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I recently speed leveled a character 1-85 in a short time using the grinder. My method was to set up a bunch of chests by the grinder and fill them with stone or wood(which ever one is easer to get). Then use broth of enlightenment and keep running the grinder. You are on the island so if you collect explorer notes, use a broth of enlightenment and a toilet (and 2x weekend) you can boost the xp quite a bit. 2 stone or wood gets 1xp * xp boost. So 2x weekend + broth = 3.5xp per 2 stone/wood. I think explorer notes do 2x xp and toilet is 33%. So you could total 5.73xp per 2 stone. So about 13,000 experience per large storage chest.


The other method I recommend for the island is get scuba gear, a high level frog and a good saddle and do the swamp cave in the red woods. Don't forget to use the xp boosts there as well.

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