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Reaper Queen Pushes Tames in to the Ground

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Hey Guys, 

Trying to bring up the Subject of Tames on Aberration get stuck or forced under the map or through walls of the Map due to the Reaper Queen, iv lost a Krab partly under the Map due to the Queen pushing it under the Map a few days ago ( ticket already set out for this to retrieve her from under the Map) but iv just lost a 190 hatched Egg Drake to the Reaper Queen burring on top of me pushing me completely through the map. shes gone straight through in Zone that has liquid Element as its under Area.. so shes most likely Died but isn't showing up in Log. 

264 Aberration has many tames in the Red area (most common) due to Queen bugging their tames into the Ground there are easily 4 or 5 tames in this area that haven't Clipped through enough and can be saved provided a GM can come pull them out of the floors or walls. and countless others who have been bugged due to holes in the map ect.

is our Server the only one with this issue cause iv played ark a good damn while and i cant say iv seen so many tames Trapped in the way they have. Queen are the worst as they need high Lvl tames to go after the Queens. only to have them forced under the Ground.

Anyone else having this issue on other aberration servers? if so can we get someone please to Look into why the Queen is pushing tames under the map? i get its new and still testing Quirks ect, but i dont think anyone really wants dedicate any more tames and Time to something that is buggy. And this would ease up Tickets... a few people on our server are still waiting on Tickets from two weeks ago trying to get their dinos recovered. i Love this Map and the Devs work here, but its being hit really hard by the amount of frustrations building up on this server Losing tames to silly things like this. if it was one off i could understand, but there are a good few tames of many tribes in Red shoved under the ground unable to be pulled out.

Thanks in advance


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Agreed. I have recently lost a 190 hatch rock drake due to a queen forcing it underground. Me n my mates have been checking on it regularly and so far it still lives. The devs definitely need to focus their attention on fixing this for good. Its just icing on the rollback cake. Driving more and more players away from what is truly the best most challenging map yet. Lets hope this can be remedied sooner rather than later. 

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It's those black rocks on the ground, i lost several good tames like that aswell.

Those small black rocks that are in the corners, they push you into the ground when you're pushed at it.

Not just queens, drakes do that to your tames aswell. Haven't reported it yet.

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