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Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

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5 hours ago, Varanus8 said:

I know all of the creatures in ark are fictional subspecies which allows the devs to stray from realism but the scale of many creatures in ark is extraordinarily off. I understand why everything is larger than it was in life because let's face it Dino's weren't absolutely huge like they are in pop culture and in a game where you can ride almost all of them making than a bit larger is excusable. But why do they have to be so disproportionate to each other, for example; the Trex was ~12m long, gigas were ~13m and all those other large theropods (Allo, carno, megalo, yuty and bary) were ~8.5m - 9m so they should all be about 3/4 the size of a Rex and a Giga should be only slightly larger.

Now the devs might have made the size so different because they wanted them to all be unique in the game and some are early game wile some are meant to be tamed later but the reality is they all share the same role in the game and the end game ones usefulness is proportionate to their size meaning the ark Giga is about 20x better than a carno making the carno useless against it. I think the game would be better if the early game combat Dino's had somewhat of a chance against the endgame ones if they were all based around the size of a Rex and had stats to match their size so a carno, bary or Allo was about 3/4 as powerful and as large as a Rex and the Giga would be slightly better than a rex. There would still be an advantage to progressing to those late game tames but it would be much less giving smaller tribes a greater chance to defend against large alpha tribes. Of course they could probably never raid those alphas with early game gear and the alphas usually have stockpiled larger amounts of tames and gear but at least they won't get helplessly steamrolled in a single fight like they do now.

considering the Allo is 90 feet long, i'm not sure they care about scale

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They should give the megalodon a size increase and make it a bit more uncommon 

and also maybe you could tone down that big whale's spawn rate and maybe they could make it just a tad less aggressive to boats

also the titanaboa could use a resize and lose the frill but make it a rare find in the swamp

maybe the carno could have a attack like the diplo where it knocks enemies back far but does less damage

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On 12/21/2017 at 4:09 AM, Gilgamesh908 said:

I think that's because their WIP new model has really thinned out the nostrils while giving the whole head a more triangular form which is more like allosaurids in form instead of the wider and bulkier skulls on tyrannosaurids that were structured to deal with the forces of their more powerful bites.  I do think the current model is too bulbous but the WIP new model looks a bit too far in the other direction in the frontal view imo.

Couldn't have said it better myself

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I just want to say, as somebody who has been overtly critical of wildcard in the past, I am impressed that the company stayed true to it's word and is doing this. Thank you.

some ideas (most of which have been echoed previously in the thread.

  • the quetz needs to be redone, it should be elegant like a giraffe, remove the platform saddle if need be, just fix it please. It looks awful.
  • the titanoboa - remove the frill, make it much larger and have it be a rare ambush predator in the swamp capable of slowing creatures in it's radius (i know animating constriction around all existing creatures would be incredibly difficult so a slowing effect would suffice) - this change would also make it mountable.
  • spider - it's not scary at all... and it should be! i know it's supposed to come from the broodmother but i would really love to see it reworked to resemble the goliath bird eating spider. MUCH MUCH more intimidating - remove the web shooting ability, give it a powerful paralysis strike (NOT TORPOR) and allow it to climb walls. This would give it utility, allowing you to combine it with the scorpions for taming. One immobilizes - the other tranquilizes!
  • scorpion, as mentioned above, improve it's ko ability
  • onyc - how about allowing it to silently feed on large herbivores and introduce an item called "the large blood pack" for healing dinos? you could even send it in to enemy bases to slowly and silently weaken their tames before a battle.
  • arthropleura - i think this model is actually pretty good, just needs a little more detail on the head - as for utility, the turret mode is horrible and needs improving, id also give it the ability to climb surfaces.

other features id love to see implemented - which have been achieved in mods (so they should be simple to add)

  • all flyers should  control like the griffon - with varying acceleration/soar speeds depending on wingspan and weight
  • foodchains on the island need to be reworked, predators shouldnt gang up, dinos should only attack when hungry
  • dinos should sleep at night (unless nocturnal) - you have the ko animation for every dino - just code it so they all ko at a certain time unless attacked?
  • all flyers should land (looking at you quetzal) and hunt. Would love to see pteras swooping for fish, quetzals picking up phio's etc.
  • herds. wild babies, please please make it happen.

thanks for reading


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I'm guessing "feather the raptors" is too much to ask of a dev team more focused on dinosaurs looking "cool" (even though them being naked just looks silly, like a plucked chicken, rather than imposing), but could they at least have the right hands? Their wrists look floppy and broken. If I had to pick one thing that I really wanted redone it's those stupid pronated hands. Redoing the current feather fringes to not look so much like they're made of cheap plastic would be a welcome change as well. I'd really like to see different raptor species besides just them and microraptor, or at very least have them given the proper "utahraptor" name, instead of just "raptor", since leaving it like that makes it feel really generic.

Scale down the giga. Big is fine, but the size they are currently at is absurd and unwieldy. Bigger doesn't automatically equate to cooler. Making it more interesting color/pattern-wise would be nice also. They're kinda boring to look at as they are. Also, reduce the prominence of the fenestrae. Their heads look shrink-wrapped.

Argents are too fat and very awkward, particularly in flight. Right now it sorta resembles a giant flying chicken struggling to stay aloft. A sleeker build, a broader wingspan, and better flight animations would do wonders for it.

Pteranodons really shouldn't have teeth. It's literally in the name - pteranodon means "toothless beak"! Also, please fix the wings. They'd look a lot nicer with proper wings. Just look at the tapejara. That one is much more accurate in regards to the wings and it's quite a majestic creature.

The rock-like scales on the sides of the rex's body should be ditched imo. They're pretty ugly. The eyebrow spikes should go away also.

And of course, the dilos look really dumb. They're far too small, the spines look bizarre, and real dilos did not have frills. I know realism isn't the goal, but these guys just look absurd. There's no indication of spitting ability, either, but I will give that a pass since it gives it at least something of a unique gimmick. A larger, proper dilo could potentially get some use beyond "vague early-game annoyance that never becomes relevant again"

The direwolf's ears need to be smaller, rounder, and fluffier, like an actual wolf.

Quetzal's posture needs fixing.

Please take the frill off of titanoboa. It looks ridiculous, I'm not sure what inspired you to put a frill on a snake but it looks really out of place

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Hello, so I thought I would provide some insight for stats and abilities, very, very basic ones that wouldn't seem too extreme like some of the suggestions in here.

Ankylosaurus: Make it so that anything the Anklyo hits will be slowed by 40%, and lose 0.4% of their max life for 6 seconds. It is able to turn on the spot, as it seems to do when it attacks.

Araneo: Webbing small-class dinosaurs will immobilize them for 4 seconds. Webbing mid-class dinosaurs will slow them by 75%, make them unable to attack or jump, and the rider is unable to dismount. Webbing large-class dinosaurs (e.g. bronto, giga, spino, rex, the big fellas) will do nothing. When tamed they receive a 240% health increase, and their base damage is increased to 30. 

Archaeopteryx: It rides on your shoulder, providing the ability to use tools etc when you aren't using it. When you are, you cannot use anything. 

Argentavis: Griffin dive. 

Arthropluera: Spit will reduce player movement speed by 50% and prevent the use of your hotbar (tools, guns etc) for 5 seconds. 

Beelzebufo: It's tongue acts as a one-way grappling hook. You can grapple players with C and drag them around on your sticky tongue. 

Brontosaurus: x2 damaging, AOE stomp attack that reduces 20% of your stamina, regardless of how much you have.

Carbonemys: While dismounted, you are able to put the turtle in its shell in the radial. When you do this it will take 80% less damage from everything. While this would be kind of funny I think it would be great if every-time they get attack they bounce around a bit kinda like that shell does in Mario. It would also prevent turtles from being OP turret tankers, as they would get shot to pieces but pushed away so the turrets stop caring.

Carnotaurus: Give it the Rhino charge, or maybe an amplified Pachy charge with turning aloud.

Castoroides: While the Beaver is not mounted, you can select an option in the radial, "create dam". You then get essentially a structure placement thing where you want to build the dam. Where you place the dam it will create a small pile of sticks on the ground. The beaver then will start to build it. When the Dam is complete, it will passively gain items provided the Beaver doesn't leave a 40ft radius away from the dam and is set to wander. Dam's may only be built in water and the Beaver must be able to actively go to the Dam. This would prevent cheeky players from making their base near water, placing a dam, and putting the Beaver on wander in their house. 

Direwolf: Howling makes the other Wolves howl. Allosaurus style. If 6+ wolves howl it does like a special long loud huge night-time wolf howl that can be heard from reeeeeeally far away, and wolves get +30% speed for a minute. The big howl has a two minute cooldown. 

Gallimimus: Better turning radius, a touch more health, maybe 340 base. 

Giganotosaurus: C will make it do a spin move. Not with its tail, but it basically swings its head up and down, lunging with each leg and smashing stuff in an AOE. Kind of like its level up animation but it does it all around it and faster.

Ichthyosaurus: Manta jumping! Or maybe it can just jump out of the water. 

Kairuku: It can sit on eggs you target at and it will provide extra insulation. Nothing ridiculous but maybe as good as 2 air cons. 

Leedsichthys: The spawning really isn't working out. These guys look super goofy beaching themselves and just sitting still out in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps just give them a set path where they circle around the map in the deeper waters. 

Liopleurodon: Real dino please.

Mammoth: Direbear speed gain.

Megaloceros: +600 more base stamina. More common spawn in forests etc. (No one tames them because the locations they spawn at are impossible to get to in the early game, and by the time your there you have something infinitely better. The deer have actually 0 place in the game :( )

Megalodon: Bloodlust, basically. Every kill will start a down-ticking 30 second timer where they gain double damage and double speed. Every kill they make resets the timer. Fish, such as Coel, Salmon and Piranha do not count. 

Onyc: What the Archeopteryx was, but better. When you "equip" an Onyc you cannot attack, use tools, mount dinosaurs, or anything. But you are given free flight, the Onyc holds you on the shoulder blades and you kinda just dangle around. When you are not using it on the ground, it perches on your back, I know they're huge but just downsize them a touch like you did with the vulture (when they are on your "shoulder")

Oviraptor: Their egg collecting feature needs to be faster and more responsive. 

Pachy: Better health, damage, stamina, weight, size, everything. These guys are useless :( 

Parasaur: Faster, more health (maybe 300 base)

Phiomia: Replace melee damage with a new stat called something appropriate like Mass or Meat Status, basically when the Phiomia is set to wander, it will slowly gain this stat. This stat starts at 100, regardless of level and increases by 1 every minute. A maximum of 600 can be achieved. This stat will determine how good the quality of the meat is that you harvest from the Phiomia, for example, beyond 300 you may get 2 prime meat and 3x the raw meat count you would normally get. at 600 you get 6 prime meat and 6x the raw meat count you would normally get. 

Procoptodon: Kick attack. 

Pulmonoscorpius: Left click is pincer attack, which does straight damage, right click is sting attack which uses 20% of your max stamina, 5x damage and will induce 2.5x the amount of melee damage it has in torpor. 














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not quite a "TLC" idea, but something that could be cool


Basilisks, while burrowed, whould be able to burrow underneath dinos, let's just say stego sized and below (although igunadon sized and below would probably be more accurate), then press left click to unburrow and sieve the above dino in your jaws. when this is happening you would be immobile, but the dino being chomped would be completely incapacitated. Think the Thyla pounce, but it's death from above instead of below

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Wild Ravagers in Aberration need a bit of a nerf. The Gash debuff seems a bit overpowered especially when the timer resets when you take another hit from a wild ravager making it extremely difficult to run away when the fight is too much to handle. This timer reset during gash needs to be removed to allow players a better chance to escape when needed.

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I just want to give some scientific insight to some of these animals, in hopes it will inspire unique abilities as well as be educative:
Allosaurus - nothing to change here. I know it is a new dino, but I wanted to say it was the wolf of the Jurassic, so having them be pack animals is perfect!
Carnotaurus - was a sprinter that chased down smaller prey. may have had feathers on its useless, rear-pointing arms. This should be a fast medium-sized carnivore.
Compsognathus - they ate small critters, so maybe they get a buff attack towards other shoulder-sized dinosaurs and insects?
Dilophosaurus - sigh, you went with the mutant Jurassic Park version. This will forever cement the notion that Dilophosaurus was a small, poisonous, frilled dino. Skipping, it is just a game after all.
Direwolf - the alpha thing is a complete myth. The originator of the alpha wolf concept retracted his statement, as he corrected himself in observing a pair of parents and their offspring, not a mixed pack of wolves. There is no such thing as an alpha wolf. Like the Dilophosaurus: it is a game, skipping.

Dodo - they were known to group up and swarm an attacker in defense of one of their own. They had a powerful bite too. You could make their AI like the Grunts in Halo where they run away after some of them are killed. It was this defense mechanism they had that assisted in their extinction as sailors were able to harvest them easily.
Iguanodon - oh my gosh...why is the four-legged stance infinite stamina but the two-legged stance is not? Walking on two legs is MUCH more energy efficient, and it makes sense that would be the running mode. I understand you did it this way as its combat mode would be two-legged. I know you wanted to have the two-stance thing going on, but just do not bother or make the four-legged stance the only way for it to gather resources and be berry exclusive. Hehe, very berry exclusive.
Kentrosaurus - those spikes...are you sure you could not just knock the size down by oh I do not know...50%? Big spikes are cool, but that size is a bit ridiculous. But like I said the first time, it is a game and having exaggerations is fun.
Lystrosaurus - it is the same size as the other dinosaurs in its category, can we please pick it up?
Megalodon - starter water dino, but is on the bottom tier of utility. Since sharks are adept at sensing blood in the water, maybe it can see hurt victims in the distance or have some time of radar/tracker to assist in said sense?
Oviraptor - as players have been asking: have it pick up the eggs as it wanders around and give it a weight reduction thing like Mammoths have with wood. This would be fantastic! Also, Oviraptor should be renamed Ovinutrix as the original fossil is actually of a parent protecting its clutch of eggs, not stealing from them. It would be great to rename it this in the game as it also accompanies the buff it provides...or make two variants of them: one buffs the egg production and the other harvests the eggs.
Pachycephalosaurus - does anyone use this dino? I had a good time when I tamed one when I started playing...but it was useless. No good abilities, kinda slow, and poor weight. This would be a great early game dinosaur for knocking out other dinosaurs with its headbutt attack, which is most likely what it was used for. That or flirtation, definitely not competition between rivals as it does not work out (its like hitting two balls together).
Parasaurolophus - needs a call out method for hazards. We know what it could have sounded like with its tubular crest, so you can put that sound in the game and set it to sentry mode. It will call out when an intruder is nearby. I did this for a Corythosaurus dossier which I keep trying to send to you guys for the digest but it seems it never gets through :Jerbcry:
Phiomia - this ELEPHANT type creature was adept at digging for roots. The only reason to ride one is to place it somewhere, which is not needed since we can whistle or command. It would be fantastic to give it the ability to harvest rare flowers or mushrooms while riding it, as they would help out the early game greatly. I never had a reason to tame one of these poo-tanks.
Pulmonoscorpius - like the Pachy, it would be awesome for it to have an attack that is meant to knockout targets. The Karkinos can grab enemies with its claws, so why is it that this guy cannot grab medium or small targets? Imagine grabbing on to a dino and stinging it! So much awesomeness!
Raptor - they used the sickle claw to pin down smaller prey. Please stop having them attacking medium sized targets, at least while they are alone. Give them a pack before doing this to go alongside with the media representation of them like the Dilophosaurus.
Rex - had a bite powerful enough to crunch bone. And we found bone in their feces. Maybe a bonus to harvesting corpses or some kind of debuff with its attack?
Sarcosuchus - crocodiles grab and drown their prey. Maybe make it like a slower Megalosaurus that is also aquatic? This would be a really fun PvP tactic for PvPers.
Stegosaurus - the thagomizer is why I love this animal. It is unique in the animal kingdom. It is also evident that it can break off and stick in the attacker, and the broken thagomizer spike will grow back! This is perfect for a slowing/pinning debuff with some bleed damage, as the Stegosaurus is so freaking slow! Its default sprint speed should be its walk speed, as it also has poor stamina. The bony plates were used for intimidation and flirtation. Enough dinosaurs provide insulation, so no need to go with the "veins on plates absorbing solar heat" thing.
Triceratops - the frill is for show, I wish it was more colorful. They are a bit too slow and the stamina is just on the bad side.
I completely agree about the Oviraptor collecting eggs when wandering. I also wish that the Dung Beetles would do the same for feces when on wandering.

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5 hours ago, GerbilRex said:

Please, please make everything actually SLEEP! And those herbivores need to eat... everything non-aggressive needs to eat as well...


this would be amazing - have them eat berry bushes or trees depending on their size - if dinos didnt despawn but instead starved to death - you would see the natural formation of a digital ecosystem.

a side note - does anyone else wish the ark devs kept the focus on dinosaurs and introduced more species? can you imagine more dinos spread out across a map like ragnarok instead of made up monsters and mythical creatures? *sigh* what could have been, and what will eventually be thanks to modders.

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1 hour ago, pixelrobot said:

this would be amazing - have them eat berry bushes or trees depending on their size - if dinos didnt despawn but instead starved to death - you would see the natural formation of a digital ecosystem.

a side note - does anyone else wish the ark devs kept the focus on dinosaurs and introduced more species? can you imagine more dinos spread out across a map like ragnarok instead of made up monsters and mythical creatures? *sigh* what could have been, and what will eventually be thanks to modders.

nope, this is more fun, and fits with the lore

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The plesio head needs some serious TLC, it is so derpy looking. I attached an image I sketched up in a few minutes while googling some plesio skull shapes as a reference for what i mean. please don't judge my sketch too harshly, but I wanted to give an idea of what I think it could look like. More of a threatening look, more serpent like with a bit of an under bite, maybe with more bone definition or something because at the moment it looks like a cross-eyed balloon with teeth. 


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