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ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!


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On 12/16/2017 at 10:28 AM, ArkiTeQ said:

Technically, Ragnarok is a MOD and not their baby first and foremost. I know they’ve adopted it due to its playability and high success. My only point is not that I don’t agree that it should not have focus in terms of priority, but rather that it may not be highest on the list. 

I know they are taking feedback seriously based on complaints about New Content over addressing known issues, bugs, exploits, etc. I am sure they are going to kick it down a notch on content and work out some of the core issues with the game for awhile, or at least I hope so. They have the funding, now they need to invest that money back into the core product or they are going to start losing what player base they have. Hope you guys are reading because I’ve seen online petitions and plenty of complaints that have gone unanswered, and I know you folks at WC have seen these. Please put some time into the core product to address the major concerns out there today rather than anything for new expansions etc. Fix taming, clan ownership issues (leave your own clan and lose all right)Fix more bugs, open Ragnarok, fix more bugs, optimization’s, server stability, server quantity due to over population, more bugs...Fix’em. Please. 

I do love your your game as many others do and you guys have so much going for you, but remember people only show up to the diner because the food is good AND the service is good, change one of those and you will see less customers. Less customers means less data for you to fix these issues. Take advantage of it. Fix it. Please. 

To add a bit, my boyfriend and his friends have recently closed their servers down permanently due to the constant crashing, massive lag, and the seemingly shortened tether. I'm sincerely hoping the tether wasn't shortened. Also, the "update" to the Griffin... Not too thrilled about that. We've decided that until we've seen a lot more playability, we won't be purchasing Abberation. 

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