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pve Ragnarok/Aberration/Island/SE/EXTINCTION! Mega Cluster [US BASED]

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Looking for MATURE survivers to join our community!  (PLEASE 18 AND OLDER)



  • Active Admins
  • Female owned and operated
  • Couples and female friendly
  • Admins are extremely neutral
  • Server Missions with great rewards! (For example: non breedable Dino color changes!)
  • Friendly and mature player base
  • Active discord and admin support
  • Organized boss battles
  • Access to our Exchange where you can turn in earned rewards for in game items!


[[[[[ RAGNAROK ]]]]]
GGO Ragnarok Rebirth 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ ABERRATION ]]]]]
GGO Aberration 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ THE ISLAND ]]]]]
GGO The Island 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ SCORCHED EARTH ]]]]]
GGO Scorched Earth 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ EXTINCTION ]]]]] 
GGO Extinction 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ VALGUERO ]]]]] - PVP
GGO Valguero PVP 5x
IP Address:

[[[[[ RATES/SETTINGS ]]]]]

  • XP - 1.5X
  • Breeding - 5X
  • Harvesting - 5X
  • Maturing - 5X
  • Taming - 5X
  • Recipe Effectiveness - 2X
  • Recipe Skill - 2X
  • Spoilage - 1X
  • Item Decomposition - 2X
  • Corpse Decomposition - 5X
  • Difficulty - 10X (level 300 dinos)
  • Platforms/Rafts - 2X (176 Structures)
  • Unlimited Respecs: Enabled
  • Player Map Location: Enabled
  • Crosshairs: Enabled
  • Allow Flyer Carry PVE: Enabled

[[[[[ MODS ]]]]]


[Make sure you are subscribed to these mods]

[[[[[ WEBSITE ]]]]]

[[[[[ DISCORD ]]]]]

[[[[[ STEAM GROUP ]]]]]

[[[[[ INSTAGRAM ]]]]]

[[[[[ TWITTER ]]]]]

[[[[[  RULES  ]]]]]

  • No blocking of major resource node locations. (rich metal, obsidian, crystal)
  • No building in or around natural game structures (ruins, bridges, buildings) without ADMIN consent.
  • No blocking of artifact locations, including cave entrances.
  • No blocking of beacons or loot crates including using Tek Force Fields.
  • No placing of pillars or foundations around the map that are not intended for immediate use
  • No exploiting of known or found glitches.
  • No spamming of Global chat.
  • No advertising of other Ark servers.
  • Demolishing of decayed structures or claiming of claimable dinos are fair game with the exception of known GGO ADMIN assets.
  • If you're going to stream from our servers please notify ADMIN.

All GGO rules are in affect as well.

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