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Exploit & Bug Bounty!

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Hey Survivors,

We are now offering bounties for anyone who can provide us with hacks of any kind (which are NOT aimbots/esp/speedhacks) that can have an impact on gameplay or server stability on our official, online servers. Feel free to reach out to the following emails with details:


We will naturally evaluate EVERY submission that comes our way, and if we determine that the issue falls outside the scope of "hacks", but still qualifies as an extremely critical bug (such as wide-scale easy duping, or methods of crashing the server, etc.), we are happy to still pay out bounties. Please mention in your email subject you are contacting us regarding an exploit.

We will not be responding to every incoming email, but we will check them all-- if we see something that is promising, or that we're not already aware of, we will reach out to those individuals who provide that information and correspond with them.

We are only concerned about ONLINE, MULTIPLAYER issues that can be done on our OFFICIAL SERVERS.

The bounties can range from between 50$ - 500$, it depends on whether we've escalated it or not ;). Our most frequent bounty awarded is 200$, though in extreme cases, we may put out a larger bounty. Prizes may arrive in the form of PayPal payments or Steam Giftcards. Here is a list of our current paid out bounties;

Date Name Exploit Amount Status
24/06/2015 LMarschall Dupe Exploit 200$ PAID
26/06/2015 Marco Crash Exploit 200$ PAID
25/07/2015 Thorami Validation Exploit 200$ PAID
25/08/2015 Thorami Validation Exploit 200$ PAID
09/09/2015 Dan K Duping Exploit 200$ PAID
15/09/2015 Thorami Validation Exploit 200$ PAID
21/09/2015 DKayBee Network Overload Exploit 200$ PAID
24/09/2015 Skittle PvP Timer Exploit 100$ PAID
24/09/2015 Rob PvP Timer Exploit 100$ PAID
5/10/2015 Karl No Clip Exploit 200$ PAID
14/10/2015 r2ghgaming Invunerability Exploit 200$ PAID
22/10/2015 Thorami No Clip Exploit 200$ PAID
25/10/2015 Creston Raft Exploit 200$ PAID
12/11/2015 Static Animation Cancelling Exploit 200$ PAID
15/12/2015 Rudy Tribe Glitch 500$ PAID
15/12/2015 Sam Tribe Glitch 500$ PAID
09/01/2016 Skittle Kangaroo Exploit 100$ PAID
09/01/2016 Rob Kangaroo Exploit 100$ PAID
03/04/2016 SubscribeCC Alternative Platform Crash 200$ PAID
20/04/2016 Skittle C4 Exploit 100$ PAID
20/04/2016 Rob C4 Exploit 100$ PAID
20/07/2016 Shockbuster Clipping Exploit 200$ PAID
27/08/2016 A. Crouch Grinder Exploit 200$ PAID
07/09/2016 Rocketman Infinite Rocket 200$ PAID
27/09/2016 Rekkm Ingot Exploit 200$ PAID
11/10/2016 Undisclosed Server Transfer Exploit 200$ PAID
16/10/2016 Undisclosed Server Transfer Exploit 200$ PAID
01/11/2016 Devilheaven Cooldown Exploit 200$ PAID
23/12/2016 Jacques Crash Exploit 200$ PAID
29/12/2016 Undisclosed Numerous Exploits 400$ PAID
29/12/2016 Venommantis Ghost Exploit 100$ PAID
29/12/2016 Substitute Connection Exploits 200$ PAID
29/12/2016 ThatGamerLive Connection Exploits 200$ PAID
29/12/2016 Undisclosed Invunerability Exploit 100$ PAID
29/12/2016 Substitute Name-hiding exploit 200$ PAID
09/03/2017 Peppers Spoil Timer & Dupe Information 200$ PAID
09/03/2017 Undisclosed Turret Tracking 100$ PAID
09/03/2017 Peppers Turret Tracking 100$ PAID
11/03/2017 Peppers Turret Tracking 100$ PAID
04/05/2017 Substitute Connection Exploit 100$ PAID
04/05/2017 ThatGamerLive Connection Exploit 100$ PAID
04/05/2017 ThatGamerLive Shooting Exploit 100$ PAID
04/05/2017 Peppers Shooting Exploit 100$ PAID
14/09/2017 Karl Green Quick Speed Exploit 100$ PAID
25/09/2017 Undisclosed Server Transport Exploit 500$ PAID
26/09/2017 Undisclosed Network Connection Diagnosis 200$ PAID
28/09/2017 Jacob T Transfer Connection Bug 200$ PAID
27/10/2017 Undisclosed Under the map exploit 200$ PAID
6/12/2017 Eternal Wrath Blueprint Vulnerability 2000$ PAID
6/12/2017 Master Chef Substitute and Master Chef Dougy Blueprint Vulnerability Analysis Recognition N/A
20/12/2017 Rlan BattlEye Exploit 250$ PAID
8/01/2018 Jacob K Zipline Exploit 100$ PAID
24/01/2018 Mithrim Rock Drake Exploit 50$ PAID
24/01/2018 Jordan Mesh & Fish Exploit 250$ PAID
03/02/2018 Verrückt Multiple Mesh Exploits 200$ PAID
03/02/2018 Ares Multiple Mesh Exploits 200$ PAID
04/02/2018 Undisclosed Blueprint Vulnerability 2000$ PAID
04/02/2018 Undisclosed Connection Repros 350$ PAID
6/02/2018 Substitute Server Validation Vulnerability 2000$ PAID
06/02/2018 ARMY Sniper1244 Gate Exploit 50$ PAID
10/02/2018 Undisclosed BattlEye Exploit 1000$ PAID
10/02/2018 Undisclosed Water Exploit 200$ PAID
10/02/2018 Ariiel Mesh Exploit 200$ PAID
13/02/2018 Undisclosed Crystal Exploit 100$ PAID

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