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Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

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2 minutes ago, GeneralBigBear said:

Just wanted to compare server stress. Base RAM sits at 2g and ive had it spike to 4g. Just curious if anyone has gone beyond that.  

I think it was around the same, and from the dashboard you could see 5-10 spikes over a short period of time, from my recollection.

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@Jatheish Are we still working on this?  It seems to have been swept under the rug.  I no longer can play in my area on Rag again.  I had to leave the server entirely.  Also, people are still posting the same problems.  They just don't realize that they've been going on for some time now.  When can we expect a fix?

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Posted (edited)

I also have been having the crash to desktop on Xbox one, i play single player and notice it more on The Center, not tried Ragnarok yet. 

At first i thought it was maybe because my Xbox was overheating but after checking the forums i am thankful that i am not the only one experiencing this problem.

Seems to have started  the past few weeks, and reading other posts on this thread i get the feeling it is some sort of memory leak. When mine is about to crash i notice that textures wont load in properly so i do the "admincheat saveworld" every 10 minutes. Happens more when i am at or near my base but i suspect it is because i have a lot of things there.

Really hope Wildcard can sort this problem out as it is becoming a tranq dart pain the ass for a lot of players. I'm going to start hassling them on Twitter and FB with a link to this thread. Keep the peace folks and try not to rage too much :)

I was on Twitch when it crashed earlier, if you skip to 18:00 minutes on this video you can see the texture loading problems, where the video ends is when it crashed to desktop, hope it helps.


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