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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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1 hour ago, DarthaNyan said:

4. Araneos - need grappling hook ability by shooting a string of web (ARK needs its own Spider(wo)men!), ability to walk on ziplines both ways, maybe even ability to make temporal short zip line from grappling hook web (or instead of grappling hook web).

this sounds almost like it could be possible the way ziplines work in aberration ^



I wish Aberration had a giant spider that could do web grappling now that I think about it... That would be frickin' awesome.

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Bronto! Can't forget the Bronto! Right now it moves as if it's skeleton were designed to... well... not move. It just sort of mega-waddles. Sauropods in my mind ought to have a long and powerful stride that makes the earth shake like nothing else can. Would be nice to see some additional attack options for the Apex Herbivore as well. 

While I am at it... I really feel that the Therizinosaurus was slighted when it's double swipe was cut down from two hits per attack to one hit. And it seems... Rather small for something claimed to be able to face off against a T-Rex. Just my two cents.

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I absolutely love what you guys have done so far, all the new models look amazing. There is still a lot of work left model wise and i think you guys know this. Me and my friends spent and entire summer playing this game and since tic was mentioned have been brainstorming ideas.

my personal favorites include.

Complete megalodon rework. The mega is too common while everything else is too rare, all i ever see in the oceans is megs and it gets boring. their size makes sense gameplay wise because they need to fit a certain niche, but they are severely underwhelming. Instead of being a early game i think they should be mid that could stretch till end. Most water creatures have the same skill set and few unique abilities and this leaves room for some amazing new developments. What if if mega would be slow bulky and heavy but could charge up a dash that would push long distances in a very short amount of time. Using this against big creatures the closer and longer charge given could provide torpor and a knockback affect. While for smaller creatures the mega opens its jaws and if aimed correctly will snach a player or the mount as a whole thrashing it around and taking it for a ride reinhart style. With this the mega could have a new taming strategy like feeding it live prey dropped into the water, effectively making it way more difficult to tame. With these additions i think it would be an invaluable mount in any water based raiding tribe.

Sarcos need a similar treatment as their model and animations are trash. Currently they are soft and useless, but something like a death roll in water or a lunge to ambush prey could provide realism and the extra edge. Where i used to live there was a lake full of gars and they have very similar skins to alligators or crocs. The reason i mention this was because when my father was a kid he would shoot at them with arrows and they would bounce off. What if parts of the sarco were impervious to ranged weapons? This plus the ability to lock onto prey would make the sarcophagus a formidable mid game foe.

The trike as well has always been underwhelming. Its texture in my opinion is fantastic but its stats and attacks are meh at most. The previously mentioned mega charge could be used with the trike too, but instead of a latch you could be stabbed by a horn. I just imagine a line of trikes like an army of romans lowering their shields with their spears out stretched waiting fort the call to charge. with this new ability a skilled user would be able to rival a trex if all cards are played correctly

Speaking of call i think i have found the niche of the parasaur. with a higher speed new texture and better maneuverability the para could become a drummer boy of a tribe. using its crest as a horn one could sound commands more complicated and with a higher range then the ones that the player whistles. and maybe like the big fluffy allo the para could give a speed buff to its allies using its crest.  

i know I'm rambling at this point but argy need to look like their dossier. they are corvids not hawks. they should be less of a war bird but have massive wingspans and be able to sore at a certain altitude around the maps using little stamina. wild ones should also be able to pick you up if you come to close to their nest which contains fertilized argent eggs possibly the only way to tame them. this ability would make parachutes a necessity unlike ever before. they could also have a mild taste of what the griffin has swoop wise but lowers its talons and one must use accuracy to snach its prey but if its hits something else it wills every hurt the bird making it have to rest for a bit.

i think the peligornis could get a similar treatment. its by far my favorite flyer and its a shame how much it sucks. it needs more stamina and the ability to dive underwater and attack sea creatures from above. possibly getting the ability to use the sea breeze as it moves faster and more efficiently near the ocean.

other small things like a purlovia buff, giga nerf, major stego bufff (slow but trex killer), mammoth retexture (fix the tusks), no gali fall damage and higher turning radius, and the possible idea of herbivore herds with a bull of the species mixed in the pack. gah imagine a massive bull trike.


now that i have wasted an hour i hope you guys take what i say into consideration, and thank you for my favorite game.

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Hi guys, I have a few ideas.

Mesopithicus face needs to be less human. 

Give the bats a landing and walking animation please. 

Baryonyx eyes need to be less beady. Also? Baryonyx means "Heavy Claw". You guys like to have fun with your designs. Give it some HEAVY claws lol.

Carnos in real life had studs all along the body, and i know you guys are about design over accuracy, but it would look a lot better with studs and scutes. Their feet are way to small for theyre body. Also the green tint thats in every carno no matter what needs to be fixed. 

I love your Spinos, but the hand postures bug me, maybe have it walk on its knuckles? 

Raptors should look like your newest promo art. The battle with the Tek Saddle Rex? Yea that. Make them look like that. Sleaker, less rounded face. 

Gallis faces need to be fixed, they look way to goofy. Maybe make the face a little more bird like.

Argy faces need to be slimmed. Theyre way to wide.

Pegos look to naked compared to theyre dossier. Maybe give them more quills? 

Terror birds look a little bland to be honest. Also theyre walking animation has to much head bob... maybe slim down the beak to make it look sharper more aggressive,make tgat little crest on the beak more noticable and give it more color options. Maybe make the feather mohawk more promanite and give it an alternate color. 

Diplocalus looks to goofy, slim its body down a bit, and maybe fix the mouth. 

Diploducus buck teeth are a bit much. 

Mosasaurs face is to rounded. Needs to be sleeker. More aggressive. Looks to cuddly. Maybe add in that second set of teeth Mosas had in real life? Make it th terror of the deep baby. Also maybe re add that weird fin on the head you originally had. It gave it a unique charm.

Maybe give Kapros bigger tusk like teeth. Make it look like a "Boar Croc". 

The Titanboa frill needs to go, im sorry... that or give it a Cobra frill.

Oh and the Titanomyrma should look more like ther dossier. Spiky with hair sticking out. Make em look as nasty as they are annoying.

Maybe give the Meganura a landing animstion too.

As for everything else, id say just give them a texture update to make them match the new stuff.

My only Gameplay suggestion are for the Sarco and Liopleurodon.

Sarcos have a terrible attack radius. Theyre defensiless from behind hand have a huge hit box. Maybe give it a tail attack that does knock back but no damage? Give it enough time to turn around. Also maybe make it easyer to control in water.

And the Lio... needs to be reworked. Its absoultly useless... im sorry guys. No body wants to waste the time taming one. Theres to much preperation involved. And no one wants to tame something that wont last. They want to raise it. Grow attached to it. The Lios original concept was AMAZING. I was so excited for it. It would have made mid game ocean going a lot easyier with that oxygen buff. If you want to make a loot drop buff, make it a boss reward. Not a tame. 

I hope you take my ideas into consideration. Thank you.

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Absolutely, positively, 100% need work on mechanics and model:
- Sarco!! (Top priority!)
- Onyc (add breeding)
- Carno (just a less-good Allo atm, needs mechanics to set it apart)
- Compy (why tame these? Need just a touch more utility)
- Bronto (too generic compared to resource harvesters, needs some utility to make it truly useful especially given it's low speed)
- Giganotosaurus (problem child. Needs disciplinary action)
- Megaloceros (again, just too generic. Needs stuff to set it apart from Galli/Iguanodon/Equus)
- Megalodon (generic, lacks any abilities or resource-focused talents to set it apart)
- Pachy (just generally too weak to use)
- Parasaur (no need for anything major, maybe just reduction to weight of Berries in the inventory or something)
- Plesio (too similar to less-good Mosa at the moment)
- Raptor (pack mechanics?? Or latching?? Please?)
- Stego (armor penetration. Also ungodly slow)
- Trike (Frontal armor, maybe have it act like a spike wall)
- Spino (less good Rex currently)

Need work on mechanics (open for remodel, but not necessary):
- Araneo (needs some pretty smoking mechanics to justify how squishie it is for being such an aggravating tame)
- Lymantria (really no reason to tame these, even on Scorched. Need more utility beyond being "early game flyer")
- Liopleurodon (I think most people didn't care for the design here. Maybe make an Alpha version with the current mechanics, but we'd like some kind of perma-tame Lio)
- Carbonemys (add shell retraction mechanic please)
- Ichthy vs Manta. (We need more to differentiate these two. Manta needs an Oxygen meter when on land instead of just taking damage)
- Mesopithecus (lockpicking ability is good but too limited. Maybe turrets can't target it from as far as other creatures, too)
- Pulmonoscorpius (just needs work in general. Like I've said before, too generic to really be worth taming)
- Terror Bird (flappy raptor. Needs a little more)
- Troodon (rework taming mechanics to be a little more friendly to this thing's level)
- Woolly Rhino (hitbox reworks, charge mechanic is cool but perhaps could benefit from some extra structure damage or armor penetration)
- Megalo (Sleep mechanic on any map except Aberration is prohibitive to use, could be a bit more forgiving)

Need work on model (open for mechanics, but not necessary):
- Beelzebufo
- Phiomia

Other things I'd like to see with the Dino TLC:
- More Alphas!! Or even introduce a new tier, Apex :) Give us some brutal PvE challenges!
- Revamped Dino AI. Predators selectively hunt prey (i.e. Rex won't waste time with a Dodo, Raptor won't attack a Stego without a pack), and they don't just continuously brutalize everything in the area. Certain herbivores (Trike, Stego, Theri) get an "Aggro" mechanic in which they will not immediately attack you but will grow angry if you're hanging around too much. Herbivores and, where appropriate, carnivores should stick together in herds and packs rather than diffusely wandering around the map

In general, emphasize using mechanics to create different niches for every tame so that one tame isn't just a slightly faster but slightly weaker version of another. Make them feel different. That's what makes them fun and worth using (If you need proof, see Aberration's menagerie)

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9 minutes ago, MUNGUSBUNGUS said:

i know I'm rambling at this point but argy need to look like their dossier. they are corvids not hawks. they should be less of a war bird but have massive wingspans and be able to sore at a certain altitude around the maps using little stamina. wild ones should also be able to pick you up if you come to close to their nest which contains fertilized argent eggs possibly the only way to tame them. this ability would make parachutes a necessity unlike ever before. they could also have a mild taste of what the griffin has swoop wise but lowers its talons and one must use accuracy to snach its prey but if its hits something else it wills every hurt the bird making it have to rest for a bit.




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Okay. So I wanted to share a list of ideas I've had to "upgrade" some of the older dinos, or make ones that aren't as useful as they could be moreso. Feel free to weigh in with ideas of your own or feedback. Let's go! 

Argent: Ability for them to pick up and damage players and dinos in the wild. Kapros and Megas can already do this, so why not retroactively give the Argents the ability to do this as well? Would make them more dangerous, and the skies less safe. Also, when tamed, grants an "enhanced vision" mode that makes it easier to see at night or targets at a distance when riden, because eagles have great eyesight. 

Titanaboa: Add a "wrap" attack that works similar to the aforementioned Kapro and Mega, but renders the Titanaboa immobile. Boas usually crushed their prey anyways, so this makes sense. Once tamed, they can work as an organic bola / chain bola.

Titanosaur: Able to only be fed if bred in captivity. Meaning that the only way to feed a Titanosaur is if you find a male and female in the wild, tame them, get them together, breed them, hatch the egg, and rasie the Titanosaur. Seeing as how long this takes for Gigas and Quetz, this would take a VERY long time, and as such, wouldn't be very unbalanced in my opinion. 

Trike: The charge attack, similar to the Pachy. We've all know this was coming for a while, but I didn't want to leave it out of the list. Also, as Trikes supposedly used a circle formation to surround their young with a wall of horns, give them a buff to their defense based on the amount of trikes around. Would make them danerous in herds, and useful in raids. 

Dire Bear: Can be put into a "hibernation" mode, which reduces food consumption drastically, but lowers stats for x amount of time after exiting it while it wakes up.

Rex: Moving targets are highlighted with outline, as rex vision is "based on movement". 

Giga: Rage mode can be activated or deactivated, stats increase to pre tame levels while raged, temporarily and drastically decrease after rage ends. 

Onyc: Hangs from ceilings, can gather blood from creatures to use as bait / ingredients.

Procoptodon: Babies placed nearby the Procoptodon have their food consumption greatly reduced, allowing players to log off without babies starving to death in their abscence, or go to get more food should the run low to feed them. Can transport babies small enough to fit in it's pouch so they can be moved safely and quickly. Pouch also serves as an organic incubator for small enough eggs. Possible knockback "boxing" attack? 

Megalosaurus: Use Araneo eggs for kibble. They currently don't have a use, and it would make sense since they both live in caves, right?

Scorpion: Can grab small prey with it's pincers, holding it immobile, both in wild and tamed. Would make it's stinger more dangerous in the wild, and useful for taming or killing small critters, like a Pego.

Raptor: Can jump, latch onto, and climb larger dinos in a way similar to how the thyla and megalania climb things, but exclusively on dinos. This should also allow them to attack the dino they're latched on to. Would make them more dangerous than they currently are, and more useful for tribes to tame.

Diplodocus: Whip attack with tail that actually does damage. It's tamed, it should attack when told to do so, and in a way that does damage. 

Parasuar: Can use it's "horn" like an alarm when danger is nearby, used as an organic version of the tripwire alarm, starts making noise when a threat is detected. 

Megalodon: Can see highlighted creatures in the water that have taken damage, smelling "blood in the water".

Araneo: Passively generates harvestable "venom" that can be used as a lesser version of narcotics for tranqs and tames. Possible wall crawling ability similar to megalania? 

Lymantria: Passively generates silk. Regains health and stamina and gets a buff while flying near light source (cause moths are drawn to light?)


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Female Raptors should lose the plumage all together to make them stand out from the males. Titanoboa should be scaled up in size and be given different animations and made rideable. Sarcos need some love for mechanics and retexture. I feel that anglers need to look Creepy since they’re found deep below. Same with megaladons, they need to look scary. Carnotaurus also needs to look more bad and intimidating, maybe bigger horns and more muscle. Just to name a few!

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Rex - I love the new model. Huge improvement. His abilities do need to be brought up to par, though. Right now he's a generic mid-tier dino who is outclassed in pretty much every way. Many good suggestions have already been given on how he could be improved, but the end result should be that on land he becomes a top-tier fighter that no opponent can take lightly in an outright brawl. A simple idea that I've thrown out there is to attach a 'King of Carnivores' buff to his roar which increases his damage output and damage resistance, but comes with a considerable cooldown.

Megalodon - I'd like to see him get a bleed attack, or maybe a Feeding Frenzy buff against injured targets.

Giga - I realize that it's probably too late to change his status as the walking nuke, but he definitely needs a massive overhaul. If he does continue to deal massive damage then he should also be massively squishy to compensate. Basically make him rely on ambush tactics to be successful rather than just facerolling everything in his path. Drop the whole killing his own rider gimmick (I mean there's pretty much no threat that he'll do that anyway) and rework the rage into a proper berserker skill that temporarily buffs his damage and stamina, but makes him weak and vulnerable after the rage wears off. Then when his stats are in line with the other apex creatures he can be allowed in boss arenas.

Sarco - Armored hide, Death Roll when under water, and a tail swipe with decent knockback when on land.

Spino - I think he's in a pretty good spot as it is, though it probably wouldn't hurt to give him some skills that reward the player for properly utilizing both the water and the land. Maybe give him a grab when he's under water, and extra healing when he's on land?

I'll probably think of more later, but it's late and I'm tired.

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As I mentioned in the crunch I would love to see smaller ears on the Direwolf because animals in cold regions have smaller extremeties. In addition I aggree with these guys who say that it needs fur on the legs. : ) Poor wolf needs to stay warm.

I would love to see the stego getting some love. Nice plates on its back and the ability to tank turrets to a certain point. Like you have an extra "armor"-ability you can level or that is fix. If this armour is there the stego gets less damage from everything till its broken and than it basically gets a lot of damage and runs away (like with a Yuti roaring) or something. And while you as a player sit between the plates on its back you are protected from turrets setting to "only player" if you have the right angle.

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I'm loving what has been done with the new models so far but I think the focus of this pass should be more about revitalizing the usefulness of most creatures.

first of all herbivores as a whole have limited use they are too difficult to move across the map on, if carnivores are generally fast aggressive and have low stamina herbis should be the opposite; slow and steady with plenty of stamina, high weight and defensive abilities for example maybe the trike should get a guard ability where it holds its ground ready to impale something on its horns if it attacks. 

As for specific creatures there has been some great suggestions already but I here's some new ones

Giga: should be the Rexes angry cousin. Realistically Rex had the stronger bite but Giga was slightly bulkier so Rex should be damage focused while Giga should be health focused, rage should be more of a benefit than a loss it should get higher damage output with more rage only when it dies should it lash out killing its rider and hurting everything near it. Also reduce size maybe add more detail to the existing model and texture it is pretty bland to look up close but overall shape is good, lower raising time.

Spino: I'm liking the quadrupedal/bipedal split idea like the iguanadon has very low stamina consumption on all fours but doubles damage output with its arms for the cost of mobility and stamina on two legs, also needs more health to be inline with the other large combat mounts. Model is not the best either, why does it have scales on its claws?

Mosa: new model please, currently it looks very blobby and texture is dull when underwater give it a texture with very high contrast patterns its head should also match its angular skull.

Allo: more speed and make pack bonus stronger to become more inline with the other large combat Dino's when used in a pack. balanced to carno and bary when you only have one.

Raptor: being the face of the game needs some serious love its stats are simply terrible, all of them, even as a low level it's better to use spears than a raptor new model and a pounce/latch ability where it can latch onto tames, to make it useful to a skilled rider even in endgame you should be able to pounce an enemy player off a tame if your aim is on point. 

Argentavis: needs a movement speed buff and maybe works as a living spyglass. Needs a new model it should be more elegant like a bird of prey not a turkey/pidgeion cross.

Carno: the sprinter, has high speed and head butts things like a bull as it runs past, primal carnage has very fun mechanics for its carno.

Liopluradon: make a non magic variant, what it was originally meant to be in the dossier was perfect.

more alpha variants that drop better loot and are more of a threat.

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So they're certain creatures I feel that need an upgrade in particular

- The word Terror, implies something menacing, not the overgrown dodo that the terror bird is right now, give the head a longer and slimmer look, lengthen the neck, extend the legs up a bit, make the body look reduce the roundness of the body, and give it a feathers sticking up from it's head, eye placement should look more like a bird of prey, an image to show something similar to what I'm describing, just make it more menacing please

- Megalodon, needs a Sirius increase in size, they feel too bland, give them a slightly slimmer design not so round looking, give them a grab a thrash ability, along with an ability to do a burst of speed, even a breach attack, and ease down on their regular swimming animation, I feel like it's less intimidating when the front have of their body moves back and forth too much

- Sarco need a death roll and a lunge attack that grabs, give them a sleeker less round look with the back more detailed

- Trike needs a size increase, they feel too small compared to the rex, give them a charge, and faster base movement speed, and the running animation could use a little work, but the model itself is fine

- Giganatosaurus, nerf the stats and decrease the size, to make it a little bit bigger than the rex, I'm fine with the current model but I'm sure you'll change it up

- Spiders need more functionality, perhaps a grab and real in type of attack and maybe the ability to make a web that can catch animals to either tame or kill them, and maybe like the coel and Salmon, give them varying sizes, making only the bigger ones ridable, but you can grow them in size once tamed, and perhaps a faster movement speed

I'm sure I'll have more as I think about it, but for now theses are the ideas I'd like to bring to the table


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First off, I'm loving the new looks for the Rex, Gigantopithecus, and Dire wolf.  You guys did an AMAZING job with the new Sabertooth a few months back as well.

So you just want specific suggestions for the models, right?  Not ability tweaks and such?


Sarcosuchus: The Sarco I think is the creature most in need of love.  The model is just not good.  The legs and tail especially need to be completely redone; the former are just entirely the wrong shape and the latter is way too fat and stubby.  Crocodilian tails are flattened and paddle-like, especially toward the end. The sprinting animation is really silly looking too.

^This is more like what I'd like to see.  Granted, there's no way a croc the size of a Sarco could sprint like that in the real world, but Ark has always run on Rule of Cool anyway and that would be awesome.  But if that's too much to ask for, at least make them swing their legs properly like how larger croc species do when they're in a hurry.

Brontosaurus: The model itself is okay, but it could use a retexture.  The Diplo and Titan both look great, but the Bronto looks like it's made of rubber.  More importantly than that, though, is the fact that its current walking and running animations are really bad.  It shuffles around like my 92-year-old grandmother.

Dire Bear: Model is good enough, but the animations just seem... off.  I know you asked for specifics and this isn't really specific, but I can't quite explain it.  It just... doesn't move like a bear.

Dire Wolf: I know you're already working on the model so you might be fixing this anyway, but the current sprinting animation is ridiculous.  Wolves do not run like that.  I don't think ANYTHING runs like that.

Megaloceros: Its body is too wide and a bit too short from front to back.  This makes it look fat.  The running animation feels a bit stiff too.

Pelagornis: I always found the feather overlay on the model to be really, really lazy.  It doesn't even have proper flight feathers on the wings and tail for goodness sake!

Pteranodon: Ditch that weird part of the wing where the back edge of the membrane pinches in and connects to the elbow and make it just go straight to the leg, like how it is with the other Pterosaurs in the game.

Raptor: First of all, please do not make it fully feathered.  I very much love the sparsely-feathered look it has now.  Just make the feathers it DOES have actually look like feathers instead of spikes like they do currently.

Spinosaurus: As others have said, the Spino could use some work.  The actual model itself is fine, I think, but it could really use a retexture (the teeth and claws in particular).

Stegosaurus: I've always felt like its face was really blocky looking.  Making it more triangular like in the dossier picture would be appreciated.

Triceratops: This is another one where the model itself is fine but the animations need some work.  Their sprinting animation in particular is very stiff and awkward.

I think that's all I've got.

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A recap of different suggestions from me:

1) Have you considered making all creatures to trigger their "defense behavior" as you approach too much? Creatures that defend themselves once attacked should also defend theirselves (attack you) if you get too close to them. And creatures that usually flee should also flee if you try to approach them too much. This'd make sense to both carnivores and herbivores I guess.

2) Training Mesopithecus and Gigantopithecus

3) Argentavis Grab Attack

3) Accessing another player's inventory

4) Order Dino to follow another dino

5) Rideable creatures can use weapons use

6) Any chance you will implement fall damage in wild creatures?


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I think the Carno needs a complete remodel to make it look more aggressive, currently it doesn't feel intimidating it looks derpy, I don't know if it's realistic or not but I'd like it to look more in-line with the new Jurrasic Park trailer, then I'd like to see the Direbear improved as someone previously said.. It's more cute now and less like a bear, and lastly I'd like to see something done with the spino, not 100% sure but as many people have said it needs a rework. 


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CARNO is #1

Would love to see a complete new model, new/better animations, and a rhino charge mechanic to make it useful vs allo or rex, primal carnage carno is really fun to play.

Animations should be smooth but show expression (whole body looks like it moves when sprinting) such as whats shown below:


Also the model should look more intimidating, similar to what is shown below:


As for its mechanics to set it apart from Allo / Rex obviously speed and agility is the Carno's strongpoint vs the Allo and Rex so MAKE Carno's faster than Allosaurus!!! Allo is actually faster than Carno right now and that is wrong.

You can either give the carno the same Rhino charge which would probably easier since the systems are in place for it, or another idea would be to make the Carno still build up speed but be a lot more controllable than the Rhino charge meaning you can still turn relatively well and instead do a headbut charge that doesn't cancel the charge but only does 1/2 the damage multiplier of the Rhino and does a knock-back effect as well (very similar to primal carnage Carno usage) and this would make the Carno a good tame for hit and run tactics by charging in, hitting a target, and charging back out or running down targets and circling them with the charge repeatedly if you have the stamina for it.

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This reply is only for old dino models, not abilities and such. The Argentavis, its wing tips are triangles. Maybe not a remodel but update the Spinosaurus textures? They look a bit dated and low rez. Bronto could use some better textures. REMODEL THE ENTIRE MAMMOTH PLOS. Also no shuffle sprint, maybe make them gallop a bit? The shuffling suits titans like Brontos but not Mammoths. Real elephants dont shuffle to move quicker. Now that the rex looks awesome maybe also give the Giga some design love, more complexities in its face perhaps.Your megalodon isnt bad but maybe make it sharper and more stream lined like the original skeleton indicates, also maybe a new bite too? The megalodon isnt terrible though, dont put it at a very high priority. While we’re here, make the Procoptodon KICK MANNNNNN NOT BITE. Also your cave pals, big spider, onyc and especially the titanoboa , give them some updates too.



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