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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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-The new Rex looks GREAT! I have some suggestions. 1.) The eyes should be more like the Yuty's or Allo's: more bird like, with round pupils! 2.) Remove the rocky scales on the sides of the body an

Updating models is always good, but enhancing functionality of old creatures would also be appreciated: 1. Pachy - needs rhino's charge gauge and ability to turn during charge. 2. Scorpions

I've always hoped Megaloceros would get an update. Though their original model is fairly good, it simply doesn't capture the sense of majesty that washes over you when you see an Elk or Red Deer in th

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On 1/15/2018 at 6:09 AM, Immex5 said:

Sorry bud, the spino walked on all 4's. It also had more of an M shaped spine. Took me a while to wash the JP3 look from my mind, but when you embrace the water dwelling crocodilian look of the real spino it looks pretty good and you get used to it.

Yeah, I know that's what it really looks like. I'm glad Ark takes the realistic approach in part at least. I was just saying that for the other guy. I don't really mind the Spino as it stands. I just think it needs a remodel and maybe a new ability or two.

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Crabs need hitbox rework so don't get stuck on the legs, and a rework on getting float locked. 

Scorpions need more effective ko on sting, genders and hitbox rework so don't get stuck on the legs. 

Pteras need more speed and stam and the ability to barrel roll without a cooldown 

Raptor sound is real annoying needs a change

Spin attack in water for sarco and increase aoe of attack so it is the whole body of the sarco. 

Ravenger needs damage back. Like first few days of Arberation. 

Stegosaurus hitbox needs rework so it doesn't make you invincible also stop c4 use from its back and nerf health and saddles a bit 

Quetzals need to get stam in the air and a huge speed boost 

Turtles need something to make them relevant again, maybe a catapult turret saddle so it can be used in raids again 

Baryonyx needs to stop stun locking people in water. 

Seagull needs to steal once then run, the following you around is stupid. 

Troodon needs a better taming method so more people have access to them. 

Gailis and demetrodons need better kibble and demetrodons need to lay way more eggs it's their only use. 


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Hey can you redo the design of the spino, it's highly inaccurate as well as derpy and please make it bipedal. Also redo the plesiosaur it's face is just terrible and the diplo too, it looks like it's stupid. Also in local servers, please get rid of borders Ik you has nothing to do with servers but show angry local play servers some tlc. This pack will be great keep up the great work also I'd you could fix the weird way the argentavis's wings fold.

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Giant bee: Honey should either A. be easier to stockpile, be it with stack sizes, the lack of a spoil timer, or spoiling into "Crystalized honey" which can be melted beck into honey in a cooking pot at a 2-1 ratio. OR it should function like Mutton for herbivores. sense while carnivores have in-betweens for taming speed, AKA prime and Mutton, with Herbivores you basically have berries then kibble. (vegetables don't count, they have the exact same taming speed as mejos, they're just better for levels). also, hives shouldn't just die when they run out of rare flowers, they should stop producing and *maybe* lose HP until a certain point, that way they're still vulnerable without flowers, but they don't require you to be constantly going on flower runs.

Rock Elemental: the Dossier states that that "it survives by slowly absorbing nearby minerals in it's dormant state. so, I think it would be cool and give it a lot more PvE use if it could slowly collect Metal, stone, Crystal, Sulphur, and Oil. now we need to strike a balance here, to fast and it would be OP, but to slow and it'd be better just to mine. so, I suggest giving  it diminishing returns. let's say that every 5 minuets it can collect one of the afore mentioned resources, but then once it gets to X amount of that resource (let's just say 200 metal) then every time it would collect one of those items, there's a chance of it not collecting anything. so say if it has 100 metal there would be a .5% chance of it getting nothing, but at 150 there's a 25% chance of it getting nothing. I would say that this should cap out at a 75% chance of getting nothing. With this system, you're still encouraged to clear out the rock golem's inventory so it has the max production possible, but the penalty for going to bed/not getting on for whatever reason isn't as harsh.

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Simple request. Let dung beetles on wander collect any dung they encounter. Other tames are able to passively collect resources so why not the dung beetle? I have a setup with 2 phiomia and 4 beetles where the phiomia are on a platform above the beetles and every time they drop something it falls into the beetle enclosure. Having them collect whatever is dropped would be incredibly useful.



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7 hours ago, CreeperJayBob said:

I would personally like to see the Argentavis to have a re-work. I would like to see the feathers have more detail, and the body structure altered to look more like the one is the dossier. Less bulk more skinny huge vulture.

I agree it definitely needs a rework, but making it look more like a vulture would be strange with a vulture already in the game. 

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10 hours ago, holden4ever said:

Simple request. Let dung beetles on wander collect any dung they encounter. Other tames are able to passively collect resources so why not the dung beetle? I have a setup with 2 phiomia and 4 beetles where the phiomia are on a platform above the beetles and every time they drop something it falls into the beetle enclosure. Having them collect whatever is dropped would be incredibly useful.




there are mods that do this for both the dung beetle and the egg stealing dino - there's absolutely no excuse for implementing this by now.

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Achatina: Trail of slime much longer and lasting, but lighter. Ability to climb large trees and cliffs. Possibility of breaking its shell with strong blows and get it as decoration.

Allosaurus: Allosaurus solitaires (New aspect for these, more worn and wounded), more fragile beeing alone, but more aggressive (more range of detecting preys). This ones could attack other Allosaurus, since there is evidence of cannibalism among this specie.

Ammonite: Empty shells in the depths of the sea or in caves, being a good source of keratin if it is destroyed, or decoration if it is caught.

Angler: Real-time shine on the ocean floor and rocks. This brightness could causes the attraction of small fish like Coels, Ammonites, etc. Open mouth idle animation, and idle animations for the lures.

Ankylosaurus: Much less damage to the shell and much more damage to the bottom without a breastplate. Defense animation protecting its weak parts. "Bone fracture" effect causing momentary lameness. Only in a special attack, more dangerous, and slow, therefore easier to dodge than normal attack.

Araneo: Ability to put cobwebs covering the paths of caves. (Burned using torches) Ability to climb any surface and throw cobwebs to hang them.

Archeopteryx: Better animations of interaction with trees. Add idle animation resting in the back of a player.

Argentavis: Complete remodeling (Animations too). Ability to detect corpses at long distances. Change the spawns appearing also in the sky, not only in the mountains. High enough not to be easily detected, but low enough to detect corpses in the ground.

Arthropleura: Animation for the appendices. Add small ones in the forest, beeing this ones more calmer, running away if they see a player, but attacking if that player annoys them. 

Baryonyx: Vertical diving animations to go up or down. Improve the animation of rotating attack under water. Ability to get fish prime meat.

Basilosaurus: Improve rotation animation. Improve water particles when expelled by Basilosaurus. More variety of animals swimming around them.

Beelzebufo: Animate the insects when they are caught by the frog (That perform this attack in the wild too). 

Brontosaurus: Complete remodeling (Animations too). Damage by his footsteps and the fall of the body after his death. Attacks with their legs.

Carbonemys: Complete remodeling (Animations too, and slower) Ability to hide under its shell. Immunity to jellyfish.

Carnotaurus: Visual remodeling (skewers from head to tail). Charge attack, more powerful but easier to dodge.

Castoroides: Animation to harvest plants, and another animation to harvest wood breaking trees. (A Castoroides biting the tree, and getting wood progressively. You can cut the animation to scape or something or wait to finish getting a lot of wood.)

Chalicotherium: Causing a clean cut by the claw attack. (Explained below) Capacity to throw you rocks in the wild. 

Cnidaria: Possibility of remaining baradas in the coast if they leave too much of the water.

Coelacanth: Ability to catch small fishes with their tentacles.

Compy: Running away when they listen some big dinosaur roaring. Running away sometimes if a member of the group dies.

Daeodon: Delete area particles. Put an effect icon only or an indicator like the Yutyranus.

Dilophosaur: Visual remodeling (Larger) Improve the effect of being under the influence of their acid liquid.

Dimetrodon: Remove the fins from the sides. Attack with the tail. Visual remodel adding wounds in the fin. 

Dimorphdon: Visual remodeling. Improve the animation of being caughted on a player. Ability to hook on cliffs. More appearances on the coast. He was piscivorous, so he could hunt like the Ichthyornis. Travel in groups. 

Diplocaulus: The bones of his swings grew with age. Make them larger or smaller depending on the level of the animal.

Diplodocus: Capacity to attack using their long tail or their legs...

Direbear: Improve the intimidating animation on two legs. Enlarge the area to confront animals.

Dodo: Less spawns on the beach, and more in the jungle. Ability to be catched in the wild, but he bites you to try to escape (Using this to use them as a bait for example, this would be helpful to you to evade megapiranha).

Doedicurus: Much less damage to the carapace. Let the arrows bounce on it (they can be picked up).

Dung Beetle: Spawns in the jungles. Ability to detect poop, drag, and eat it (In the Wild, and tamed but recolecting poop, not eating).

Dunkleosteus: Special bite to break certain types of rocks and get stones.

Electrophorous: Recovery time when performing electric charges.

Equus: Less spawns, appearing only in large meadows. Be in groups, with babies.

Euryperid: Why can they get out of the water? Ability to engage an attacker or limb preventing walking, swimming or attacking properly.

Gallimimus: Flee when seeing large enemies, but facing insects, small animals (Dilos, Compys, etc.) And ability to detect and catch eggs. All this was part of the Gallimimus diet.

Bee: Fastest wings movement. 

Giganoto: Visual remodeling. Shorter and slower, due to its enormous size it was not able to reach high speeds. Prioritize the sauropods (their preferred prey) ahead of any other animal.

Gigantophitecus: Capacity to walk like a quadruped. Apply contusion effect on preys. (Explained below) More armor protection means less chance of causing contusions. 

Hesperornis: Improve idla animation beeing on a player.

Hyaenodon: Detect corpses from longer distances.

Ichthyornis: Maximum amount of theft of objects (For example: 20x Fish meat, 10x Raw meat, etc.). Prioritize fish meat above the other food.

Ichthyosaurus: These marine reptiles needed oxygen, add that need, and an animation of taking oxigen out of the water to, when its oxygen is below "x%" Ability to capture Coels with the mouth and nibble them. Animations of jumping over water.

Iguanadon: Bigger and corpulent. Improve the animation of the arms walking with 4 legs. The animation of change between 2 and 4 legs doesn't give weight sensation . Change the roar Animation to catch berries with the mouth, not with the thumbs.

Kairuku: Add animation by sliding through the ice / snow. When you punch one of them under water, they stand for a moment, fix that. Increase their speed a lot in the water.

Kaprosuchus: Add a better animation for when the Kaprosuchus is in the air jumping. Shorter jumps, it is biologically impossible with their anatomy to perform those jumps.

Kentrosaurus: Once impale an enemy, start running and hiting them on the ground, instead of going around.

Leech: Ability to remove them yourself using a torch. Possibility of extracting contaminated blood while the individual is in the swamp fever. As a consequence, if someone takes such blood, will be contagious.

Leedsichthys: Instead of setting the minimum time to regain meat, establish a probability that the Leedsichthys will get angry the more meat the player harbors. If you get angry, make a strong blow to get rid of all the creatures around you. Steal 10x of meat each time, instead of 50.

Liopleurodon: Can you make a normal and possible animal?

Lystrosaurus: Visual remodeling.

Mammoth: Visual remodeling. Travel in groups with a larger and more powerful alpha, and babies. (In these the predators would focus). Ability to shake trees without throwing them with their fangs and making the creatures fall to him.

Manta: Attack curved sting from more complex angles. Animation to move by land.

Megalania: Slower.

Megaloceros: Visual remodel (Female). Breakable horns. More difficult to hunting them, running away from more far distance. Or maybe reacting aggressively defending himself only when he is enough strong to fight the hunter (Depending on the lvl).

Megalodon: Complete visual remodeling (Bigger and scary). Ability to charge at great speeds from the depths, against an enemy swimming on the surface, thus jumping over water due to speed. If the enemy is big, it will hurt him, if he is small, he will swallow it whole. Decrease its range of prey detection. But increase it if an animal enters the water in a state of bleeding.

Megalosaurus: More energy, it's a dinosaur that all it does is sleep. Improve the waking up animation. Spawns (rare) outside the caves during the night.

Meganeura: Ability to perch on trees, cliffs, shrubs, etc. Animation of death and attack.

Megatherium: Best animation when putting on 2 and 4 legs. Change to territorial creature. Slower.

Mesophitecus: Ability to climb trees, cliffs, etc. And throwing feces.

Microraptor: Ability to hook in trees and precipices.

Mosasaurus: Visual remodel. Oxygen. ADD THIS, it would be raptoring incredible to see a mosasaur going out to get some air. With its 100 vertebrae, it had a lot of flexibility, it could turn more faster, and swim completely vertically.

Onyc: Resting position on the roof of the caves.

Otter: Movement of the whiskers by the wind. Better animation when is launched.

Oviraptor: Ability to catch eggs in the wild fleeing from the parents, to later eat the egg. State of "alert" being domesticated to collect eggs in a range around.

Pachy: Visual remodeling.

Pchyrhinosaurus: Improve running animation. Add charge attack.

Paracer: Visual remodeling. Attack with the neck (like the giraffes of today, since due to his skull, this behavior could very possible) Attack also with the hind legs.

Parasaur: Visual remodeling. Difference in the size of the ridge between genre. One thinks that it could use it to stun the predators and to flee to the water, since it was not bad swimmer thanks to its tail was flat. Severe sounds in the males and sharpest in the females. He could walk both 2 and 4 legs as well as the Iguanodon.

Pegomastax: Its spines established the function of making the pegomastax look bigger bristling the spines. Add an animation for that when their are in combat. When stealing, set berries priority over other objects.

Pelagornis: Animation of attacking underwater without having to stop the flight.

Phiomia: Complete remodeling. Change the attack animation to use your fangs instead of biting.

Piranha: Longer teeth. Less quantity of them in the rivers, but more concentrated in groups. Ability to detect prey at greater distances if they enter the water with bleeding. Don't lose an objective until it is dead or out of the water. So that can be used to deceive the piranhas.

Plesiosaur: Visual remodel. More area to attack the enemies using his long and flexible neck, bending it to reach the victims. And the hability to catch small fishes, since it is known that his mouth was perfect to that.

Procoptodon: Capacity to walk like quadruped.

Pteranodon: Visual and animated remodeling (skin of the wings vibrating through the air, wings folding when flying, etc). Distinction of the size of the crest (Larger in males, lower in females). Hunting system similar to Ichthyornis, since fish was also the preferred food of Pteranodon.

Pulmonoscorpius: Ability to catch small prey on its claws.

Purlovia: Catch small prey.

Quetzal: Complete visual remodeling and correction of the land posture (supported mostly on its hind legs). Possibility of locating it in the ground taking small prey and killing them in the air.

Raptor: Complete visual remodeling including full feathered body. Move in small groups, lowering the damage and life of the Raptor to compensate. Ability to hook on the sides of sauropods or backs of medium sized dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus or Triceratops. Attack with the claw, which causes bleeding.

T.Rex: Visual remodeling (No spikes, plates or fancy things).

Sabertooth: The teeth of Smilodon were somewhat fragile, so they could break. If this happens (unlikely), the sabertooth flees leaving behind his tooth as a decorative element or trophy. Bigotes shaking by the watching.

Sarcosuchus: Visual remodeling. Usually they're sunbathing with an open mouth (or not) or lurking calmly inside the water. The Sarcos could have this two behaviors: Beeing calmly inside the water, waiting for a small prey to catch it the water and drag it into the water. (Like the Kaprosuchus, but better) (It would be awesome if they could catch medium preys, like the Parasaur). And just fight when they have to defend themselves from a big animal. Better capacity of movement and fast turns.

Spinosaur: Visual remodel. Improve swim animation (Something similar to the Baryonyx). Change the roar. Less circular shape of the spine, more "S" neck form... There are a lot of images showing how the spinosaurus was.  

Stegosaurus: Visual remodeling (larger body, smaller head). Slower. Their plates were not connected to the bones directly, but were held by muscles. Because of this, it was possible that they were torn off. This can be used (like the Saber Tiger) for decoration or trophy. And of course you can find one of them without one plates in the wild. He had the ability to change the color of his plates. This would cause a more threatening aspect to make smaller hunters like the Raptor flee.

Tapejara: Ability to hook on cliffs and move while caught up to them, or to the Redwood trees.

Terror Bird: Visual remodeling. Improve running animation. Apply contusion effect to small preys. (Explained below)

Therizinosaur: Visual remodeling. Passive attitude if it is not disturbed. Apply clean cut using their claws.

Thylacoleo: If the prey you hunt is small, drag it to a tree to kill it and devour it in the trunk of the tree.

Titanoboa: Visual remodeling. Remove the poison. Ability to trap with your body and swallow whole small prey.

Titanomyrma: Movement in the wild (They are always quiet). Ability to climb any surface. Add anthills (Titanwyrmas permanent spawns).

Titanosaur: Slower and heavier. Less agile to climb, to facilitate its capture.

Triceratops: Complete remodeling. Ability to load and impale small prey or push large. Possibility to break their horns, and find those same horns in the wild or Triceratops without horns in the wild too.

Trilobite: Visual remodel. They weren't like that, in ARK the trilobites looks like aliens.  Create two grups. On of them would be Trilobites that lives swiming at shallow (Actual Trilobite, thos ones). And the other group would be Trilobites that lives in the floor, in the coasts, or in the depths. This ones can bury themselves under the sand, so they have antennas, and eyes at the end of these to see out of the floor when they are burried. 

Tusoteuthis: The real Tusoteuthus was 6 - 11 meters long. How much long is the ARK Tusoteuthis?...

Wooly Rhino: Visual remodel. And improve the animations. Braking animation (Same to dinosaurs with a charge attack.)

Human: Particles when the human get in contact with the water. Capacity to swim faster (new animation), or slower pressing shift.  Blood textures. Ability to climb streeper hills, rocks, cliffs, using their hands. Improve character creation. Improve animations. Capacity to use a torch at the same time you're using some tool. Stop breaking bones when you have little life. Capacity to take medium objects like chests, morters, etc. 


General changes: 

State of "clean cut" caused (sometimes) by creatures such as Therizinosaurus, Iguanodon, Chalicotherium, etc. Being clean, it costs to close it, so if you don't apply prongs, it can cause temporal bleeding.

State of "contusion" caused (sometimes) by creatures like Terror Bird (In small prey), Pachirynosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Gigantophitecus, etc. That causes a momentary decrease (2-4 seconds) of the speed, which increases progressively until it returns to normal. Something similar to a momentary dizziness.

State of "fracture" that causes lameness, lack of mobility in some arm, etc. Depending on the location. Decrease the effect (60-50) seconds by half (30-20 seconds if prongs are applied).

Need for water for all dinos that needs water to survive. Including drinking animations. (To to this you can do that when a dinosaur have less than "x%" of water, they go to the closest river or lake. And when they get in contact with the water, they would start drinking animation) This means adding of course a water sprue for tamed dinos.

A minimum of 3 new idle animations for all dinosaurs. Sniffing, scratching, looking around, eating, resting, etc.

Dinos destroying trees hitting with their bodies, when they get caught on that trees.

Less and better blood textures in the bodies. Located in the area attacked, and not by the full body. Blood particles, drip, etc. Effect of blood particles under water.

Specific animation of tearing meat from a cadaver instead of biting.

Hunger going down much faster in dinosaurs (They needed huge amounts of food).

Less detection range for carnivores without hunger and get tired faster chaseing a prey.

Movements in the plants when some animal are walking through them.

Roar for ALL dinosaurs (Performing these in the wild too)

Herbivores Alpha


Visual differences in alphas.

Water rain particles with hit anything. (Currently it throughs everything)

Ability to plan for all the fliers and plummeting animation.

Animation to when some dino falls, causing fractures in big dinosaurs (showing weight, not like now). Or death animation if the drop is too big (Similar to the death Raptor animation in ARK Dev Kit).

Let peaceful wild dinosaurs look at you as they pass by and even make sounds.

A lot of more ambiental sounds. 

An specific animation to when a dino is catched by a flyer. 


(Posted too in "Game Suggestions")

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I know this is for more specific suggestions re dinos, but I want to add a general one about herbivores. Make them eat more please! The reason everyone's food bins are chock full of berries and we're all dropping stacks of berries and only keeping narco/stim/fiber is because THE ROWS OF SEVERAL-TON MONSTERS DONT FREAKIN EAT lol. 

My consumption rates are at 1.5, and there's like zero consumption from the herbivores. By contrast i have to actively keep food in the bins for the carnivores and if I take one out for a ride, I need to take food for them or hunt with them while they're out. Which feels exactly right in all respects. The herbies need that too imo.

Just wanted to put that in while you're reworking things. 

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- the dossier mentions that the carno is supposed to be the cheetah off the island and while the carno has beter speed potentional compared to other large theropods i do feel it's starting speed is to low. So i would suggest a higher speed stat for the wild and tamed carnotauros around 20% would be plenty enough.

- The secondary attack is to similar to the primary and needs something more. I would suggest to change the secondary attack to a armor degrading attack with a slightly stronger knockback. In order to balance this i would lower the attack speed from this attack aswell.

- Appearance wise the carno is not horrible but i would personaly go for a more slender and taller look (it should look faster). And also fix the jaw, the uppar jaw goes further than the lower jaw.  I can't think off single creature on land that has a jaw like that.



- The megaloceros is honestly underrated, it's one of the better cave mounts in my opinion but this doesn't mean there is no place for improvement.

- The megaloceros jump is great for extra speed but only on flat land wich makes it nearly useless on most situations.  Give the jump more height atleast 2 walls high ( i would go for 3 walls). Also give the megaloceros a fall damage reduction.

- give it weight reduction on some items like the ravager.

- The dossier mentions a bleed inducing attack, I woudn't mind this but it honestly doesn't need it that badly.

- Add the megaloceros to aberration and give it the same special ability that the charge pets have. wouldn't it be cool if the horns had a smilar shine like that of the shinehorn?

This could potentionaly be made in to a flashbang but that might be a bit to OP.

- appearance should feel more majestic, it could be a little bit bigger.


There are alot of the older dino's that need a buff of some sorts, i only mention these 2 because they are close to my heart.

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