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Path blocking


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High Severity:


  • Griefing
    • Some examples:
      • PvP – Setting player spawn traps. Due to the nature of PvP servers, there is little we will be able to assist with on these types of servers for griefing.
      • PvE Server: Blocking in other tribes dinos, Blocking access in/out of a tribes base, and Obstructing pathways or waterways for the purpose of denying players access. (must be completely blocked and no other ways around)


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GM  will put up a sign and asked nicely for them to remove. I don't see cases that GM admin demolish a whole building.

Sometimes the path is not blocked "completely", they can technically build a giant structure and leave a very small opening for people to move =D

Also, it takes weeks for GM to come over, so after they demolish this dino gate, then they will build it up again. And watch them being proud in chat.

People who are experienced with the game find their way against rules and GM, i'm pizzed.

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