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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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#the spino could have quadruped and biped modes as the iguanodon...

#give a charge attack to the megalodon such as real great white sharks, and a new model too.

#add decorative creatures, like butterflies around the flowers and the silluete of groups of small birds flying pretty high, both without hit boxes... 

#make the thylas able to rotate the tree while climbing it.

#make the eggs spawn inside nests, so they can hatch naturally.

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-The new Rex looks GREAT! I have some suggestions. 1.) The eyes should be more like the Yuty's or Allo's: more bird like, with round pupils! 2.) Remove the rocky scales on the sides of the body an

Updating models is always good, but enhancing functionality of old creatures would also be appreciated: 1. Pachy - needs rhino's charge gauge and ability to turn during charge. 2. Scorpions

I've always hoped Megaloceros would get an update. Though their original model is fairly good, it simply doesn't capture the sense of majesty that washes over you when you see an Elk or Red Deer in th

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5 hours ago, Branzy said:

Terror Birds - change the model and animation of the terror birds make it more terrifying .

Compies - idk why i will tame them , they need a unique ability or something.

Carbonemys - making it hide in it's shell but then that makes it annoying to tame/kill like the deodicurus haha .

Carno - they are good early game but when you get allosaurus / Rex they are pretty useless and change their model.

Trike - make his head take reduced damage and remodel .

Sarco - Buff the sarco and fix model.

Argentavis - needs the model .

Bronto -  needs re model.

New abilities suggestion:

portable mortle and pestle - craft narcotics , cementing paste etc inside dino's inventory.

Crafting Skill Boost dino ? - we rarely lvl up crafting skill in-game .

scent dino finder - give dino to smell same dino/player you last killed/attacked( or like venom tracking).







The equus is already a portable mortar/pestle

 the troodon tracks players, tames, wild dinos, and dead bodies within a distance. 

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#Make the gallimimus spawn in big groups, and make them folow each other, to create really cool stampedes like in jurassic park.

#Make the saber tooth salmon spawn near waterfalls and give them jumping animations.

#the titanomyrma should stay inside of ant hills like the bees, where we could farm cementing paste.

#the pachycephalosaurus needs a resize and a new model too.

#the quetzal needs a new model and new animations.

#the dilo needs a new model.

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Since you asked...

I really hope the Carno's arms are fixed. As they are now they are vestigial & flaccid, it bothers me a lot.
I know some say that the Carno's arms were actually vestigial (with no use) but some say otherwise.
Either way, the actual Carno skeleton that was retrieved doesn't have these limbs like the one in the game either.

And since this is Ark & they create their own dino's I am hoping they will do this.
There are models out there even without limbs. Anything's better imo.

Skeletal cast of the Carno found...



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#All of the flyers deserve flying animations as good as the griffins, and even implement a gliding mode that spend less stamina.

#Give new models to all of the island bosses.

# Make the achatinas able to eat berries or anything after tamed, not only veggie cake. 

#It would be nice if while we are on sneak mode inside bushes, automatically turn on a stealth mode, so the creatures would hardly see you. 

#Make small creatures like dimorphodon and mesopithecos able to climb trees. 

#Make the long neck herbivore dinos able to harvest berries from the top of the trees, such as the real ones. 

#Make the carbonemys able do hide inside of its shell like in the dossier. 

#Give to the cnidaria color variation.

#Give to the dunkleosteus a new model. 

#Give to the Phoenix a landing animation. 

#Make the liopleurodon a regular tame, which keep yours forever. 

#Give to the mammoth new model and animations. 

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Spino- bipedal/quadripedal mod like iguanodon

Raptor: It shoulder look more like it use his arms and feet, jumping and staying on the prey ability could be good. 

Direbear: new model for normal ones. and for the Polar Bear (very differen) 

Megalodon should look more badass

Giga should have a better model

Mosa should have a better model

Titanoboa WITHOUT frillies

Bigger Trikes and Ankylo

Sarco with a rollin attack and ability to grab prey to finish them under water



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Araneo: It really really needs more carrying-weight and a bit more speed.

Arthropleura: Fix its name already! It is still Arthropluera ingame... ;) 

Thorny Dragon: It has the same sounds as the beaver. Maybe give it unique ones?

Daeodon: Wasn't it meant to be an omnivore? Ingame it collects berries as well every now and then.

Dimetrodon: Make it a bit faster and give it a lot more melee damage - just look at its teeth! :D 

Diplodocus: Needs a REAL attack and a less stupid face.

Gallimimus: Needs better turning radius, reduction of fall damage and please fix their constant annoying screams/screeches!

Giganotosaurus & Titanosaur: They need a size-reduction.

Ichthyornis: Remove their ability to steal things!

Pegomastax: Should have the temperament of Compies - attacking only in groups of 3+

Mammoth: Only 2 tusks and please give them less-demon-like eyes.

Doedicurus: It shouldn't poop every 10 steps they take...

Dilophosaur: Remove frills & poison, make it 1.5x bigger at least

Woolly Rhino: Needs a bigger AOE or better turning radius. If something small (Raptors f.e.) attack you from behind, you're toast most of the time

Rex: Give it normal arms. It looks like a dog begging for food... :D 

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Araneo: weave spider webs. Functions like a zip line for araneo only. If an enemy land dino walks into the web, they are slowed. Flyers are immobilized by flying into a web (loses up over time like a bear trap when a flyer is snared).


Chalico: able to wield ballista bolts and chain bola in turret mode. Greater range in turret mode.


Arthropleura: decreases effective armor of a saddle when it's spit hits a dino. A 40 armor saddle would temporarily lose half it's armor rating when hit.


Giga/rex/large biting carnivores: their attack damage gets a buff, but they attack only a single target. Target hit is determined by what takes priority in their hitbox. This should prioritize biting large things first then small things. Now you can use a pack of raptors and a tank diplo to overrun large carnivores. 


Giga: rage mechanic is an all or nothing toggle. Ability Engaged by using an electric prod on the giga. He enters a rage that drastically increases his damage output and damage taken, and he doesn't lose any stamina. Lasts 30 seconds. After the rage is over, he is unable to gain stamina for 2 minutes. Takes 10 minutes to recharge once depleted.


Dinos in general can not attack when out of stamina. Dinos also all get a sleep animation. Dinos can be put to sleep to slow food consumption. 


Wild herbivores will flee from a wild or ridden carnivore, regardless of whether they have directly been attacked.


Ptera: dive mechanic. No additional damage output, takes fall damage if it hits the ground while diving. Cannot pick in a dive. Loses additional speed quickly when pulling out of a dive 


Argie: dive mechanic. Same as ptera, but better at maintaining speed after a dive. Can pick in a dive.


Pelagornis: dive mechanic. Allows it to dive underwater briefly. 


Griffin: dive loses speed the fastest, also has slowest dive. But if it hits another flyer in a full dive, it breaks their wing and sends them plummeting to the ground. Effect lasts 15 seconds. Minor fall damage occurs if target hits the ground.


Spino: 1.5x damage when in shallow water or on beaches/river banks. 


Scorpion: burrow. 


Rhino:  automatically deals damage when it hits a target in a charge, rather than simply stopping. 


Lio: under water tapejara. Permanent tame, moves In all directions. 3 person saddle. Magical lio still exists. 


Saber: thyla pounce, but smaller targets. 


Oil bug: explodes when hit by fire. (Could be oil jar too, as a primitive c4 charge).


Titanoboa: grapple and crush like a snake is supposed to.


Megalosaurus: remove sleep debt. 


 dung beetle on wander moves to and collects poop automatically. Similar to a doed on wander hitting rocks. 


Gators, frogs, other swamp specific dinos get 1.5x damage in swamp biomes.




Take a lot of inspiration from kraken:1's better dino mod. He's doing a great job adding things to vanilla dinos that just simply make them better. 

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Dinos desperately need to not share gimmicks with eachother. I know that means more work but it will make people actually want to use dinos they never bothered with before if more dinos actually had unique purposes. I will love it if this pass amounts to more than just some new skins and some number changes

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  1. The Pachycephalosaurus definitely needs to be larger. 
  2. The Dire Bear's face and fur need to be redone. The face looks rather blocky up-close and the fur puts me in the mind of feathers. 
  3. The Megaloceros looks like a plastic toy and I think the females still have indentations in their heads. 
  4. Stegos and Trikes suffer from the same 'plasticness'. The Stego looks much more dated when compared to the Kentrosaurus. 
  5. Personally, I think all animals could do with idle animations. They seem a bit... stiff and lifeless when they're all just staring ahead emptily. To be fair, I have no clue how much that'd cost performance or time wise, but it'd definitely breathe some life into the animals. Especially if it was contextual. Parking an animal near water might activate a 'drinking' animation, for example. Maybe they'll sniff the air, scratch an itch or give themselves a little shake. Dunno. Just something that'll make them feel like animals rather than furry or scaly vehicles.  


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2 hours ago, noodaboy said:

Will you guys stop requesting "abilities".  Theres a different thread for that.   theyre asking TLC passes on the models and textures.

To be fair, "TLC Pass" has historically referred almost exclusively to changing creature mechanics and not visual appearance. As far as I am aware, changing their appearance was never even discussed until the saber was redone shortly before v1.0 release.

As such, mechanics are the first place everyone's mind goes when they hear "TLC Pass."

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Plesi definitely needs an update, the heads look so janky! 

Spinos having a bipedal stance would be pretty good, and would play well to jurassic Park fans. Maybe a pass to make them a little more fierce wouldn't go amiss. Swimming looks like every other land dino too, and could be made better

Titanoboa having a constrict ability would be awesome, would be a great way to hold someone in place and deal a DOT if the rider desired. Would be much more true to life

Paracer is looking a bit dated. Model seems fine but a texture pass would be great

Sarcos seem such a small risk, I think maybe a death roll ability or something would help make them a more viable mount too

Models shown so far look pretty good! Love the new rex and gig, but the wolfs legs look too bare

Direbears look like teddys and are somewhat adorable, when in reality they are face ripping demons and should appear as such 

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Many fans including myself would love to see the Spino stand on 2 legs instead of 4, wile standing on 4 legs it looks much smaller than it was. There should be a option, stand on 4 legs or 2 legs  and made bigger and more deadly this would make the spino more popular in ark and more unique for its type of model.

Leave any comments about this topic if you agree or disagree and hopefully we can what what the ARK people want thanks.




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I agree with the legs looking nude.  Wolves need to have that bushy fur all over, not just their main body.  Loving the bright yellow eyes.  Adds to the intimidation.  However, the constant snarl look isn't necessary, specifically the wrinkled nose part.  Let that part relax, but keep the mouth/teeth how they are.  Lastly, maybe it's just me, but I feel like there's just a liiiiittle too much forehead room.  Maybe raise the eyes up juuuust a little, but it's not a huge deal.  Overall, SPLENDID job on the Direwolve.  It's been one of my favorite creatures in ARK and I'm glad to see it finally get the much needed TLC treatment it deserves.

PS - Don't mess with the current running animation too much.  It's easily one of the selling points for me for direwolves due to how beautiful and graceful it looks when in that wolfy gallop.

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First of all, the new models for the Tyrannosaurus and Gigantopithecus look really good. The dire wolf could use thicker fur on its legs. Otherwise, it looks much better. There are several other animals I also feel could use a rework. These changes could accompany appropriate changes to the dossiers pictures too.

Triceratops: For the love of God, please change its leg movements while its running. A real Trike wouldn't run like that. Make it and the Pachyrhinosaurus run more like the Morellatops. The Trike could also use a serious size increase (like 20-35%). I mean, it looks puny compared to the Tyrannosaurus or even other herbivores like the Stegosaurus. Updating and changing the skin textures wouldn't hurt either and maybe give it some interesting patterns on the frill. Also, buff its overall stats. A Trike should be a much higher tier mount and should be able to at least give a Rex a hard fight.

Stegosaurus: Mostly cosmetic with this one. Shorten the neck just a little, update the skin textures, increase the size of the back plates a little. Maybe give it a spike impale attack like the Kentrosaurus.

Ankylosaurus: Similar to Stego. Update the skin and armor textures, increase the size by about 30 or so percent. Maybe give it a club attack that can instantly break bones of wild and enemy creatures.

Brontosaurus: Update skin textures, make the neck curve under rather than over. Perhaps give it the ability to trip large carnivores with its tail whip.

Parasaurolophus: Increase in size by 30 or so percent, update skin textures, increase the skin flap between neck and crest, give it a tail swipe attack with knockback, make it functionally bipedal/quadrupedal like the Iguanodon, give it an alarm system ability to alert you of hostile creatures in the area, and since in the dossier it says it is somewhat amphibious, maybe give it infinite oxygen while swimming.

Utahraptor: Give these poor raptors a full body of feathers, confound it! They look naked and stupid without feathers. If that can't be done (which I doubt, but still), perhaps increase the detail and amount of feathers on the places they have them currently. Reshape the head to be a little more like in the dossier too (i.e. less blunt and slightly more slender of a snout).

Woolly Mammoth: Retexture the fur and maybe give it a trumpeting ability that can rally other allied mammoths to its aid. Maybe a herd buff since mammoths, like elephants in real life, lived in large herds.

Woolly Rhinoceros: Retexture fur and skin on face and feet. Maybe retexture the horns, eyes, and toenails as well.

Compsognathus: Fully feather (if possible) and retexture. Maybe give them a gnaw attack where they latch on to a creature/person and slowly drain their health by biting them continuously (kind of like in The Lost World: Jurassic Park). Similar effect and removal process to a leech or lamprey.

Carbonemys: Retexture shell and scales. Maybe a body slam attack.

Titanoboa: I don't even think I need to say this, but I'm going to anyway. This things looks puny compared to the new basilisk. Increase the size and give it a constriction attack.

Pumonoscorpius, Araneomorphus, Dung Beetle, Arthropleura, Titanomyrma: Retexture exoskeletons. Give the Pulmonoscorpius the ability to grab players and small creatures with its claws and slowly apply torpor (similarly to Tusoteuthis's tentacle grab). Give the Araneomorphus the ability to create web traps for small creatures. Arthropleura should probably have the ability crawl up walls (as a matter of fact, this and the other two should have this ability). Titanomyrma should have a tamable queen variant like the giant bee.

Dilophosaurus: Increase in size by about 50 or so percent, give it a pack boost capability too.

Spinosaurus: Make this one functionally bipedal/quadrupedal so it can attack with its hand claws, update skin textures and swimming animations, increase size so it is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus.

Mosasaurus: Make it look like it actually has scales, reshape head a little bit (i.e. sculpt it down a little).

Elasmosaurus: Change the head to what it would really look like and make it look scaly. Maybe a mode giving more fine control of the neck for attacks.

Megalodon: Increase size to be about roughly the size of the Elasmosaurus. Give ti a bleeding bite attack.

Ichthyosaurus: Retexture skin. Maybe a spinning attack like the Pteranodon, but for underwater. Maybe a three second cooldown on it like the Ptera.

Argentavis: Rextexture the feathers and the face. Give it a divebomb ability against players and small creatures.

Beelzebufo: Smooth out the skin. Maybe a passive poison that induce torpor when physical attacks (creature melee, player fists, etc.) touch it.

Carnotaurus: Slight retexture. Maybe an attack with a charge up similar to the woolly rhino's (and eventually Trike's) skewer attack.

Castoroides: Retexture fur. Maybe allow it to build dams that act as primitive defense walls that can be built in shallow water and on land (would require so much wood and thatch per dam in inventory). This would be sort of like how you create lassos on the Equus.

Dimetrodon: Slight retexture. Maybe make it faster and less sluggish, able to amply keep up with a player and hunt down small creatures (would make it more threatening).

Dimorphodon: A little bit more fur/pelage would go a long way. Maybe a flock bonus.

Diplodocus: Increase in size and length by about 50%. Give it attacks that actually do damage (maybe not in the wild, but when tamed most certainly, e.g. tail whip, stomp, etc.).

Dire Bear: Pop the snout out a little so it doesn't look like some kind of teddy bear, maybe give it the ability to sit like the Chalicotherium and Megatherium.

Dunkleosteus: Update textures a little, give it a bleeding chomp attack.

Gallimimus: Fully feather it up. Give it a kick attack maybe.

Giganotosaurus: Shrink by about 40% and retexture a little. Increase the diversity of the color palette without breeding mutations too.

Kairuku: Retexture feathers, give it a hunt and retrieve fish capability similar to Ichthyornis. 

Kaprosuchus: Retexture scales to make it look more unique from Sarco and increase color palette. Maybe a gash attack like an alpha Allosaurus or Ravager.

Manta: Maybe a retexture and a speed boost move.

Megaloceros: Make it look more like a real elk. Make the fur more detailed. Give both genders a kick attack like the Equus.

Mesopithecus: Update the face and fur like the Gigantopithecus. Give it a lost item retrieval ability (say if you threw away something you wanted to keep by accident).

Onychonycteris: Remodel to make it more like a real bat. Maybe have them roost on cave ceilings and walls. Maybe a group bonus as suggested for the Dimorph.

Oviraptor: Fully feather it. Maybe give it more of a role in baby creature care (feeding babies and such) so that it isn't just dirty egg thief.

Pachy: Increase the size by about 75%. Retexture and update model. Maybe give it the ability to harvest large amounts of flint or crystal with its headbutt.

Paraceratherium: Retexture the skin to make it a little more rhino-like. Maybe a herd bonus like the mammoth.

Phiomia: Update skin textures. Maybe reduce weight of berries when harvesting with it.

Megapiranha: Remodel to make them look like real piranhas. Maybe a pack bonus for increased damage.

Procoptodon: Make the fur look smoother.

Pteranodon: Increase muscle mass, retexture skin, put some pelage on it, increase overall size by about 30%.

Quetzalcoatlus: Increase pelage amount. Remodel it so that it stands more vertically like in the dossier. Maybe a beak jab attack that deals piercing damage.

Sarcosuchus: Retexture skin, give it a death roll attack, and the ability to carry around creatures like the Kapro. Remodel so the jaws can actually close properly.

Terror Bird: Make it taller and retexture the feathers. Give it a beak hack attack to slow down enemies and creatures, which would also deal piercing or bleeding damage.

I know it's a long list, but I think most of these are purely cosmetic. Just my thoughts.

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- The new model of the T-Rex has to many and to big teeth - would be great if you made it look similar to the real one (look at the Rex fossils!) but looks way better than the old one

- The Mosasaurus needs a longer head

- The Megaloceros should be bigger and have fur as well

- The Quetzal needs to stand more upright and gracefully (visual details are welcomed) and please make it fly normally up and down 

- The Dilophosaurus needs a bigger (dont know what to call it) "umbrella" haha

- The Megalodon BIGGER (Come on!) and more detailed of course

- The Bats need to hang from the ceiling

- The Spiders need to be able to create webs and hang from the ceiling, some new visuals (maybe hairy feet) would be nice

- The rest of the old dinos just needs more detailed visuals and maybe some new (LOGICAL) abilities

- I hope that you will also be working on the long awaited Ant Queen

Thats all folks ;) Aberration is a DREAM thanks from the bottom of my heart!

PS: I will not shun the opportunity to mention that The Island needs the same effort in versatility and visuals like Aberration, just a little MAKEOVER!

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