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Aberration Release, Turrets, PlayAnywhere, Holidays, and Black Friday!

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So you Read all the Feedback and u guys want STILL BRING THE NERF?! ARE U GUYS KIDDING ME?! Explain me Why WHY is my fps is going down when im in our eeg ley hous and Not when im infront of our TURRET

Happy Tuesday, Survivors! Normally our news posts go out on Friday, but we've got some exciting and also important news to share today. Let's go! Aberration Release Date! We are ex

They never said it would be out "soon", that is you putting words in their mouth. They stated that integration of S+ is in the very early stages as they need to decide and discuss with the S+ Dev

At least we didn't take vacation time for the first release date, or the second... a few hours late on the third is to be expected from a company who does not meet it's commitments and to top it all off I will bet there won't enough servers for half the people who have purchased the game to play.  Any takers on that bet?


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8 minutes ago, Teo96 said:

If you have friends that play on platform you can ask them how many server they launched , we could make an idea by that


LOL that makes me feel like the "Aberration Homeless". I should sit on the corner with my carbord sign that reads "PC Ark gamer wants news on how fun Aberration is from console players".

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
1 hour ago, Palenor said:

First time EVER that consoles get to play before PC.

Just saying .....

The universe, and the space time continuum are at risk...

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I have two tribes I manage on no tame servers Xbox and omg this update has ruined it we have 100 plant species for a defended base we might aswell just give up we can’t defend a base with 100 plant x on no tame it’s like 15 mins with 1 guy and they raid us DILO.


i log on this morning to find two tribes of kids really bad players wiping us out. Wildcard has literally ruined the no tame servers.


everyone I kno has quit due to this it’s too hard to defend a base on no tame anyways now after this update we just handed the noobs months of hard work thanks .


I’ve know quit ark so has 179 players that played before the official release version.


ruined your own game wildcard. 

Fix no tame to no turret limit jeez

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5 minutes ago, TylerTriforce said:

So where is cross play??

From the latest crunch:

On 12/15/2017 at 9:24 PM, Jatheish said:

We've figured out the networking-retail specific issue we ran into with Microsoft! The Windows 10 release accordingly with Play Anywhere and Crossplay will be available on 19th of December! We've cleared the date with Microsoft!


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On 11/27/2017 at 7:41 PM, Hobofetus said:

While I'm here you need more mods for your severs, there is tons of footage of tribes being under mapped and nothing gets done. There are caps of private messenger apps with people using the same handle as their GT's threatening to undermap a tribe then it happens. I sent in clips of a tribe threatening to ddos our server, having them count down to the dos and it happening and nothing was ever done. If there are no consequences for peoples actions then you can expect to lose more and more players due to unpunished cheating.

I don't know how to like your post anymore but it is so painfully true and it's upsetting to say the least. If I was a developer and my game was being sabotaged by players who cheat to win and take down servers when it suits them. They would be under the guillotine for ruining what I have created. It just doesn't feel like the same passion to maintain a good reputation and get rid of the cheaters is there. Because wc reputation amongst the playerbase isnt great which I'm sure everyone knows.

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