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Singleplayer: Charge light critters reset to zero charge on savegame load

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I'm not sure if this is working as intended or not.  But I've noticed that when I load my singleplayer save, all my bulbdogs have been reset to zero charge.  Right now, it's just kind of an annoyance, because I have my small base in the Fertile area.  However, I can see this being a problem if I ever build an outpost in the Biolume or Element areas.  Every critter being at zero charge at the same time seems like a recipe for getting mauled by Nameless when they see that the lights are out and start tunneling in under the walls.

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I had the same experience after a Legacy official server restarted. I was taming an anky in biolume, two charge pets with me. came back in right after a restart, and I could tell that both were reset to zero (both were charging, less than 100 charge), I had to run out of there to avoid nameless spawning.

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