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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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1. Allowing the Spinos to switch from quadrupedal to bipedal would be a unique feature.

2. Even though the saber tooth has had its TLC pass, I think allowing players to remove the tail and make it a stub or make a gender difference would give a more unique look to the creature.  

3. I think giving the older shoulder mounts more uses would give more of a reason to tame them. It would also make players think about which shoulder mount they need for certain task or adventures. Like how the jerboa gives warning about the weather or like the lantern pets.

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Megalosaurus' mouth could use a little touch up and become less narrow. The terror bird was 7 feet tall in most cases but is much smaller in Ark. It could use a general touch up aswell. The Carbonemys has an awkward shaped head and its legs need to be less to the sides. Its shell could change a tad too. Less smaller spikes maybe?  More like real snapping turtles? Raptors could use regional variants maybe? Onyc could be smaller and get a swarm/pack ability or get larger a saddle+ small chance for megarabies. The Paraceratherium should be more stout with a broad neck in my opinion. Maybe loose the trunk like snout?

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Bronto Model Redesign:

  I would like to make the impassioned argument for a bronto model redesign.  I would love to see the bronto's model more resemble the upright posture of the brachiosaurus.  Here is why...Jurassic Park opened the floodgates of imagination and (re)introduced us to the world of dinosaurs. I know my love for them started at a young age with that very first dinosaur brought gloriously to life on the big screen:

Image result for brachiosaurus jurassic park

This scene is considered one of (if not the) most iconic in the Jurassic Park franchise. The brachiosaurus is the dinosaur that started it all, and I would love to see ARK give it some love (especially since Jurassic World did not #tryingnottobebitter).

By redesigning the bronto to have a more upright posture, it could have a realistic stomp attack.  Also, maybe the bronto's long neck could then be used to climb high cliffs, or be some kind of organic elevator/ladder.  Also, I would love to see it have a more fluid, rolling gait similar to a giraffe (in that it is unexpectedly graceful for a creature of it's size).  It wouldn't necessarily have to move faster, but it's long stride would cover more ground creating the illusion of speed (again, I think Jurassic Park would be a good reference point for bronto/brachio gaits).

If nothing else, could the bronto at least have the brachiosaurus's head.  It is immensely more appealing.

Image result for brachiosaurus jurassic park

If I may be so bold, there would not be an ARK: Survival Evolved without Jurassic Park and the brachiosaurus.  Please devs, give the brachio the recognition it deserves and immortalize it in ARK.

Thank you.

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First of all add dinosaur nests in the wild

The alpha dino colour schemes are so beautiful it would be awesome if we could get the ( alpha ) skin right after you kill one 

Add Wild Baby, juv and adolescent  dinosaurs because im sick and tired of the lack of variaty and the feeling that im not in a prehistoric world... 

A new tool that stops babys from  growing so you could actually have diferrent sizes of animals cause they sure are cute and i wanna do game of thrones stuff with 3 baby wyverns ?

And all the dinosaurs should be able to roar when walking :)

More animations for dinosaurs 

Allosaurus : change the sound it makess. It sounds like a horse instead of a dinosaur and add a roar function

Ammonite : should be tameable

Ankylosaurus : should be a little bit bigger

Araneo : looks like poop need a big design change or add a new kind of spider thats hairy, something like a big tarantula for example, give it a web/hook ability, it should be able to climb walls. Cmon its a spider not a worthless insect

Argentavis : needs a design change

Arthreopleura : for the love of god xo something about its head and maybe add a ability where it can hold onto dinosaurs and tangle their bodys around it just like a boa can

Basilisk : should be the king of snakes, doesnt look like a snake at all more like a big worm because of the spikes and maybe make it a little bit longer and change the head to make it look more snake like

Carbonemys : ability where it can put its head in his shell

Carnotaurus : probably the most ugly looking dinosaur in the game, poorly designed, for the love of god do something about the arms. For example look at the carno of the new jurassic world trailer... thats what it should look like , rhino charge with knockback


Direbear: looks too cute make it look more tough

Giganotosaurus: smaller and more color regions

Lymantria. : worthless, let it atleast gather silk

Mammoth: maybe a platform saddle like a hut

Megalodon: should be bigger, is the most apex predator of all time so do something about it 

Mosasaurus : should look more serpentine

Phoenix : add it to ragnarok desert

Plesiosiosaurus : for the love of god you guys HAVE to change that awful head...

Pulmonoscorpius : should be able to ko things with his angle, walk sideways, do something about the color schemes cause the camo-ish things on the claws look awful. Smoothen it. Needs a statt buff, grabbing small animals


Rex : the new model looks awesoms except for the rocky ish things on the back , should be able to roar when walking, animation fix

Sarco: statt buff, and do somethinf about the head... and add a roll attack

Spinosaurus : the noise it makes when Walking is deafening, it should be bigger in size, better color regions cause spinos are awesome as hell. Add swimming movements and special attacks as it is both a water and land dino. Switch from bipedal to quadrupedal 

Titanoboa: for the love of our savior jesus christ remove the goddam frill And give it a constrict Ability, and make it mount/breedable ( maybe add other kind of snakes like king cobras etc

Wyvern : mouth should be able to close, chance of MUTATED EGGS when picked up.Breedable, passenger seat

Fix the landing problem and maybe add a new variant like a water or sand wyvern











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I would love to see Megalodons get some love.
Right now they get quickly outclassed by nearly any other water mounts (and some other land/sea hybrid mounts), and they don't look nearly as menacing as other sea creatures.
Suggestions for change: increased stamina, as it drains quite quickly and makes exploration very choppy.
Possibly a model size increase: Megalodons were the biggest sharks to ever live, a size increase seems warranted.
They are actually quite close to the accurate size in scale with the player model. I have been to a museum and atood within a megalodon jaw. Teeth the size of your hand with fingers together.

Happy swimming!

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Oviraptors should be able to collect eggs for you automatically.

Dung Beatles should be able to collect poop as well.

Megalodons could use a blood scent ability similar to the tek helmet outline mode that has a longer range depending on what % a creature's health is at (nothing if at full health). They should also get a minor speed boost while chasing a enemy based on the target's missing health %. A damage boost based on their target's missing health % would also be awesome. AI should prioritize the most wounded or vulnerable targets such as a unmounted human over a mounted one.

Parasaur's should have an alarm mode where they honk really loud and over a long distance if they notice a threat. Should be able to be set to players and dinos or both. Also, a honk command you can do from a radial menu to signal other people in game would be interesting.

Sarco: Give a grab similar to the Kapros (without the lunge) and then make it turn their normal attack into a death roll if they attack a grabbed enemy while underwater. Would cause bleed. The AI should try and grab and drag people into the water to death roll them.

Rhino: Small (maybe larger) creatures hit by the gore attack are impaled on the horn similar to Kentros (but without the bleed). You should then have a couple of seconds to buck them off the horn to re-position them or knock them off cliffs. (Originally a trike TLC idea but their recent use in tanking bullets with their front plate makes them pretty reliable overall.)

Spiders: Wall climb and grappling hook style ability. Should be able to grappling hook into a wall climb. Give a proper swimming animation.

Bats: MUUUUCH Lower passive tame level requirement (and maybe a server option to disable passive lvl requirements in general), give them genders and make them breedable, and maybe provide a short range sonar type buff to give a outline for nearby creatures similar to the tek helmet (no colors though so you wouldn't know if its friend or foe). Could be made shoulder mount capable and required for the sonar to work. Allow them to land and maybe be whistled to hang from ceilings.

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What other people have been saying and my opinion 

tianosaur: able to be permatamed if one finds a titan egg in the wild but at weaker stats than cannon tamed one,egg attracts everything around you (including your own tamed) to kill you,removed rocks from back and replaced with proper spikes

liopleuradon: a perma tamable one which does what the dossier says but an magical lio rarely appears which does what it currently does

Kibble rework 

player broken bones eg if you fall off a cliff your bones will brake and you have to craft a bandage otherwise you have a stamina movement speed and weight debuff and cannot swim at all eventually bleeding to death with effect persisting

Wild baby dinos and fert eggs

reaper queen: make it tameable like the store page said

and to avoid arguments about new models being worse than the old add costumes of the old skins which get unlocked when you find their specific dossier 

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Dossier bit

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5 hours ago, bomhoofdalienkid said:

im sick and tired of the lack of variaty and the feeling that im not in a prehistoric world... 

Spoiler alert!

You are NOT in a prehistoric world, but in an artificial environment with artificial creatures. And all/most of that is explained through explorer notes and encrypted messages

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Please update the direbears! The in game dossier makes them look mean and ferocious but in game they look like cute,fluffy care bears. You guys are awesome and I have all the respect for you in the world. There aren't any other devs out there as devoted to their game and their fans as you. Keep up the good work!

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I'm going to give mine in a list form. Prepare for a long post.

1. Parasaurolophus needs to have a long range call that can stun small predators for a few seconds or be used as a location call. They could also use a quadrapedal walk.

2. Raptor needs a pack buff like the ravager and wolf and a leap attack.

3. Brontosaurus needs an update to their animations as well as a stomp attack.

4. Triceratops needs a small update to its animations (The tail is always curved to the left) and the charge attack you mentioned.

5. Megalodon doesn't like to swing it's tail all the way over when it's swimming and could use a thrashing animation when it bites.

6. Sarcosuchus needs a complete overhaul. The tail is as stiff as a board and way too fat. Its hitbox is also subpar.

7. Carnotaurus could use some love in its model and damage buff if you attack something while running.

8. Quetzalcoatlus could use the upright pose that everyone mentions.  It would look regal and imposing. Its current model should be used when it has a platform saddle.

9. Megaloceros needs to be scrapped! The only model that drove me more insane than the deer was the saber tooth. (The new model looks amazing).

10. Carbonemys could use a withdraw that reduces damage drastically at the cost of stamina.

11. Dilophosaurus needs to be bigger and more intimidating. I know you were going for the Jurassic Park vibe, bit please for the love of the obelisks make them better.

12. Large predators could use a corpse drag. It would be fun to bring prey home.

13. Argentavis could use a diving strafe attack.

14. Small shoulder pets could use a perch mechanic that can be used on railings.

15. Water mounts could use a snatch mechanic to grab flyers close to the surface. Mainly Mosasaurus.

16. Icthyosaurus needs a jump and a cosmetic call. They would look adorable with it.

17. Wolf could use an optional saddle like the horse.

18. Spinosaurus could use a unique swimming animation, lose the oxygen stat, and an update on its model. Stat buff wouldn't hurt either so it can go toe to toe with a rex.

19. Diplodocus needs an attack and an update to its run. No sauropod moves like that and it looks ridiculously dumb. Also... I should not be able to kill a full grown level 120 sauropod at level 1. A diplodocus is a get out of low level free card.

20. Stegosaurus could use a bleed effect. Those thagomizers should pack more of a punch than they do.

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I feel that the rex should get a better running animation, as the current one is just the walking animation sped up.

You should also add a system to the wolves where there are small caves editted in the maps containing wolf dens, and you can find baby wolves there, taming them easier than a grown wolf, with the price of imprinting not being available for getting wild babies.

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Yeah to expand on what I put before.. 


After spawning in all animals in ark it's in my opinion that ALL pre-scorched earth dinosaurs need work... Some don't necessarily need a remodel eg: the diplodocus but they could still use better textures (more scales, bumps, flaps in the skin where veins are in the neck etc) 

And yeah while I'm repeating what most other people have said the way I see it the more people who say the same things the more likely the Devs will notice and implement these features... 

The tlc pass will be a lot of work but it's probably the most exciting thing for me in ark and I will been hyped for ever since it was first announced.


As for some things that people haven't mentioned yet I think all flyers should fly like the Griffin not in terms of maneuverability but in terms of how when the griffin flies downwards it doesn't flap it's wings. This to me looks so good and realistic and I hope all flyers can get this feature even if they don't get the speed boost.


The difference you guys made to the sabertooth was night and day and surpassed everything I expected for this tlc pass. It actually made me go out and tame one because they looked so good. I just hope you give every animal the same love you gave that... Also don't keep me waiting ;) post teases every once in a while and I'll love you forever

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17 hours ago, Royalstar said:

Tyrannosaurus: I have to say, while the new model is a MAJOR improvement, it’s not perfect. The head crest should be much less pronounced, the larges scutes on its body and the armor plating going down its back should be altogether removed, and its “palms” should be facing in towards each other, rather than facing the ground. (I know you guys choose design over realism, and I don’t mind, but I don’t see how pronated wrists look any cooler than realistic ones).

Yes! I forgot in my post. Supinated wrists NOT pronated! And yeah I'm glad to see other people think the osteoderms on the sides of the body and neck plating should be ditched. 

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Hi Guys and Girls of WC!  Thank you for the opportunity to offer suggestions or ideas!

A.  Sound, dynamic range control.

Example:  Some dinos are really loud, like the hiss and stomp of spinos.  I ended up turning down volume because of it but end up losing out now other sounds as a result.  The loudness of the spino in water, compared to its trot on land may need some balancing.  There are some other dinos that randomly scare the crap out of me while base working, with loud passive noises, but I cannot recall who else.  Maybe the level up animation for the wyverns, although cute, seems a bit off, either in decibels or sound in general.  The Rex may be another to balance, from trot to chomp.  

Recommendation:  Basically, as you guys go through can you evaluate the need to tweak and balance dino sounds?

B.  Sound, addition of variant sounds.  

Example:  The snake seems to have one hiss.  Would it be possible to have different hisses to know if it is pissed vs making passive noises?  

Recommendation:  for all dinos could there be a unique sound to accompany their unique physical reaction when laying an egg?

C.  Baby dinosaur, carrying.  

Example:  Babies have a tendency of getting stuck in the environment as they grow, sometimes requiring destruction of foundations holding ac units.  

Recommendation:  Could babies be carryable for some point so they can be moved to a safer growing location?

D.  Dino imprinting.  While this may not be a Dino tlc element, could you balance the rate for single player settings?  I don't think it ever worked right since single player settings were introduced (for some dinosaurs) and it is pretty far off with the recent change to imprinting time.

E.  Giga, utility in single player and pve.  The Giga nerfs have pretty much rendered this awesome dinosaur useless in single player and pve.  I am not sure how this could be made better but it sure would be nice if something were done.

F.  Water dinosaur suicide.

Example:   While the rate at which the dolphin and manta breach the water seems to differ on maps, with the dolphin breaching far more often on the center and mantas beaching more often on abberation.  

Recommendation:  If it is not a map issue, it would be nice if these dinos did not kill themselves, which seems to happen more during taming.  Sometimes a beached animal makes sense and adds a unique touch to the environment but it happens too often I think.

G.  Tails, interaction with survivor.

Example:  it seems all Tails have characteristics of being made of gold, in the sense that they will smack you around and the animal will continue to swing while standing.  While nice to see that it is alive at a distance, and possibly in a good mood, it can make navigating around the and picking up their eggs quite a challenge.  This is especially true with raptors, pachys, and parasaurs to a lesser degree cause their Tails are admittedly large.  

Recommendation:  have Tails stop if not moving, or swing more slowly.  Have some Dino Tails movable, like the raptor, parasaur, iguana, pachy, etc.

H.  Enhancements, follow AI.  

Example:  many dinos get stuck trying to follow you, especially when you are sprinting.  They also seem to get stuck on rocks and other things and do not utilize their jump feature.  

Recommendation:  allow jumpers to jump during follow and follow the exact trail of survivor mount. 

I.  Level up animation, sea dinosaurs.  I don't believe the water dinosaurs have much in this regard and think it would be neat to get.

J.  Egg carrying, Dino utility.  It would be nice to have a Dino with a weight decrease when transporting eggs.  This could be a buff for the oviraptor, snake, procoptodon, and quetz.  Perhaps when a creature is nursing (e.g. When their offspring is still growing or during gestation.

K.  Wyvern AI stamina.  During fights with AI Wyvern they seem to have no stamina, repeatedly using their spit attacks.  Can this be addressed?


That's all for now, thank you for the opportunity!

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