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Dino matures before care required time

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The way caring for (imprinting) your dino's works is that the timer a dino has till next cuddle is anywhere between two values.

Say for example the mature time is 3:30 minutes, and cuddles is anywhere between 3 and 4 minutes. What that really means is that imprint can be anywhere from a bit more to a bit less than that cuddle time, so for instance you can be lucky and get the imprint (cuddle) if the timer is below 3:30, but also unlucky and be above it, which is the case in your example.

Different dino's mature faster or slower than others. Meaning that no single setting is going to be beneficial for all. If you're playing on single player I would recommend setting the mature and care timers so that you get at least a few imprints in (applying the 1: 0.1 scale often works best). This eliminates the randomness a little in case you get a (few) band (long) care timers. 

Personally I use the following:
BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier: 2.0
BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier: 0.2

I get 100% imprint on most dino's using these settings. though sometimes I'm unlucky and only get to 70%, but that's still better that nothing :)

Important note! When you change the cuddle multiplier to have more imprints (so shorter time in between cuddles), it will gain less imprint % per cuddle. A cuddle is not a set amount, rather a percentage of the total possible imprint. If you get lots of short timers you will also need more kibble.

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Hi guys,

I play local solo play on all default rates. Not on a server play but a single player save on my PS4 locally. 

It's happened with every dino since the PS4 update that came out just before Abberation launched. I've seen it with Itchys, Megalania, Gallimimuses.. I'm concerned I won't be able to imprint for the boss battles.

My 'wants care in' is all 1hr20/1hr30+ times and the dinos have matured and fully grown up before I've come back to them, leaving 0% imprint. I don't get the option to cuddle/kibble/go for a walk, anything.  


Does this sound like a bug or would I need to change the settings? The settings are all default anyway so it doesn't make sense to me. Would a video help?



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This is the exact issue I'm having and cannot find it anywhere else online.  After selecting "Restore to Default Settings" for the server options, I am able to breed a Lvl 30 & Lvl 50, having a Lvl 30 Carnotaraus fully matured in about one hour.  I can see all the sliders regarding Baby Mature Speed are set to 1.0 so I don't understand why they are maturing so fast.  Does anyone have a solution to this?  I've been scouring the internet for a while now and only made an account here to seek help on this issue.


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Ive recently been having this problem too (xbox, private server). All settings to do with breading are vanilla.


Ive only started getting this problem recently because we have started breeding dimo's & dilo's, they all need care in around 1h 20mins, but mature in around 40mins! So theres not enough time to imprint...

All other dinos (rex/yuts/theri/argy etc) are fine...no probs ;)

Just seems strange that ive never touched these server settings..but somethings obviously off??

Can anyone help on whats going on...or what should i change pls?



Oops..just realised this is ps4 forum lol. Soz

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I too am having this problem. Playing on single player PC. I've messed with the all of the baby settings and no matter if I go up OR down, the cuddle timer is permanently stuck on 2 hours for me. I went into the game.ini file and the settings are what I set them but still nothing when actually in-game. I love playing on SP as it loads so much faster than if I start up a server (Ark server manager). If I can't fix this I'll have to suck it up and start over on a server.

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