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Updated info 1/22/18. Ragnarok. PvP. Nitrado. US.

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Hello Survivors, (UPDATED INFO 01/19/18)


Im looking for more players. If this post gets good feedback and more people would like to join i will get more room on the server, the current cap is 20 slots. Rules are below. The server's name is "Angel's server" message me on xbox for the password. My gt is "Veor". PLEASE MSSG ME ON XBOX WITH ANY QUESTIONS. Ark forums rules dont allow me to reply to you here. Server has no admin privileges/commands. 

No tribe member limit, no offline raid protection, alliances enabled. 

Anyone is welcome. 

If you have some issues or someone has broken a rule report it to "Veor" or "Azua" our tribe name is "Taka".



  1. No base wiping. If youre going to attack someone make it clean. Blow a whole get in get your loot and get out.
  2. Clean up after yourselves. If you make a trap or fences destroy it after it's used unless its a trap you will leave unlock so anyone can use it.
  3. Don't bother players that are taming dinos. Simple just leave them alone.
  4. Killing passive tames is allowed but frowned upon. 

It is boosted. Here are my settings.


  • Reduced cost for cementing paste, narcotic, simple bullets, cannonballs, polymer.
  • Do to my server being a more casual friendly one. I adjusted end game to not be so grindy. What I have done is add all artificats to every artifacts box and also added the apex throphies for Spinos and the Squid since they are very hard to get due to them not being plentiful. Tek gear has been reduced to a more reasonable cost. All tek armor and weapons cost 1 element to craft. Everything else ,excluding walls, cost between 10-20 element. The bosses drop double the element that they would normally drop because manticore is often time glitched and drops nothing so dragon dropping double makes up for it. Also bosses have a chance at dropping tek armor themselves which would roll at higher defense than the one you can craft to give you a reason to farm bosses!
  • Implemented turret limit of 100 per 5000 unit.
  • PvP death re-spawn timer is 60 seconds and each consecutive death will increase that by 20%


  • Taming 6x
  • Food consumption for Dino .5
  • Harvesting 2x but melee damage and weapon quality affects it.
  • Exp gain 5x
  • Dino egg hatching 25x 
  • Dino mature rate 15x
  • Turret Damage 1x
  • Player Health per level 2x
  • Player Stam per level 2x
  • Player Oxygen per level 5x
  • Player Weight per level 15x
  • Player Fortitude per level 10x
  • Player movement speed per level 2x
  • Player melee per level 2x
  • Dino movement speed per level 2x
  • Dino weight per level 30x
  • Dino Stam per level 20x
  • Night time speed 2x
  • Day time speed .5 (i hate nights)
  • Health regen for both dino and player 3x
  • Spoiling time 1.5x longer
  • Regular Egg laying 5x faster
  • Supply crate loot 1.5x better with custom loot drops that are actually useful.
  • Crop grow speed 5x
  • Baby imprint effectiveness is 2.5x.
  • Baby imprinting interval .32, is every 12-15 minutes. Takes about 2 cuddles to get 100% imprint on medium dinos
  • Mature multiplier 15x
  • Platform saddle limit 6x as much room to build on.
  • Building collision off. Build creatively without an issue.
  • Cave damage 2x.
  • Improved the gather rate for Oil, Obsidian, chitin and silica pearls since some of these are hard to get.

Players are active in Chat so feel free to communicate with each other.

Edited by Guangui

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Got a good amount of players already playing. Might increase sever cap to accommodate more newcomers.


Thank you all for joining.

Due to player feedback i reduce the spoil time by 50%. Raw meat now spoils every 45 minutes or so in player inventory. Previously it was an hour and a half.

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