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pvp [PVPVE] Medieval Mounts Inc. Server cluster

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Medieval Mounts Inc.
MMI has three servers currently, running Ragnarok, The Island and Scorched Earth on a cluster with character, item and dino transfers enabled. (Aberration Server coming after release.)

Our goal was to create a server that had a lot of the elements that Official servers have but also incorporated a few adjustments that would bring together people that have played on Official, Unofficial, PVP, PVE and more. We hope we have struck a balance between those and we look forward to feedback from our growing community to make improvements when appropriate. No Mods currently enabled on the server, future implementation of Mods is possible.
Important Rates, Rules and Information:
- 2x Gathering and XP
- 3x Breeding, Incubation and Taming
- PVE/PVP schedule. PVE from Midnight - 6PM EST, PVP from 6PM - Midnight
- Offline Protection is enabled. PVP is encouraged to be mutually agree to make it more about fun and less about stealing.
- PVP Arena has been built near our Admin's base on The Island for events.
- Absolutely no abuse is tolerated, be it verbal, admin or otherwise. We encourage a mature, friendly community that helps each other.

Our tribe
Lars - Tribe Leader, Admin and Secretary of Bricks and Mortar
TimmyTapThat - Admin, Server Owner and Secretary of Swords and Shields
Dome Blue (DB) - Marketing and Secretary of Kibbles and Bottles
CL4P-TP - Secretary of Picks and Hatchets 
The servers 

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