biggest brain than other dinosaurs, so the had enough intelligence to hunt in groups.

Megaloceros: Visual remodel (Female). Breakable horns. More difficult to hunting them, running away from more far distance. Or maybe reacting aggressively defending himself only when he is enough strong to fight the hunter (Depending the lvl).

Plesio: Visual remodel. More area to attack the enemies using his long and flexible neck, bending it to reach the victims. And the hability to catch small fishes, since it is known that his mouth was perfect to that.

Argie: Visual remodel. Hability to detect corpses from largest distance. Change the spawn not to appear only in the mountains, as well in the sky, high enough not to be easily detected but low enough to detect corpses in the ground.

Plus: Biped animation for the bear to intimidate an enemy.

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I think that the sarco should be a lot stronger but still slow on land and fast in water. It should have a lot more health (after all it is a big slow prehistoric crocodile). It should also have the ability to give people the broken leg debuff (it fits its creature) and do more damage (in real life crocodiles have the strongest bite force of any non-extinct animal). You could also give them a secondary attack (which could give the debuff mentioned before as well as a lot more damage but slower attack speed and more stamina cost).    

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YES, Spino, Carno, Raptor, Sarco, Plesio, Argy, Megaloceros. All things I would love to see improved upon, and already loving the new designs for the others.


Some Suggestions:

Araneo - This has been suggested by a few people now, but I would love to see the spider gain the ability to climb walls/ziplines, and be able to make ziplines out of its silk.

Baryonyx - Please make the Bary be able to gather prime fish from salmon, after all it is a piscivore.

Turtle - The turtle should gain the ability to hide in its shell when threatened.

Dunkleosteus - The dunk is one of my favourite dinos, and considering its one of the few that can gather large amounts of oil, maybe give it reduced weight on oil.

Megalodon - The shark just needs a complete visual rework, its one the first dinos introduced and still has been given any love.

Morellatops - A cool idea for the Morellatops would be the ability to use its inventory as a cooking pot, as long as it has stored water.

Mosa - The Mosa needs to be updated so that it needs oxygen to breath as stated in the dossier, this would definitely help to balance this ocean powerhouse a bit.

Oviraptor - For the Oviraptor, make it so it won't eat any eggs once tamed, and give it the ability to gather any eggs around our base, to help with this mediocre task.

Parasaur - The Parasaur is so under used mid-late game, giving it the ability to act as a living trip-wire alarm would definitely keep this classic dino used by many in late game.

Phiomia - All I will say is, I want my Bacon.

Scorpion - I think the scorpion should get a secondary attack that does no damage, only torpor as they are no dinos that do this, and would be a welcome addition to any tribe.

Raptor - Raptors really need a visual overhaul, but they also need to gain the pack buff, and possibly give it the ability to latch onto larger prey such as Trikes & Stegos.

Spino - The Spino is an all time favourite for many, and giving it a visual improvement would do it wonders. Giving it a better roar, and the ability to gather prime fish from salmon would be amazing aswell.

Trike - The Trike is another that really needs a visual improvment, but it also needs a goreing charge attack similar to the Rhino. Maybe even improve both so that the charge attack impales smaller creatures similar to the kentro.

Trilobite - Last but not least, the Trilobite. Now that we have the ability to tame these, maybe give them a use, such as generating oil over a period of time.


Thanks for all you have done WC, really looking forward to the future of ARK :D

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