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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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Not sure if this is really possible for you guys seeing as you made IRL versions but I think some of the old dinosaur dossiers need updating, just a minor thing, some of the older dossiers look more faded and not in the same style as all of the new dossiers. Love the new textures so far, Giganto looks infinitely better, like the larger eyebrow ridge on the Rex, looks much more menacing, Direwolf looks a bit more menacing and detailed but like a bunch of other people said, needs more fur on the legs. Also I would like to see some of the older creatures get some abilities like the new creatures, I know you plan to add abilities to some creatures so here are some Ability suggestions: I think giving Spiders the ability to wall climb, this makes sense seeing as such abilities aren't as far fetched as they used to be. Also I think it would be cool if you could craft a special armor attachment that allows to carry a Bat on your back, and could maybe function kinda like a primitive Tek helmet allowing you to see enemies through walls in small radius around you. Would be kinda nice to see a greater herd mentality among Raptors and large herbivores.  A Titanomyrma nest would be cool. Also a brighter color palate among the herbivores would be kinda cool, oh and a jump ability for Sharks that allows them to latch onto a creature then drag it under the water whilst making them more aggressive towards Pelegornis would be awesome! Love ARK Wildcard sorry if we can be demanding, keep up the good work  and Merry Christmas!

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Just like it says, I'd love to see all flyer mounts get the swoop flight mechanic. It's just so much more fun than point bird in direction and hold W+ Shift keys down. Assign the appropriate speed / stam drain to maintain the flyers current ranges and we are good to go. 

Who else wants this? :)



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I would like to see the proportion of the dinos more realistic to each other. Just saying the largest sea predator was a Ichthyosaurs that was thought could be up to 70 ft long.... megalodons also need to drastically get larger too. They were thought to be on average 60ft compared to a mosa 50ft. Mosas would be small fry compared to these guys.

Gigas I think should be drastically decrease in size. Spinosaur would have been the largest followed by the giga and Rex with the giga only slightly bigger. Mass wise the Rex was the heaviest and most powerful. Gigas were more primitive and thinner and spinos were also scrawny with hollow teeth to eat fish. A Rex would eat both alive easily. I would also like to see predators fight each other, even if they are the same species. 

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Thanks for making a post to collect suggestions for the TLC pass! (Pardon the double above, it got moved from Suggestions.) From my post in the Suggestions forum about the TLC pass:

  1. Add "trotting" runs for slow dinos such as the anky. The doed has the pillbug thing, which is frankly rolleyes but gets a pass because it's fun. Ankys just have a gallop run and other slow dinos cant' really run at all. But irl a lot of heavy animals have a trotting run style which builds up speed over time, and this particular mechanic already exists for dire bears. I would retain the slower run animations such as gallop for anky for steep hills as it looks perfect for that, and change to the trotting run for more level terrain.
  2. Edit: new #2 priority, update the predator/prey lists that control aggro and fleeing to include all prey. We see plenty of prey dinos just ignoring predators until attacked. That seriously needs to change, when a predator is within aggro range of a prey dino, said prey dino should react and distance itself, provided it sees the threat (yes dinos apparently have vision angles because you can sneak up on any of them from behind regardless of armor). Please make dinos react realistically, *including your tames to wild dinos*. They should use the same behavior when threatened, so long as they're not on passive. 
  3. Add the newer bite attacks such as carry-chew-drop, bite-shake-drop  etc. for all predators on prey of sufficiently small size - two sizes smaller? one? So yes, a T-Rex can pick you up in its mouth and throw you down to eat you properly. *Perhaps you have to do enough damage to make it drop you, or be wearing chitin or metal armor to make it spit you out and lose aggro? And yes, T-Rexes and other large carnivores should be terrifying for an artificially-clothed monkey to face. Your mount, tribe or your run endurance should be your salvation.
  4. On a related note, I know the Kapro carries medium to make it special but seriously it shouldn't, it's too small to carry things it's own weight class. I would suggest it gets a grab and drag into the water and death-roll attack, same as the Sarco should. To me, the main differences between the two is that the Kapro can launch out of the water and chase you at a decent speed to drag you in, making it the more dangerous threat to people on foot, while the Sarco can haul much larger things into the water, making it a threat to mounted players. If the Sarco does get far enough into the attack, the player should be dismounted so the Sarco can haul the mount into deeper water.
  5. Front-leg stomp attacks for all sizeable 4-leggers, scaled by the size of what they're attacking - the smaller the target compared to the attacker, the more damage. (Yes, the diplo too PLEASE.) 
  6. Stomp/pin foot attacks for all predators on prey of sufficiently small size (two sizes smaller? one?). So a raptor could pin a dodo, while a T-rex can step on you and hold you while it eats your face, and you would have to do sufficient damage to make it step off. (Edit: the player standup animation would probably need to be much faster.)
  7. Add the bronto's step-on-things walking damage to anything two sizes smaller than the walker. It just comes with the territory of being that much bigger than something. 
  8. Change the griffin's dive bomb attack to be single-target and require the target to be hit instead of missed.
  9. Change the argent's pick up and bite attack to pounce on and use the ground attack (the player would need to click at the right time, or use an altered version of the griffin's dive bomb so you have to hit the target, not miss it.) This is a big balance adjustment, the argent is just too dominating for the common threats a player should need to overcome. It can just pick up medium and kill it all day long, taking breaks for stamina. More balance on that please.
  10. Let all dinos use both their wild and tame abilities if different. Example, the sprint you can use with tamed megalodons but which wild ones do not use. (Which is how sharks do attack, that's why they say a shark "hit" something - it positioned itself close enough and did a speed charge and bite and then swam away to repeat that attack.). If a dino has an ability wild or tamed, give it that ability whether its wild or tamed please! (T-Rex charge would be awesome as well - battle of stam to get away or take a hit to get by it and gain distance while it turns around. Very fun gameplay!).
  11. Add dino body damage against buildings. As in, when a 7-ton dino smashes against your building, the impact will do damage. I suggest making this an actual attack for the dinos to use against structures instead of biting. (Oh and don't forget the dust effect on building parts when it hits. You've got that effect, I've seen it :)
  12. Moar as they come to mind. 
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I think i would just like a dynamic environment such as rex eats when hungry rests when tired takes kills to its young and so on. Just dont care for the whole rex stomping around murdering things for the sake of murdering things. I want to be immersed in the world not have the world waiting for me to come along

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The wooly rhino's model and animations need a serious rework - their legs and walking/running in particular. I love them SO MUCH, but the face, legs and motion were always a disappointment to me.

Also, argies desperately need new flying animations. They are arguably the worst in the entire game.

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I agree that some of the older dinos need reworking, don't get me wrong, love the game, it is one of my favorite games, if not most favorite

Spino - The switching posture idea would be nice, and perhaps slightly smaller forearms

Stego/Kentro - Maybe not the joker mouth they currently have

Pteranadons - some body feathers similar to the Quetzal

Plesiosaur - Alter the head

Coelacanth - Maybe a slight size increase (for the minimum) and perhaps ocean only, since they are saltwater

Mammoth - One set of tusks

Argentavis - Could have some model rework for the head to look more like the dossier's, and perhaps a dive attack

Megalodon - Increase size, maybe a little more ferocious, greater attack and speed

Dilophosaur - More accurate size, increased speed, reduced rarity, rarer but a greater threat now

Raptor - Either a JP-like raptor, or one more like Deinonychus

Scorpion - More realistic mouth (more like a modern day scorpion)

Spider - More realistic mouth (more like a modern day spider) , maybe a new ability to make it more desired

Anky - Less spikes

Trike - More like a Triceratops instead of a cross

Giga - Size reduction

Theizino - Size increase

Boa - Frill removal


Other Notes:

A way to make Liopleurodon permanent

Breeding for many creatures (spiders, snakes, scorpions, etc.). Other than for the more obvious like Golem, Titan, and Wyvern

More herbivores and maybe 1 - 2 new hostile Theropods

Fish barrel able to be crafted anywhere so that the fish types can be tamed on all Arks


Once again love the game, but I would like these added



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I agree with a lot of what has been said here about updating models in general.  I’d love to see better dino AI where they act more like wild animals, especially the predators.  I’d love to see them have some sort of a cool down after eating or waiting until they are hungry again before killing.  It is a bit silly the way they just wander around and kill everything.  I’d love to see predators get extra aggressive if you get close to or steal their kill, kind of like how dinos currently get ticked if you steal their eggs.  

The biggest thing I would like to see is water dinos having a little more staying power above the water.  I absolutely hate to see wild ichthys  jump out of the water only to die mid-air.  And Mantas.  Oh man.  I have tried everything to keep mantas.  I even built a special water pen way out in the deep (before Leeds) to keep them in so they would stay away from land.  Mantas are absolutely fantastic water fighters.  They make a great entourage when exploring the deep.  But they die immediately when coming out of water.  I’ve even buffed mostly their health to try to give them a fighting chance if they touched the surface and still lost them.  It’s almost like they hit lava when the touch the air.  I’m okay with water creatures having some vulnerability when they hit the surface, but the instant die thing is a bit over the top. Maybe have their stats weakened or give them a timer when they hit the surface... something to make it worth taming them again.  I think they are due.

I don’t know if reworking mechanics is the purpose of the TLC Pass, but there’s my two cents.  Thanks for giving us a chance to comment.

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On the topic of abilities and mechanics -

I've developed a sweeping rebalance mod that focuses on reworking each and every creature (currently available in the dev kit) to have a real place in the ARK! What all I've done to vanilla creatures to try and give them a proper place in the ARK. All this information has been setup to be as easily digested as possible.

On the topic of appearances;

My commentary for remodeling would be that when it comes to Triceratops I would say it would be best served by starting from the Pachyrhinosaurus as a base rather than actually using the original Triceratops model. Or at the very least, the permanently left-pointing tail needs to be reworked so that it's not permanently pointed any direction. It's visually very ridiculous and there is no indication in the dossier concept artwork that suggests it's actually supposed to operate like that.

It also needs a tremendous size increase; its dossier suggests it to be a worthy rex rival, but in reality it's barely more than a tractor that gets tired every 100 meters.

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The Sarco definitely needs some TLC. Right now the model is very glitchy. The tail physics get borked a lot and it has a hard time doing damage to anything in-front of it when pushed against an object ( I believe its a collision issue). The model itself look fine but more detail and shaders would be awesome since its one of the old base game creatures. I think we can all agree that the Sarco Is often forgotten due to these issues. Also fix the Sarco not being able to fit through normal Dino gates, they're not that fat lol. 

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Big ol' list of TLC I copy and Pasted from my post on r/playark (Not trying to promote, just so people know who might have seen it there)

Angler: Add a C ability which creates a light flash that dismounts and stuns everything in the angler's glow range. (10 second cooldown). Press right click to go into lure mode, in which the angler acts like a fishing pole and can catch fish. Melee damage increases the loot from fishing. The angler also passively collects Angler Gel.

Anky: The anky should be a slow but powerful mount that just keeps on working, so a tremendous stamina boost and a charging speed bonus would be a nice buff. The anky should also get a "Defensive Stance" mode, where it can return 1/3rd of the damage that it took to the attacker and cripple large targets with its main attack.(We were told the the anky would have a cripple against large targets a long time ago) Give these living pincushions the ability to climb steep, but not straight, slopes to help them scale the mountains and they'll be good to go.

Araneo: Give this big creep a huge stat buff when tamed(opposite of the giga) and should climb walls and have more stamina. The araneo will also be able to craft Webbed Meat and Webbed Prime Meat, which act as alternate jerky, through a crafting recipe in its inventory.

Archaeopteryx: Make it a shoulder mount that you can use items while carrying. It should also warn you about the wind, more on this later.

Argentavis: Keep the Argie how it is, but give it the ability to soar on the strong winds of the island. Other flyers can take advantage of the winds, but the Argie will be the best at this. To do this WELL, we'll need a wind overhaul, not some buff or ability.

Instead of being some number you see when you press h, wind can be a dynamic condition on all maps! You will be able to crudely guess the speed and power of the wind based on the sounds and direction that the wind is blowing, or by using an anamometer. Fly into the wind, and you'll struggle to fly. Fly with it, and you'll go extremely quickly. Beware strong currents of wind that can blow you off course, or off your mount at high enough speeds, which will bring risk and skill to flying. the archaeopterix will flap and squawk if you are approaching rough winds that could know you off your mount(Or give you a crazy speed boost if done right). The archaeopterix will go absolutely crazy when it forecasts a freak wind event(Like a jerboa). Wind won't be static, but changes from day to day. Most places will have varying winds(but usually within a certain power range), but other places, like Whitesky Peak, are always very windy. 

Beelzebufo: Back on topic, the frog should take no fall damage, and should be able to attack in the air and the water.

Bronto: The bronto may be a mighty behemoth, but using one isn't as fun as it should be. This sauropod shouldn't be stopped by a simple rock, instead, let it trample everything in its path! No more being stopped by a rock or a tree, the bronto will plow right through those! Berries and other resources should stack to higher amounts in the Bronto's inventory.

Carbonemys: Curl up into its shell for reduced damage

Carno: The Carno should be a durable dino for drawn-out fights, thus it should have higher health and some natural armor. Give it a charge attack that does a crapton of torpor per hit.

Compy: uhhhh... I don't even know what to do here. Maybe make them slow down dinos and people they bite?

Dilo:Give them a pack boost and a warning screech that alerts you to intruders or predators. Let them be carried like dodos.

Dimorphodon: Flock Boost.

Diplodocus: Give it a de-aggro-ing tail whip.

Direbear: Give it a chance to bleed its targets.

Doedicurus: Give this ATV its water speed back, nearly bottomless stamina, and a much faster roll for fun's sake.

Dung Beetle: Gather poop by itself.

Dunkleosteus: Speed boost please.

Gallimimus: Gallis are fast and fun, but the turning radius is ridiculous. If you're going to make a fast creature, make it turn on a dime and take no fall damage. the Gallimimus should be able to stun creatures by kicking them. The Gallimimus should have a 80 percent weight reduction from weight in the rider or riders' inventories so it's speed can actually be useful. 

Giganotosarus: Its rage should be extremely devastating and risky, which means both sides must act with caution!

Bigfoot: Make these guys found rarely in the jungles (back in my day, that's where we found 'em). Bigfoots(feet?) are very useful for early game, but they are really hard to get since they live in the redwoods.

Mammoth: They should be much more tanky and be a real threat in battle. Give the mammoth rage on low health and a herd bonus (that goes up to 3). However, unlike the Giga, it won't dismount you when it gets mad.

Manta: Taming these guys is a pain. Please make the mantas only attack if you hit them, since rays only attack people if stepped on in real life. Give the mantas a school bonus.

Megaloceros: Give this big buck big knockback and a bleed effect. Let them be shaved for a little bit of fur!

Megalodon: Bonus damage against low health creatures.

Megalosarus: Give them stims to keep them up, but with a sugar-crash afterwards.

Oviraptor: Actually collect eggs. Feathers please!

Pachy: The pachy should be able to batter down any door or gate. (And wood walls or lower).I saw this a couple days ago (I don't know who came up with it, sorry)

Paracer: Much greater stamina, the stomp should cripple enemies.

Parasaur: Give a speed and stamina boost to your pets by honking. Give them a large weight buff and let them harvest wood at the same level as a stone hatchet, but more quickly.

Phiomia: These big fat pigs should gather fiber and have fast growing babies for industral meat production. Phiomia ham anyone?

Plesiosaur: They should take greatly reduced damage from body shots, but increased damage from head and neck shots. Keep their neck safe and you'll have a very tanky mount, tankier than a mosasaur, but with less power.

Procoptodon: No fall damage, stunning kick, pouch as bed

Scorpion: Should be faster and take only 2 seconds for their torpor, making them a viable niche tranqer!

Quetzal:  Much more resistant to strong winds, much higher stamina.

Raptor: These guys should be glass cannons who do tons of damage but are very squishy. Give them a pack boost and a slow/ minor bleed attack from the alpha of the pack!

Sabertooth: Stealth attack!

Sarco: Naturally high armor and a deathroll attack.

Spino: Buff regen near water. Also, they should get more hp and infinite oxygen!

Stego: Much, much more stamina to make them a better workhorse. 

Woolly Rhino: More stamina can't hurt. Make them a little tankier too.

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