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Unlock all engrams per level


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I would have sworn that at some point in the past I found a config setting for servers that would automatically unlock all engrams at each level as a character levels up, but now I can't. Does anyone know if that setting actually exists?

Of course I know that you can set the number of engram points per level in your config file, so you can do the math and then add 100 lines with engram points listed in the line for each level, but that's not what I'm talking about. What I thought I remembered seeing is a single line, just one entry that would be something like "UnlockAllEngramsPerLevel=True" so that you could accomplish this goal with a single entry in the config file without having to add a line for every single level.

Obviously that's not the real name of the config entry, that's an example I made up to illustrate the concept. Does a config entry like this exist, or am I just having a ServerAdminHallucination=True ?


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