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pve STEAKandGAMES - New on 12/5 - ISLAND - No Mods, 2x XP-3x Harvest/Tame/Breed

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Welcome to the Steakhouse!

Fresh server as of 12/5.

steam://connect/ Should join directly to the server.  You can also just switch the server listing to Unofficial when you launch.  Then search for STEAK or STEAKandGAMES

Feel free to make this your groups home. Keep it mature and friendly. Active admin playing, admin logging enabled for transparency.

Aside from the changes listed in the subject, most other things are as as close to official settings as possible. See below for settings, and feel free to ask any questions.

2x XP
3x Harvest
3x Tame
3x Breeding (Mating/Hatching/Maturing) (1x Nurturing)
.5 Stamina Drain
.5 Food Drain
.5 Water Drain

Let me know if you have any recommendations, or if any of the values need tweaking.

It's a 40 person server, hosted in New York through SurvivalServers.com. So feel free to bring your tribe along.

Thanks all and see you on the Ark!

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