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Legacy Official PVE Server Backups


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So us Legacy console players have waited for 3 months for our saves with very little to no information just for us to have to PAY to have all of our hard work? Now, don't get me wrong, I do love ARK, and I hate that there are so many flaws that needs fixing and/or improvements. But my tribe and I have been waiting 3 months for these saves in hopes of saving all our hard work. To keep all of our animals/base we have to pay Nitrado to have our own server instead of being able to download our save into single player or is there a Nitrado server that is free that I'm unaware of? 


Edit: Before anyone thinks I am bashing Wildcard/ARK, I am not. As stated previously, I do enjoy this game. I have 2 Digital Copies and the physical Collector's Edition (with game). The reason I have two digital copies is because of hosting a dedicated server. That's roughly $280, I believe, on ARK and if I want to keep my stuff I'll have to dish out more?  

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Can't load Rag 59  to private server, error says is big to load.  How are we suppose to use the backups  if they are too big to be hosted?? Now renting a extra server for nothing... all other servers in the cluster works fine. We loaded several other maps on  our third  server  but  Rag 59  not working. Is there something to be done? :(

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3 minutes ago, Bigz2k17 said:

cant see the second option ?? for some reason somthing about converting

It points to edskelly's post:

On 11/14/2017 at 7:57 PM, edskelly said:

The character files are there(on pc anyway) to continue on with your character in single player you need to locate your characters file which will be your steamid.Profile.Ark or something like that and change your steam id to localplayer.

If you host it on a server you will not need to change anything provided you join with the same steam account you played on.


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So i downloaded the .zip file..what to do know with it? i started an island server at nitrado for pc.

Do i just need to upload the zip file, or at what folder do i have to upload the zip-file? Or do i need to upload the content of the zip-file onto an folder at a server?

Is there really no instruction online for server noobies like me?

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On 15/11/2017 at 6:33 PM, Axldust said:


When will the Legacy Official PVE Xbox  Server backups be available?

I need it to then host my server in Nitrado. Thanks in advance.

I waited...

I've lost EVERY DINO and I'm about to lose all my stuff (I've had enough waiting just going to the server to feed/mantain my dinos/stuff).

I don't want to sound like a lot of people that complain without reason or logic. I believe wildcard has WORKED hard in the game in many aspects, however we all have to realize and admit that even they are very hard-working and try to do all that is right...

they also are so messy in so many ways,

I think there are people with knowledge but very limited due the choices made in the early days(years?) of development,

I think they are paranoid (due the known lawsuit) and are afraid of hiring people (who could solve many known bugs) because they may sabotage them,

in addition they are very ambitious(in a good way) but also that makes them act reckless.

Anyway these are all perceptions I have, I might be wrong but if any from wildcard read these I really hope they take a look at themself and realize the potential they have and how they can be better.

ps. 1 year and 4 months playing in official are lost - it is a shame and makes dislike the game a little bit(I will continue playing in single player - JUST HOPE NO UPDATE MESSES WITH IT)


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