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Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

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hy, i wanted to play in my tribe from the official servers again and downloaded the savegame..


while my pc copied the data into the folder i talked with a friend who could use the savegame without any problems...



i have the problem that my ark stucks in the loadingscreen at the point "TheIsland_Ruins" i saw what was written in this discussion about it...

and i let it load for over 4 hours...


the only thing ark was doing was to take all capacity from my HDD....

it was hard to end ark cause my pc dosent seems to react to anything at this point...


my task manager said this about 3 / 4 hours of loading.... 0WKBXPS.jpg?1


i just wanna play the savegame in sp... could anyone help me pls`?

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On ‎5‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 3:13 PM, GP said:

The new backups will be available after the servers have shutdown next month.


the servers are already 10 days offline and there are no new backups yet :(
we rented a server for that and can not do anything :(

does anyone know when the backup files from the Great Migration 3 (June 12) will be released for download


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