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pvp Fresh and friendly server! FLiNtStoNeS - 5x XP 3x/T/H 10xB NoOfflineRaid / PVP F

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We are looking for players to join our fresh server. We are 3 mature admins that want to create a friendly community. We offer 5x on XP 3x on Tame and Harvest and a 10x on Breeding. Also offline raiding is not allowed but PVP is certainly allowed. The map is Ragnarok. Right now, the average population is between 7-13 (with a pool of +/- 20-25 players) of if you are looking for something fresh and relatively quiet to start your adventure! It is the right place!

Our discord server is https://discord.gg/aHJwtz7  and the name of the server is FLiNtStoNeS - 5x XP 3x/T/H 10xB NoOfflineRaid / PVP FRIENDLY   (ip

Thank you for considering us and we hope we will see you soon!

MatthInsert other media

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