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Getting VERY Frustrated with the DevKit

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Ok, so I had this mod mostly done, but then the DevKit started acting really stupid. I would start it up and suddenly be greeted with a window telling me that it couldn't find like over a thousand files. I don't know why it suddenly went full retard like that, but I decided a reinstall was probably the answer and would fix whatever stupidity got into it..

Well, after the reinstall I loaded it up with hopes of starting my mod again. thankfully, before i did the reinstall I took a couple screen caps just in case i lost my progress. Well I did, so I'm in the DevKit trying to get back up to where I was, but I'm experiencing a problem..

I created a Buff that happens when a player eats a berry. in the Graph Mode of the Buff BP there part of the logic chain is supposed to be a box labeled "Cast to ShooterCharacter" I can not for the life of me get that dang box to come back I have tried pulling a thread from the "Delay" box, and i have tried just right-clicking and searching for that box that way. all search results for "Cast to ShooterCharacter" end up empty. hell, even just searching for "cast" or "Shooter" don't seem to be bringing up any results... 


I'm getting legitimately infuriated here. why does this box just magically not exist anymore? i had it once. DILO?

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