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Darfulla Tera full Rp RAGNAROK nitrado server


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Hello survivors!


Tired of reaching level 100 with nothing to do? Tired of going to a "Roleplay" server only to have no real Rp? Me too...


Darfulla Tera is a role play server with a story. We have jobs, we have events, we have quests!


Roleplay servers aren't for everyone I get that. I'm currently looking for core players to fill the main job rolls:


Armor/Weapons smiths




Chef/Inn Keeper




We have a Facebook page with all of the server Info and the story setting for our server.


Post in the comments if interested.

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We are currently changing somethings around in the server at this time, we are still looking for more and would very much love to have you. Plz msg me on Xbox to find out more on what will be going on with certain changes and get your chance to vote on the current poll to kick the server in the direction you would like it to go. 

Again if you wish to join plz contact Spliceddmon89 for more info 



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