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I am a small  youtuber and i'd be honest, iam not the best at what i do but one imprtant fact i have fun doing it. What i do inside the ark instead of going through the storyline i just explore every noke and cranney possible, just as the devs intended i want to see everything that each map has to offer me from theisland,center,ragnarok and yes scortched earth. I don't rush i take the time to admire my surroundings and explore.


I simply love ark and i wish i had the money for the new map so i can explore that to on my own, but before you ask what i do if not the stpryline. think of me as Bear Grills i don't  go to the recremended areas (execpt scprted earth) I go to a region of the map which i can tame not because its easy but because its hard and i love a good challenge then i spend a few nights building my house and tamming dinos to make my life slightly more eaiser.


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