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[Cluster] Lost Ark: Instant 150 Level, 8x Xp, 8x Taming, 10 Gathering.

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:Stamina:[US CLUSTER] The Island, Ragnarok, & Aberration  Lost Arks w/crossplay:Stamina:

w/ Custom Dino & Griffin Spawns on Island, Custom Supply Crates, Engrams Re-balanced, and Player Stats Increased

Server Names:

Island: [Cluster] Lost Ark (Custom Drops and Griffin Spawns)

Ragnarok: [Cluster] Ragnarok Lost Ark

Aberration: [Cluster] Aberration Lost Ark

Instant max level 150! Come join our server! Our goal is to create a strong Ark community across our servers. We welcome players of all ages to come join and play Ark with us!

This is a PvP Server so expect raiding. However, we expect a fair and respectful environment. No cheating will be tolerated or exploits. Also, no whining if you get raided. Remember its a PvP Server. 

We will have a community room for all players to enjoy. In the community room we will have structures for you to use such as: a grill, industrial forge, grinder, and industrial cooker. Also a news board for all the events. 

Now to the Nitty Gritty:


The Island (32 slots) & Ragnarok . 

NEW MAP: Aberration!!!! 


  • No building in caves.
  • No blocking resources in Island (Metal and Obsidian)
  • Try not to offline raid
  • Try not to kill passives 
  • Raid and leave
  • Let tribes build

Rates: :Hatchet:

  • 8x XP
  • 8x Taming
  • 10x Gathering
  • 50x Maturing, 100x Hatch Speed
  • Admin Logging Enabled 
  • 5x Boosted Supply Drops and Fish Loot
  • Player per level weight, speed, stamina, oxygen, health and fortitude increased
  • Max Wild Dino Level 150


How to Join: 

Filter "unofficial PC sessions" and search 'Lost Ark' then this server should come up... "[Cluster] Lost Ark (Custom Drops and Griffin Spawns)".

Aberration Search: [Cluster] Aberration Lost Ark


Join our discord for more info or questions: Discord Code: yS9s6RH
 Discord Code: https://discord.gg/yS9s6RH


Add my GT for questions: ItsHands7


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