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Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

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Oh it's Tameable AND Rideable  

Maybe poison spitting, rock climbing, turn-to-stone basilisk? I agree, it would be cool to ride, but really doesn't look like a comfy steed for the rider's butt. And you'd BETTER NOT HAVE TO ASCEND FO

19 hours ago, GP said:

It is tameable and rideable.

As for breeding, nothing has been confirmed about breeding on Aberration yet I don't think.

Yall better get on breedable creatures on aberration,  I definitely think that all creatures should be breedable like I don't understand why gigas are breedable yet something that is in comparison hot garbage like a wyvern or griffin is not.  I can kind of understand the wyverns because of the "experience" of stealing the eggs,  but the griffin should absolutely be a breedable creature.  Also some of the breeding timers need a fixing,  the fact a compy takes longer than a spino (side note plz buff spino, but that's a different rant) is beyond me.

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16 hours ago, JungleNinja25 said:

It's killing me to see all these pictures of animals and not know what they are!

Its a basilisk, try downloading the image and it says its a basilisk, also it has been confirmed on the ark wiki to be a basilisk, as for the other ?????? creatures we don't know except for those named in the gameplay we got from twitchcon.

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On 26/11/2017 at 3:08 PM, Vaskur said:

That one seems quite interesting... like a Dragon-titanoboa... but I´m affraid it´s not rideable...

That comment seems quite interesting... like a massive presumption... but I'm afraid your Wrong




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