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Bring SoTF to consoles!!!!! I am still very sad that I don’t have the ability to play SoTF. I enjoy Ark SE official but you can’t play it anymore cause mega tribes will just raid your server for the fun of it and you can’t defend against it. It has pretty much ruined official gameplay for me. So many Battle Royale games coming out that are blowing up. Ark SoTF has that element that I want in a BR gameplay. I want to craft and spec out my weapons how I want. Not getting random loot in a house. I watched SoTFstreamers on twitch telling myself everyday, one day wildcard will release this for console and I will never play another game as long as I live and now there are competitors. Please hear out your fan base and do us all a favor and bring SoTF to console. You will get so many people back in your game with SoTF to console. Don’t throw tons of cash prizes away into tournaments like on PC. Everyone I personally know is gone to other games because official servers are just ruined or is on a pc unofficial not even really playing on your servers. I am still willing to pay DLC price for SoTF. If not getting a direct copy of it someone out there to make a game.ini file for console would be awesome yet. With a game.ini file you could see there is tons of people to have a console player base to keep SoTF alive and thriving. I know you will brush this off and you probably haven’t even read this far if anyone from WC sees this but please just consider it. I wanted nothing more than to one day drop down onto that platform run off and craft me a longneck and pistol and meet back in the center for a deathmatch❤️!!!

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