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I didn't feel like farming for all those resources for a good theri saddle so i just brought in some reapers, kept their base health and leveled every single level i could into melee and they turned that dragon into alien breakfast. I had one yuty with a primitive saddle, 10k health, and the rest into stam. I've never been one to grind a lot on ARK so I try to find simpler fixes like this.

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I killed Beta Dragon SOLO a couple of days back, difficulty settings same as in Official servers, losing only 1 'Zino. 19 'Zinos with 22k hp, 938% melee, 2-3 cakes + a Yutyrannus + my own tricks. I have also posted the Alpha Dragon fight but there I lost 3 Therizinos.

Point is it can be Solo'ed & without needing any boosts or cheats or using singleplayer settings.

Here is the video. Hope this helps. 


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