Cult of the ARK | ALL MAPS Cross-ARK Cluster

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Server 1

  • Map: The Island
  • Mode: PvP
  • Server Name: ! - The Island (Cross-ARK Cluster)
  • Slots: 50


Server 2

  • Map: The Center
  • Mode: PvP
  • Server Name: ! - The Center (Cross-ARK Cluster)
  • Slots: 50


Server 3

  • Map: Scorched Earth
  • Mode: PvP
  • Server Name: ! - Scorched Earth (Cross-ARK Cluster)
  • Slots: 50


Server 4

  • Map: Ragnarok
  • Mode: PvP
  • Server Name: ! - Ragnarok (Cross-ARK Cluster)
  • Slots: 50


Server 5 (Coming Soon!)

  • Map: Aberration
  • Mode: PvP
  • Server Name: ! - Aberration (Cross-ARK Cluster)
  • Slots: 50


For those looking for a 24/7, Dedicated PvP Cross-ARK experience on all ARK maps, then consider joining our community!

For more info on our servers, visit the "Our Servers" page on our website:

Be sure to view the "About Our Servers" post too:

Discord Invite Link:

Our Website:


How to Join:

From the ARK Main Menu, go to "Join ARK", then on the server browser, change the "Sessions Filter" in the bottom left corner to "Unoffical PC Sessions". Then, in the "Name Filter" search bar at the top, search for "!CultoftheARK" (no spaces). Our server names will start with "! - " with the designation of each specific map being after our website URL.

Why You Should Join:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Server
  • Friendly and helpful community on the server, website, and in the Discord.
  • Survivors from all regions of the world are welcome!
  • Boosted Stats! The game stats and values have been upgraded on the server to make things more fun. We don't like to give exact numbers but give it a try and see you if like it! For more information on Our Servers, see our website.
  • Events! We host periodic events (our goal is weekly) that are available to anyone and have in-game rewards. Events are announced on our Forums and Discord.
  • "Ascension Event!" To go along with our regular events, we also host a similar event to the official "Evolution Event". What's different? Once a month over a 3 day period, the harvest rate will be tripled it's current rate, an Admin will host and assist in a boss fight on one of the three days (the boss will be voted on by the community) as well as an Admin assisting players go through the Tek Cave (difficulty will be determined by the community as well).
  • We have a Store! Our In-Server Store is integrated with our website and includes our own currency system - COTA Credits!
  • Friendly Server Administration! The goal of the server Admins are to make sure you have a fair and fun time on the server. There is no tolerance for abuse of power and if there is, report it to one of our Administrators.
  • Structure damage is lowered during the week, Monday - Thursday, to promote building while on the weekend, Friday - Sunday, structure damage is set back to normal for full potential chaos! However, all raiding and PvP conduct is allowed at all times.


Dino and player stats are increased a fair amount per level. Our server settings are designed to ease the grind, yet still provide fun and appreciation for  your items and accomplishments.

Our PvP servers are configured into a Cross-ARK cluster, to allow users to move between each map at will with their Items, Characters, and Dinos. To do this, simply visit an Obelisk!

During the week, Monday - Thursday, Structure damage is lowered to promote building. On the weekend, Friday - Sunday, structure damage is set back to normal for full potential chaos! However, all raiding and PvP conduct is allowed at all times.

Since our servers are in a Cross-ARK Cluster configuration, this allows for transfers between each server via the Obelisk. You can transfer your Items, Dinos, and Characters. However, during the week, on the same schedule as the Structure damage, you will not be allowed to transfer Dinos between each ARK. You can still transfer Items and Characters though. During the weekend, when the Structure damage is raised back to normal, you will be allowed to transfer Dinos. This is to help prevent Alpha tribes from taking over more than one server, and allows for some competition between Alphas and to keep the servers more balanced.

This is a PvP server and isn't for the weak or feint-hearted. The settings are modified to make it a challenge. It is intended to be less of a grind yet at the same time give you the satisfaction of earning your items.

We hope you will like it and enjoy your time with us!


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