Ice Queen Is Broken

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Hello. So things like this makes me quit the game for good. It happened to me 3times already. I will Include a video link for the proof. So To explain it. I went to the Ice Cave on Ragnarock to kill the Ice Queen. I started killing the Ice Queen and after some time it went under... Then decided to go up the cliff Into the watter next to a watterfall and just chill in there. You can not reach it to agro it if ur down in the boss area as for some stupid reason u can not use Grapple hooks there and there is no way up even that small cliff. There is no way to reinitiate the boss as it reinitiates when ur on that small cliff. SO DILO ur suppose to do? Run all the way round every time in gliches like that? It happened 3 times in a row already thats why Im mad about it like crazy. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Either allow to use grapple hooks in that cave or make some ramp to be able to reiinitiate the boss. This is insane.

Video Proof:


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14 hours ago, ShimasInTheGame said:

And it apears that noone gives a damn about this bug...


9 minutes ago, dslick said:

this is what happens when you have third parties making a map. 

You realize that the Ragnarok community manager responded to your topic the very day you sent a message about your issue right?  It has been exactly 10 days since your post.  You need to chill.

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