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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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To make the utahraptor useful, it could have a "claw" attack that does two things:
-It could cause a bleeding (DoT) effect on targets
a little more unique here:
-Some predators get some of their water from the blood of their prey. Humans can do this as well. So if a utahraptor uses the claw attack on a dead animal, it should restore the rider's water.

This could make it both a hunter for the patient, and a useful "survival predator".

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-The new Rex looks GREAT! I have some suggestions. 1.) The eyes should be more like the Yuty's or Allo's: more bird like, with round pupils! 2.) Remove the rocky scales on the sides of the body an

Updating models is always good, but enhancing functionality of old creatures would also be appreciated: 1. Pachy - needs rhino's charge gauge and ability to turn during charge. 2. Scorpions

I've always hoped Megaloceros would get an update. Though their original model is fairly good, it simply doesn't capture the sense of majesty that washes over you when you see an Elk or Red Deer in th

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45 minutes ago, Scheneighnay said:

To make the utahraptor useful, it could have a "claw" attack that does two things:
-It could cause a bleeding (DoT) effect on targets
a little more unique here:
-Some predators get some of their water from the blood of their prey. Humans can do this as well. So if a utahraptor uses the claw attack on a dead animal, it should restore the rider's water.

This could make it both a hunter for the patient, and a useful "survival predator".

Maybe a pounce attack as well? Like what the big one did in JP 1 where it jumped on to Rexy and held on? Maybe do that to large creatures, and the longer they're holding on the more damage it does?

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Going along with my rex suggestion several comments ago, maybe give the rex and other large carnivores the ability to grab small things in its mouth? have the same basic attacks that they have now, but when grabbing on to something, they either shake it if its a small fry like a dilo or a human, or if its larger, like a trike, they can't walk with it in their mouth, but they can use their arms to do bonus damage? A way to counter it would be like a 'wiggle' option, in that you have a limited time to shimmy your way out of its grasp until you die of blood loss? Just another interesting thing I'd love to see implemented

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I would like to see a water wyvren added into the game,

could make a water scar area with molten lava and blowing boiling water which can damage tames/players in the area,

added with dangerous water wilds like squids,mosa,eels to defend it.


The water wyvren could be a less tankier version of the current wyvrens but with more movement speed,  it can go from flying in the skies to gliding in water for shot periods of time.

its elemental attack could have more of a supporting role, slowing movement of enemies, cause them to become cold ( especially in snow areas)  armour reducing effect,  improving resistance of tames against fire arrows (for a period of time)



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If you could make the Pteranadons a little less enthusiastic in their follow mode that would be awesome, I dont mind having them on follow but i do mind them trying to shove their beaks up the butts of every dino i ride.

They get jammed on hitboxes and prevent movement and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Maybe just edit their textures to have a trollface on them -.-

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On ‎2‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 6:03 PM, Joebl0w13 said:

This would be the place :)

Alright! Let's get to it, it's gonna be a doozy. One note though is that I've never actually tamed a Megalania, scorpion, or eel/electrophorus, so everything I know of the these creatures is based off what I've read on the wiki and forums and what I've seen in videos. Any and all critics are welcome. 

The first is the Carno, everybody's favorite devil child. It’s got “bull” in its name, so let’s make it act like one.

  • Rider Weaponry
  • An overall base speed increase
  • The model: As many people seem to agree, a few rows of osteoderms running down its spine from head to tail would absolutely add some aesthetic appeal as the current model looks a bit flat. The legs could be a bit longer to reflect the running affinity many of us think it should have. As for the arms, it seems most people want them to be larger, however I strongly disagree with this as arms are totally overrated and who needs them when you can just bash into things with your face. Plus, giving it bigger arms would just go against what help makes a Carno a Carno (they're weird and I love it), which leads me into...
  • Animation: I just have one main request if you guys decide to give it a roar, that the Carno will Flap it's Little Arms in Utter Anger and Fury!  to fill its enemies with glorious fear. >:)
  • Attacks: I would grant the Carno more than simply a weaker version of the Rhino's charge. Instead, the Carno could be gifted with two differing charge attacks activated independently from its normal sprint. However, both charges would have a momentum build-up similar to that of the Rhino's with a fairly poor turning radius. You guys can choose which one, but I would love to see both.
    • Grazing Gore: During this charge, the Carno will shove other creatures up to a certain drag weight or size out of the way, inflicting 40-42 base peripheral damage. After about ~30-50% and higher of its maximum speed is built up the Carno's secondary gore attack (right click) can be used to slam into larger creatures with its horns for considerable to decent knock-back and about 52 (or more) base damage. However, doing this could inflict some recoil damage (percentage is up to you) as well as halting the Carno's movement where it stands. This could also potentially cause a brief stun (similar to Purlovia, but shorter perhaps).
    • Hole Puncher: During this charge, the Carno will instead use its primary attack (left click) to use its mouth and slam into a target. This attack will inflict ~48-55 base damage as well as a 2-2.5 second (or more) bleed effect that will slow the target, draining minor health and stamina. This charge would cause increased recoil damage, as well as halt the Carno's movement.
  • Abilities: I would also love to see both of these added, but again it’s up to the team.
    • Runner’s High (active buff):  When sprinting or charging, the Carno’s roar would grant the Runner’s High buff. This roughly 30 second buff will decrease stamina consumption over its duration. After the buff expires, the Carno gains the “Hangover” de-buff similar to the one after drinking a beer jar with similar effects.
    • Devil’s Deal (passive buff):  When the Carno’s maximum health drops below about 30% (for example), its attack speed increases noticeably, its damage increases fairly (nothing crazy), and its turning radius decreases noticeably. However, there could be a cooldown afterwards before the Carno can begin regenerating its health again.


  • Carnotaurus Tek Saddle a.k.a. The Morning Star: Equip a Carnotaurus with this to ride it. Morn'n Sunshine!
    • Morning star- a club with a heavy spiked head -Yup, that sounds about right.
    • Tek Engram unlocked after defeating medium/Beta Manticore on Scorched Earth
      • Appearance: This fancy saddle would sport a single retractable plasma gun atop the Carno's head between the horns. But wait there's more, the Carno's horns would be encased with a plasma blade/horn extending beyond each horn. Furthermore, the saddle is equipped with 4 large, retractable plasma blades. Two blades extend downward from the torso/chest area at about a 100-degree angle from the shoulders. The other two blades would extend upwards just before the hips at the same angle from the side of the body.       It would look kind of like a star from the front.
      • Functionality: Similar to the Tek sword, the blades on the head and body could also require Element in the inventory to be visible. Can be colored.
        • When equipped, the saddle enables an upgraded version of the “Grazing Gore” charge described above at the cost of Element. During this “Tek Charge”, the 4 body blades extend outwards for increased peripheral damage and AOE, as well as tree and rock destruction. The secondary (right click) gore trades its knock-back and/or stun for noticeably increased damage, as well as increased recoil that could kill the Carno itself if on very low health.
        • This upgraded charge could also damage structures moderately as well as Tek force fields and Tek gates.
        • The left click “Hole Puncher” charge gains no additional benefits with the Tek saddle.

The Megalania: I haven't got as much to say about this fella since I've never actually messed with one, so everything I know is from the wiki and videos.

While its venom could pose a hazard to a player on foot, the Megalaina's slow running, very poor raw damage output, and inability to infect any other creature (excluding dodos), severely limits its potential in both Multi- and Singleplayer since it can't really fight back and can barely escape. Furthermore, the current limitations of its venom renders it relatively harmless as a wild creature and as a mount in both PvE/Singleplayer and PvP if a enemy player is riding nearly any mount. As another nail in the coffin, the addition of the Rock Drake and its abilities has likely caused it to be sidelined in favor of its giant feathery counterpart.

  • Potentially a mildly increased running & swimming (I hear it's pretty sluggish), it doesn't have to be a speed demon.
  • Kaprosuchus, Pteranodon, and the Tapejara can no longer pick up and carry the Megalania if this true (please keep in mind I'm going off the Wiki.)
  • The main change I think would greatly benefit the Megalania without being too overpowered would be a change in the capabilities of Megarabies-
  • Magalania, The Mammal Hunter: I want to propose the ability for the Megalania to infect Ark's mammalian mounts. Though a few changes to the venom would have to be made to make it worth anything and also to not make it overpowered and potentially abusive:
    • The effect cannot stack.
    • Mounts can be force-fed Lesser Antidotes to cure disease.
    • The affect cannot be transmitted from mount-to-mount, nor from mount-to-player/rider.
    • Due to the much larger health-pool of many mammalian mounts in Ark as opposed to the player's comparatively tiny health pool, the Magerabies's duration against other creatures would need to be increased to be practical and useful (not too long though). However, the duration against players would remain in its current state.

Now, I imagine that some players in multiplayer (PvP and PvE) might be thinking that this would still be too overpowered and unbalanced. But hear me out, it might not be as bad as you think.

  • Mammals only make up a fraction of the creatures/mounts in Ark. To the very large majority of non-mammal mounts, a bite from a Megalania wouldn't be much more than a nibble. They could also serve as guards for your mammal tames since they're immune.
  • The Megalania's slow speed would mean that a player riding a Megalania probably won't see much success in just waltzing up to someone from far away (i.e. your target would have enough time to see you and react).
  • Most mammals in Ark easily have the speed to either run away and leave the Megalania in the dust, or stay and run circles around them with low risk of being bitten. Just don't get too cocky.
  • Many mammal mounts also had the damage output to potentially kill the Megalania outright, preventing a future threat for the time being. Of course, you do risk being bitten.
  • There are also certain mammals in Ark that can serve as hard counters to the Megalania:
    • Procoptodon: (They were even neighbors back in the day) The Procoptodon's upcoming "kick" attack could keep a Megalania at a safer distance, and the person in the pouch can shoot at it as well. Plus, one good hop away and you're as good as gone.
    • Chalicotherium: The rock-throw can fight off and even kill a Megalania from a safer distance. It also has enough speed to keep that distance if they choose to stand and fight.
    • Daeodon: The ally healing ability this creature has could circumvent or at least partially mitigate the effects of the venom and heal whatever was lost afterwards.
    • Packs of any kind: Being in a pack of wolves or even bears could be a potential death sentence for someone on a Megalania looking for a target. Safety in numbers.

           The above would encourage strategic use of the Megalania; choosing ambush locations, having an escape route planned, and choosing your targets carefully to way the risks and dangers.

Scorpion and the Elecrophorus (eel):

I've lumped these two fellas together because I don't have too much to say about these guys, and the ideas I had for them both involved a possible secondary use for... Biotoxin! :o;)

  • Pulmonoscorpius or the Scorpion:
    • A separation of the sting and pinch attacks that many people seem to want would be beneficial.
    • Involving the biotoxin, what I think might be an interesting feature for the scorpion would be a narcotic/venom supply stat similar to the oxygen stat for the Diplocaulus, and the water supply for the Morellatops.
      • Can be leveled up, but requires the investment of a fair amount of levels to be significant.
      • Force feeding a Scorpion narcoberries (lowest), narcotics (medium), or biotoxin (highest) would replenish this supply.
    • Alternatively, instead of a venom supply, force feeding a Scorpion biotoxin could in a sense "supercharge" the stings and the amount of torpor they do for a limited time (5 min maybe).
      • However, it should require more than just one biotoxin, the exact amount is up to you guys.
  • Electrophorus/eel:
    • A radial menu setting to only use its secondary "shock" ability on a target for tamed eels.
    • Whether the shock attack inflicts torpor or only slows the target down for a clean shot from a harpoon, I think it would be interesting if the Eel used biotoxin as a fuel source to power its shock.
      • A player can stock their Eels with large supplies of biotoxin in the creature's inventory beforehand to fuel their attacks. The biotoxin could be burned at a similar rate to wood in a campfire, or as long as gasoline.

That's all I can pull out of my skull for right now, so for now I bid you all a happy farewell. ^_^

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I'd like to see big changes to the quetzalcoatlus, looks nothing like the Dino did in real life had a hugely long neck this one in ark isn't at all accurate. It could also reach speeds of 80mph in the air the current in game quetzalcoatlus moves slower than a mobility scooter. I understand flyers were too fast etc but the game should be accurate atleast stopping adding movement speed was fine, but these dinos are just false nothing like they should be land dinos are as they should be mostly but the fliers need to be faster. No point saying it was too OP and they need to be slow then adding griffin's that move stupid fast. Please sort out the flyers we don't even use quetzals anymore because they are just painfully slow. 

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On 12/18/2017 at 9:30 PM, DarthaNyan said:

4. Araneos - need grappling hook ability by shooting a string of web (ARK needs its own Spider(wo)men!), ability to walk on ziplines both ways, maybe even ability to make temporal short zip line from grappling hook web (or instead of grappling hook web).

Lol just reading and its "temporary short zip line" not "temporal." 

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31 minutes ago, DarthaNyan said:

soooo, it shoots through time, then? Frickin sweet, grapple my future save self, then when i get to that point ive already forgotten about it and wondering why im being drug around by nothing

(i know what you mean, im just running my mouth)

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Here I am again with more suggestions (and probably more to come lol) the first being more multiple person saddles or a saddle overhaul. As I've been playing, I've noticed that many of the saddles, especially the ones for the larger creatures, have a moderately-to-large riding area that could easily hold 3 or more players. What I'm thinking is either make these saddles have a multiple rider option, or overhaul the design to get rid of this

The second being a creature noise overhaul. Most of the animals sound like generic movie monsters, not real creatures. It would be amazing if you guys were to create new sounds by combining the noises of real life creatures, much like what they did for Jurassic Park and Subnautica. It would add an extra layer of realism to the game. (This one goes along with an ai overhaul I recommended earlier so that the creatures act like real animals, not just wandering mindless monsters)

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megalania looks really bad, mouth always open, blurry textures, dull uninspired colours - also it can't attack wild dinos - they simply ignore the attacks while the megalania bites forever. See for yourself, go near the volcano on ragnarok and watch them derp around.

Take a look at some real monitor lizards - take note of their colours, look at the detail in the scales - the mouth closed... save the scary teeth for when the thing attacks, and hopefully when it does it's able to actually deal damage :)


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Back with yet another ai suggestion, although I think this one has been said already. Fix the friggin carnivore ai. I'd like to see all creatures act AND sound like real animals, but I think that may be a pipe dream. HOWEVER, there is one prevailing issue that I know can be fixed as there is already a form of it in the game. The ai that the hyenadon have need to be applied to all carnivores. I am sick and tired of having a base with 9 rexes, 2 spinos, 3 allos, 1 carno etc but one single dilo or raptor sees the one lystro I have in the middle of all of them and attacks my base, which gets all of my creatures out of place. I know I can set them to passive, but I need them to be ready to attack in case there's a raid or an alpha comes strolling by, and its incredibly aggravating to have them all get sent out because of the stupid ai of carnivores. The only creatures it makes sense for are the large theropods like rex, spino, giga, alpha rex, and MAYBE allo

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I agree with a previous poster on shared utulity abilities between animals based on what makes OBVIOUS sense for them to be equipped with.

That said, regarding the Rex:

How do you guys give Rex a measly poop roar and appearance update, but not give the poor thing the ability to bite and grab a dude/creature and whip them around like Megalosaurus????

I will ask myself, then, that you guys please give the Rex and other heavy duty biters, the megalosaurus bite grab. Please don't just skip over it again, as you guys probably won't give Rex a third update. Balance it if you have to, but we'd all love some extra scaryness to some of these teeth barring dinos. Can't get scarier than bite and grab.

Just make it easier to escape the jaws, simple. Otherwise, I will keep playing on Abberation, WITHOUT REX, considering they are absolutely weak in scaryness compared to fighting and running away from a megalosaurus.

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  • New Model

  • Stomp

  • Tail whip

  • Cloud of dust (By scratching its feet on the ground it can create a temporary smokescreen made from dust) (Can be like CS:GO Smoke Grenade to block vision of snipers and also to add a cover for siege)


  • New Model

  • Constrict (traps enemies by wrapping itself onto its victims and gradually drains their stamina and health overtime)

  • Can climb walls but not on ceilings like what megalania does


  • New Model

  • Can Climb Walls like Megalania

  • Can Leap Strike

  • Can Create Environmental Webs to trap enemies

  • Can lay eggs instantly that burst into Spiderlings

or Can lay Eggs that detonates into a less powerful grenade that it lobs then degrades or destroy armor similar to the Arthropleura (props to ThunderjawDominum for this)


  • New Model

  • Supersonic Attack (When hit all actions of the enemy are randomized eg.: you move forward instead you might jump or attack or does whatever random)

  • Can Hang on ceiling like an upsidedown Ravager.

  • Radar, detecting players and/or alpha's? (credit to LoneWarrior80 for this awesome idea)


  • New Model (Larger if possible,.. thanks ToxicityF3 for the feedback)

  • Jump Strike (jumps out of water while striking then flops on the water on its back afterwards which also deals damage but you need momentum for this to happen similar to griffin dive bomb)

  • Can sense blood like TLC direwolf

  • Can Maim, making enemies bleed similar to the Allosaurus

  • Decrease their numbers to be more valuable rather than a commodity


  • New Model

  • Trunk Trumpet (Makes noise from its Trunk increasing Defense of all surrounding creatures, great additional company and war ambiance in sieges)

  • Tusk Sweep (Sweep enemies side wards and diagonally with much more control than just hurling them forward) TUSK SWEEP SAMPLE

  • Tusk Pickup (similar to TLC Argentavis beak pickup)

  • Drum Set Saddle (More armor than a normal saddle and provides war drum music which gets your blood pumpin during sieges)


  • Able to Babysit

  • Actually be Able to auto harvest Eggs


  • New Model

  • Can Use its Duck like sound to irritate small creatures like pegos and itchyornises leaving you alone


  • New Model

  • Can pierce enemies with its horns then drags and bangs them on the wall, creature or object dealing more damage


  • New Model

  • When you harvest it makes its Thorns sharper dealing more damage but only temporarily

  • Able to STUN or DAZE someone with its tail (can also be done to Doedicurus as TLC)


  • New Model

  • Turtle Defense (goes inside its shell for protection like doedi)

  • Can equip a single Platform Saddle


  • Uses Claw and grab small creatures

  • Can climb walls but not on ceilings like what megalania does


  • New Model

  • Can Produce x3 Eggs

  • Can sometimes lay rare golden eggs (throwable for vandalism and trolling purposes)


  • New Model

  • Can Charge Spit for more powerful blasts


  • New Model

  • ricochets bullets from its armor plating off to another person/creature nearby hurts them friend or foe (can still hurt the stego but you can also use the ricochet to your advantage).


  • New Model

  • TRASHING (bites enemies side to side then releases for more damage, only a temporary bite lock unlike the megalosaurus)

  • DEATH ROLL (More powerful than Trashing but drains a lot of stamina but can insta kill creatures smaller than a sarco, deals more damage if larger than sarco)


  • Able to Latch like a leech on larger Sea Creatures and boosts their movespeed.

  • Doesn't die when out of water

  • Underwater Barrel Role (like the Ptera but underwater, credit to ThunderjawDominum for this awesome idea)


  • Model is fine but Make its Lantern light more Noticeable

  • ANGLER LURE (draws fish closer to you and able to fish using their lure. Leveling up melee damage increases light range the quality of the catch, leveling up stamina decreases the time needed for a fish to notice it.

All credits to TheWormRider coz this idea came out of nowhere :O)


  • New Model


  • New Model


  • New Model


  • New Model

  • Devour (a stronger attack that when activated on an enemy he can devour and kill them instantly although the enemy needs to have a 15% health for it to work just like Axe Culling Blade or Reaper Scythe in Dota 2)

  • High Resistance against stuns but not entirely like the Basilo


  • New Model

  • Metal Armor Saddle (Equipping this will increase the Pachy's Attack and Defense enabling the pachy to Destroy Stone and Wood Houses)

  • Focus Charge (similar to dive bomb visuals but Horizontal you Charge on a straight line making you faster dealing more damage but you can't change the direction once you've already committed into it)

FLYER TLC PASS - Maybe fix the flyer flapping animations if possible? They currently look like they're swimming. On earth, wings go forward and down when they're flapping. (credit to ProductofBoredom)

and maybe make all the Flyers Glide but not like a dive bomb to still preserve the uniqueness of the Griffin.

Edit: Additional inputs from this awesome community.

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Didn't read all the suggestions but... I wish a TLC for the Phoenix. The model itself has nothing wrong except the size. But what this turkey on fire needs more is...  a saddle!  The way we ride it is awkward. We have a birb of the same size, or almost, the Pelagornis and, well, it has a nice saddle. So why not the Phoenix? If the armor is an issue, well,  you can always give it a saddle that has no armor, like the Titanosaur's one. But for now, riding it is a punch in the eye LOL yeah, it has been released a few time ago but, well, I always had the impression that this creature wasn't complete at all.

I already read about the diplodocus and I strongly agree. A lot of members of the diplodocus family used their tail as a weapon. Why giving this skill to a Bronto and not to a diplo? =P These thin tails were for that purpose. And about it, here an article that explains more stuff =) The Diplo is one of my fave herbivores, I really with it receives more love.





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Well, one thing's for sure. The Dire Wolf needs to get some better lovin' than that.


This is how i feel it should look like:




It should get the same fur treatment on 100% of its body like the dire bear. The texture on the rest of its body also needs a bit of work.


On 19.12.2017 at 6:33 AM, Chair Breaker said:

1. Carno - model/textures needs more detail and the arms, please the arms, do something.


That's how the Carnotaurus' arms looked though.


It had the smalles arms out of all the dinosaurs ever.

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